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Last Updated: 22/04/2020
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A bathroom scale helps you keep track of your fitness and health goals in the comfort of your home. Over time, the design of scales has evolved to provide more than just a regular weigh-in. For this reason, it might be challenging for you to find the best bathroom scales to suit your needs.

This article features bathroom scales reviews, along with a buying guide to help you select the best design. We have also ranked the best body fat scales.

The Top 7 Bathroom Scales

1. RENPHO Bluetooth Smart Bathroom Scale

smart scale

This 11 x 11-inch scale is easy to set up with fitness apps. It is suitable for keeping track of your fitness progress.

Key Features

  • 13 essential measurements
  • User-friendly app
  • High-quality construction
  • App connectivity 
  • 180kg capacity

This smart scale shows body weight, BMI, body fat, muscle mass, water percentage among 13 essential measurements. It syncs with a user-friendly app and is compatible with multiple devices. The app works with Bluetooth 4.0 and above.

It features auto-calibration and high precision sensors that measure in increments of 0.05kg. It is one of the best weighing scales, however, the body fat percentage is not always consistent and accurate.

2. Tanita HD-380 Digital Bathroom Scale

This Tanita scale has a sleek ultra-slim glass design.

It is easy to use and read hence suitable for regular measuring.

Key Features

  • LCD display
  • Automatic shut-off switch
  • 150kg weight capacity
  • 0.1 kg weight increments

If you are looking for the most accurate bathroom scales Australia model, you can get this Tanita. It is not only attractive but also easy to use. With the automatic shut-off switch, you do not have to switch it off after every use.

The pearl white design stands out and matches any décor. It is simple to use, and the LCD display is bright enough to read at a glance.

3. Runcobo Digital Scale


This digital scale shows 14 essential body measurements to help you keep track of your fitness progress. It takes measurements such as muscle mass, water percentage, body fat percentage, BMI, BMR, protein, skeletal muscle.

Key Features

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth auto switch
  • Compatible with fitness apps
  • 14 body measurements
  • Unlimited users

You can connect this scale to your Fitbit and monitor your body weight over time. With the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth auto-switch, you can receive data without running the app for hand-free use.

4. Nokia Weight & BMI Wi-Fi Scale

BMI scale

This sleek scale is a perfect choice if you are looking to monitor your body weight and BMI. It comes in an attractive black color that matches any space.

Key Features

  • Multi-user friendly
  • Compatible with Health mate app
  • Baby mode and pregnancy tracker

It is a suitable scale for a family set up. With the regular mode, baby mode, and pregnancy, you can keep track of your family’s health using one scale. It works well with the Health Mate app, where you can track the progress.

Although it is a bit pricey with the few modes it has, this scale supports multiple users. This feature allows different people to use it and sync with the app.

5. Xiaomi Body Composition Scale

Xiaomi bathroom scale

Finding a scale that supports multiple users can be challenging.

This digital weight scale from Xiaomi supports up to 16 user profiles and is perfect for families.

Key Features

  • Bluetooth technology
  • Automatic brightness
  • Anti-slip finish
  • Uses AAA batteries

The scale comes in a simple white finish that is anti-slip for safety. It utilizes low-energy Bluetooth technology for connectivity. The automatic brightness adjustment saves on battery and reduces glare for the display.

Some body composition measurements might not be 100%, but for the connectivity and weight measurements, it is a top choice.

6. Propert Mechanical Bathroom Scale

This mechanical scale comes with an easy-to-read speedometer. It is ideal for regular use and suits multiple users.

Key Features

  • Large speedometer
  • Kilograms and pounds      
  • Anti-slip pads        
  • White/grey

If you prefer the mechanical weighing scale, this is a suitable choice. It is easy to read and displays in both kilograms and pounds. The anti-slip stepping pads ensure you have an excellent grip as you step on the scale.

It might be challenging to read the exact measurements, but this scale delivers accurate results. When taking weight, the speedometer is prone to shift a little which is common with mechanical bathroom scales.

7. Wireless Digital Bathroom Scale

This scale utilizes smart Bluetooth 4.0 technology for easy connectivity and data transfer. It shows 12 parameter measurements hence a one-stop health tracking scale.

Key Features

  • Compatible with IOS and Android devices
  • Auto power off design
  • Low battery indicator
  • Battery operated
  • 180kgs weight capacity

You can connect this smart scale to your phone and track your progress. It is easy to operate and indicates when the battery is low. The best feature is that it shows many different parameters helping you adjust your fitness and health routine accordingly.


Before you splurge your money and buy a body weighing scale, it is essential to understand the key features. These affect the functionality and suitability of the scale and vary from one design to another.


The platform is the place where you step on when taking your weight. This part of the scale can affect the quality of the results with the design it comes in. Most scales have a rectangular or square platform, spacious enough for every size of feet.

The platform material determines how long the scale lasts with consistent use. Most designs, like the digital scales, have tempered glass as the platform material. You can also find some made of stainless steel. Most analog designs have metal platforms coated in rubber or cork for a grip.

The Display

This is the area where the weight measurement appears after stepping on the platform. Depending on the type and design of the scale, the display can either be LCD or LED. The best digital weight scales have LED screens and are super easy to read. LCD ones usually display the numbers in black, which is equally easy to read. Analog scales have a speedometer marked with pounds or kgs.

The visibility of the display varies from one scale to another. Some are super bright, and others are not. Also, the font size of the numbers varies, so keep this in mind if you have difficulty reading super small numbers.

The Weight Capacity

Each scale comes with a limit of weight it can hold comfortably. You can see the limit on the description or the box that comes with the scale. When buying one, be sure to check the weight limit to suit your specific body size.

If the scale is to be used by more than one person, then consider the different weights and get the most appropriate one.

Things to Consider

With an understanding of the key features, it is essential to consider some factors and ensure you get one of the best bathroom scales for your needs.


It is hard to tell whether a scale is accurate or not. But, if you use it consistently, you can tell with the kind of results it displays.

If a scale shows different results when you weigh at the same time, then it means it is not accurate.


Weighing scales are available in different types. The most common ones are the analog and digital scales. The analog scale has a marked display with pounds or kgs marked while the digital one displays the exact weight in numbers.


The size of scales varies from one design to another.

You should consider how big the platform is to ensure it works well with the length of your feet. Additionally, you should note that the size of the scale affects how stable and comfortable it is to step on.

Smart Features

Technology has evolved, and scales have adopted new features to enhance user experience. The smart scale has features that allow you to connect to smartphones and track your progress. These connect via Bluetooth or

Wi-Fi and feature apps with more information than just the weight.


How much money are you willing to spend on the scale?

Cost is a significant factor to keep in mind but certainly not the main one to ascertain quality. If a scale is highly-priced, it does not necessarily mean it is the best on the market. The same case applies to affordable options.

The idea is to ensure it has the features you are looking for and that is suits your needs.

Types of Bathroom Scales

Bathroom scales come in two types, namely Digital and Mechanical.

Digital Scales

Digital scales have a seamless design that is super easy to use for everyone. They feature a flat platform, usually made from stainless steel or tempered glass. This type of scale has a small LED or LCD display at the top where the numbers appear.

The designs of digital scales are sleek and have a modern feel to them. They are the most common ones, thanks to the attractive, neutral tones. On this note, they are higher in price compared to mechanical ones.

Mechanical Scales

This type, commonly known as the analog scales, has been around for the longest time. The scale, just like the digital ones, features a platform and a speedometer. The display is marked with the units of measure, either pounds or kilograms, and fitted with a pointer.


What Is a Good Bathroom Scale?

The best scale should be easy to use and read the display.

It should have a big enough platform to suit your feet and take weight comfortably.

Where to Buy a Weighing Scale?

Weighing scales are available for purchase both online

and physical stores. If you know how they work, then you can go ahead and buy one online. But, if you are skeptical and do not understand the features to look for, then buying one from a physical store might be the best for you.

What Are the Most Accurate Bathroom Scales?

Mechanical scales are usually accurate but round off to the nearest whole pound. Digital scales, on the other hand, are more specific to 0.1 or 0.2 pounds. However, if the scale is not calibrated well, the accuracy decreases and affects the reading.

How to Read a Digital Bathroom Scale?

Digital scales are the easiest to use and read. After stepping on the scale, the display shows the weight either in pounds or kgs. For the best reading, you need to stand still until the scale finishes calculating.

Are Smart Scales Worth It?

Smart scales like the Fitbit aria 2 have additional features compared to the regular digital and mechanical scales. They provide more information by synching to your smart device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Usually, they have an app that you install on your device to keep track of your weight, body mass, body fat percentage and other parameters.

If you are looking for a better overview of your fitness journey than just measuring your weight, then smart scales are ideal. They give comprehensive details on weight, bone mass, calories, water percentage, lean muscle mass, etc.

The Bottom Line

Keeping track of your weight is an essential element for your fitness and health goals. For this reason, finding the best bathroom scale will not only help you monitor but guide you on the changes you need to make to reach your goals.

The above bathroom scales are viable options, hopefully, you find one that suits your needs and preferences.

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