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Welcome to Fintys, your source of fitness and nutrition information.

We know what you’re going through.

Churning through diets and trying to start a fitness routine only to quickly regain the weight and return to your old habits.

At Fintys.com.au our goal is to help you overcome your daily battles, e.g. constant snacking, by showing you that eating healthy food and exercising regularly doesn’t need to feel like a struggle.

Fintys gives you resources and guidance to make healthy diet and exercise part of your lifestyle for the long term.

As you explore our website, you will discover:

  • Which supplements contain quality ingredients that help you reach your goals and which ones are best to avoid.
  • Which exercises and equipment are needed to slowly get you into a fitness routine that lasts.
  • How to do your shopping to ensure you pick healthy meals that support your weight loss and muscle building efforts.

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Who We Are

Fintys is dedicated to helping you, our readers, stay up to date on the diet, weight loss, and fitness information.

We work hard to create relevant, engaging, and factual content that saves you time, money and helps you make the right choices.

We are based in Australia, and all our content is created specifically for Australians.

Our Team

Claire Huffman
Founder & Editor in Chief

Claire is a fitness enthusiast with a flair for writing.

She focuses on the long term lifestyle improvements built on simple changes that are manageable and attainable.

Claire understands that going to the gym six times a week and eating only greens is not realistic nor appropriate for most people.

Claire believes that personalised, incremental, and empathetic approach to workout and diet plans provides the best results.

Email: claire.huffman@fintys.com.au