The Best Massage Chairs Australia

by Matt Wilson
Last Updated: 26/04/2021
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If you enjoy massages but despise the inconvenience of setting up an appointment with a masseuse (or spending vast quantities of money), massage chairs are the best thing for you. 

Like with massage guns, getting the best massage chair that perfectly suits your needs, requires a modicum of research (and that’s why you are here, right?).

Massage chairs are different, and are made to suit specific needs and preferences. All in all, they are a great investment if you are looking to improve the quality of your life and health. 

Besides the reviews of massage chairs, in this article, you will also find out about factors you should consider when shopping for a massage chair. 

The Best Massage Chairs to Buy in Australia 

1. RENPHO Back and Neck Shiatsu Massage Chair

A massage chair is not only a useful \pain relief tool but is also convenient for relaxation. This model from RENPHO is one of the best massage chairs on the market. 

Key Features

  • Adjustable neck kneading
  • Eight deep kneading massage nodes
  • Soothing heat function
  • Comfortable design 
  • Space-saving technology

The massager features an adjustable neck kneading function that is much better than the one on regular neck massagers. It fits perfectly behind your neck and can be adjusted vertically to suit everyone in your family. 

It comes with 8 Shiatsu massage nodes. These work together by travelling up and down to knead your entire back. You can customise the nodes to work on different parts of your back. This function makes the machine ideal for different pain areas on your back. 

Another useful feature is the soothing heat therapy and seat vibration. The heat on your neck and back warms you up, enhancing blood flow and eventually bringing about relaxation. This feature works on your entire neck, lumbar and shoulders to relieve tension. 

It is super comfortable and easy to use. You only need to fit it on a sofa, couch, recliner or an office chair to use it. The strapping system makes it easy to secure the massage chair.

Space-saving technology for tight areasEasy to use and setAdjustable intensityFlexible to use anywhereEasy to keep awayOnly comes with one strap- it may slide on angled chairs.

2. Livemor Electric Massage Chair

A massage chair is a cost-effective and alternative treatment option for pain control [1]. Investing in a massager can be daunting, but the results you’ll get from using one is worth the price. 

Key Features

  • Full auto extension
  • Three speed levels
  • Remote control
  • Zero gravity massage therapy
  • Advanced massage technology
  • Intensity adjustment 
  • Adjustable pressure and speed
  • Heating function 
  • Built-in wheels
  • U-shape head cushion

This Livemor massage chair comes with the latest technology in innovative AI massage. The capsule design offers zero-gravity relaxation with the multiple massage functions the chair comes with. 

The zero-gravity massage chair allows you to select from the three speed levels to suit your comfort and pain relief needs. More on this, it has a wide range of massage nodes for a full body massage.

Additionally, the heated massage function adds to the pleasure of relieving body aches. 

Since it comes as a full-on massage chair, it has built-in wheels. These make it easy to move it away after use and store it appropriately. Additionally, it comes with a cleaner set for easy maintenance. 

Durable zero-gravity massageMultiple customisable settingsIdeal for full-body massagingComfortable cushionIt may not be the best for short people-the neck rollers may be higher than expected. 

3. Naipo Back & Neck Shiatsu Massage Chair

This Naipo model is the best home massage chair. 

Key Features

  • Shiatsu kneading massage therapy
  • Soothing heat function
  • Adjustable neck massage
  • Pin-point back massage
  • Seat vibration massage
  • Breathable mesh fabric

The massage chair adopts clockwise and anticlockwise motion for automatic kneading. It is easy to set to massage areas of your back and waist to relieve pressure and tension from sore and stiff muscles. 

It comes with adjustable features in order to suit multiple users. You can adjust the angle of massage for more comfort. You can also change the angle to suit a different user height for optimal relaxation. 

The Shiatsu massage nodes move up and down to work on your entire back and relieve pain. The cushion is versatile and can fit different designs of chairs, including recliners and office chairs. 

Comfortable all throughEasy to fit and secureMultiple massage adjustmentsVersatile to use anywhere It may not reach the upper back for taller people. 

4. Artiss 8 Point Massage Office Chair

The most common cause of lower back pain is sitting for long periods. If you work in an office and sit for hours on end, this massage chair may be your best bet to manage the pain while working. 

Key Features

  • PU leather
  • S-shape high back design 
  • Multi-layer padded seat
  • Adjustable support
  • Padded armrests and headrest
  • Retracted padded footrest
  • Heated lumbar function 
  • Multiple vibration modes
  • Multiple massage points 
  • Adjustable intensity 
  • Adjustable height 
  • 360 swivel 
  • Remote control 
  • Dual-wheel casters

When shopping for a massage chair, make sure you check the quality of materials. This particular massage chair features PU leather which is known for its easy maintenance and long-lasting quality. 

It is one of the chairs with a well-padded back, padded armrests, headrest and footrest. This design ensures ultimate comfort and support for the different parts of the body, even without the massage functions. 

It features eight massage points at four levels to ease tension in the upper back, lower back, hips and thighs. These, together with the five vibration massage techniques, ensure a seamless massage experience and pain relief in a few minutes of sitting on the chair. 

A massage chair should be adjustable, and this model is no exception. You can set the height and intensity to suit your physique and needs in general. 

Easy to useComfortable back and seatProvides great value for money with the multiple settingsHigh-quality materialIt may be a bit too hard for some people.

5. Belmitt Folding Massage Chair with Heat Function

A massage chair can provide relaxation that can significantly reduce stress, blood pressure and heart rate [2]. If you are worried about how much space one can take, this foldable model could be your best choice. 

Key Features

  • Eight kneading massage rollers 
  • Soothing vibration function
  • Heating function
  • Portable design 
  • Fully adjustable

This machine is simple but packs so much functionality because of its foldable design. It can come in handy to massage your neck, lower and upper back, to relieve pain and ease tension in sore muscles. 

Surprisingly, it is fully adjustable to suit individual needs and preferences. You can use the control panel on the right-side armrest to adjust the intensity for a more therapeutic massage. With the eight kneading massage rollers, the chair can deliver a head to toe massage in minutes. 

Comfortable chairConvenient foldable modelEasy to pack and carry Easy to control and adjust the functions The massage setting may be too strong for some people.

6. Homedics Shiatsu Elite II Massage Cushion w/ Soothing Heat

This Homedics massage chair could be what you need, especially if you struggle with back pain and constant body aches. 

Key Features

  • Three massage styles
  • Soothing heating function
  • Neck and shoulder massage
  • Reverse massage direction
  • Integrated strapping system 
  • Shiatsu massage technology

Massage chairs utilise innovative technology that provides relaxation and pain relief with massage, vibration and heating functions. This one is no different and adopts this latest technology for ultimate pain relief. 

It comes with three massage techniques; kneading Shiatsu, adjustable rolling and spot massage. 

For example, you could choose the kneading Shiatsu for your entire back or the spot massage for the lower back. 

Easy to use Ideal for spot massagingUseful back massage zonesHandy strapping system The rollers at the top may be too low for some people.

7. Comfier Massage Seat Cushion with Heat

If you are looking for a comfortable massage chair, you might want to choose this massage seat cushion. 

Key Features

  • Ten vibration motors
  • Heat therapy
  • Customisable setting
  • Overheat protection technology
  • Universal fit
  • Auto shut off 

The best thing about buying this massage seat cushion is space-saving technology. Massage chairs can take up so much space that you can save with a portable massage cushion. This specific one is designed to fit most office chairs and recliners. 

It features ten vibration motors and a heat function that provide a soothing, gentle massage to relieve stress, tension and muscle pain. You can customise the settings to suit your needs and those of other users. 

Heats fast and efficientlyAdjustable massage settingsDoes not overheat Portable home massage chairProvides excellent value for moneyNone 

8. Homedics Easy Lounge Shiatsu Massaging Lounge Chair

Chair massage, together with exercises, can significantly reduce musculoskeletal problems [3]. If you are looking for a lounge massage chair for your home, this Homedics model is one of the best chairs on the market, and thus one of the best options for you.

Key Features

  • Deep-kneading Shiatsu massage 
  • Three massage zones
  • Soothing heat therapy
  • Intensity control flap
  • Leg massage 
  • Massage programs 

This lounge massage chair utilises new technology that mimics human hands to massage your back, neck, shoulders and legs. It is zoned to choose a massage technique to work on a specific area or full body. 

The machine works to relieve tension from your muscles while helping you relax. With the heating function, it enhances blood flow which is an essential factor for pain relief. And, you may not need a foot massager with this in your home.

Easy to control and adjustLong-lasting materialUseful for different body partsInnovative massage technologyNone 

Which is the Best Massage Chair to Buy in Australia?

There are many options to choose from, but if you are to choose one from this list, the RENPHO Back and Neck massage Seat is the best. It is one of the top-rated massage chairs, and is highly recommended by many of its users.

It is easy to use and comes with multiple settings to choose from. On this note, it can suit various applications at home or in the office regardless of the user’s pain relief needs. 


How to Choose the Best Massage Chair? 

There are plenty of massage chairs on the market, but not all can suit your specific needs. This is why it is important to consider several factors before selecting one. 

The best body massage chair should be flexible enough to accommodate every user. These are quite an investment, so you want to choose one that your loved ones or colleagues can use regardless of their weights and heights. 

What does the specific model utilise for massages, vibrations and heating? While here, check the type of rollers, the different massage techniques and where each is located. 

A good massage chair should be easy to adjust, especially for height and intensity. Most come with various massage settings, but not all may be applied to suit your needs. At least, go for one that allows you to change the speed or intensity. 

Lastly, how much money do you have to spend on a massage chair? As mentioned, massage chairs can be expensive, but the price varies from one model to another. Consider the functionality and match that with the price to get the best value for money. 

Do Massage Chairs Work?

Massage chairs work to relieve pain and ease tension from different muscle groups. Most designs come with multiple massage, vibration and heating settings to customise the kind of massage your body needs. So, yes, they work. 

Are Zero Gravity Massage Chairs Worth It?

Zero gravity massage chairs put you in a highly reclined position which helps to take off the stress from your spine. Zero gravity models keep your feet elevated while massaging your body to promote blood flow and utmost relaxation; therefore, they are worth the investment. 

The Bottom Line

A massage chair is a great addition to your home or office, especially if you constantly complain about back pain. They are convenient and versatile and will help relieve pain and ease sore muscles. 


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