The Best Skipping Rope to Buy in Australia

by Matt Wilson
Last Updated: 31/01/2021
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Welcome aboard fitness-heads! So, you’re ready to start working out with a jump rope? That’s a smart choice! 

Did you know that skipping rope burns around 10 calories a minute, making it one of the best and most effective cardio exercises you can do [1]?

Do you already have some experience with jump ropes? What kind of rope would you like to use? A lot of questions, I know, but life is an eternal spiral of questions (as the old poet says, don’t ask me which one!).

Since there are so many different ropes on the market, it’s hard to choose the best one. 

That is why I decided to help you in finding the best jump rope available for purchase in Australia.

Top Skipping and Jump Ropes

1. Everlast Basic Jump Rope

My personal priority when it comes to jump ropes is simplicity. Which is why this basic jump rope is my absolute favourite!

It doesn’t cost much, yet it’s made of high quality, tangle-free PVC and PP materials. It comes with light and smooth ball bearings, providing fluid rotation and a firm and comfortable grip.

The length of this skipping rope is more than solid: 293 cm, making it an ideal partner for any cardio workout.

Basic ropes like this one have no added weight, nor are they adjustable. You should use them the way you get them. However, thanks to its simplicity, basic jumping rope is a good choice for people of all fitness levels: beginners and advanced rope users.


  • Great price for a high quality skipping rope
  • Basic jump rope, good for beginners and professionals


  • Doesn’t have any additional features

If you want to start skipping rope but you’re not sure where to start, then this jump rope is a perfect choice: cheap, simple, high quality, and suitable for various types of workouts. In my opinion, this is one of the best jump ropes you’ll find.

2. Aerb Fitness Skipping Rope

For a double the price (compared to the previous jumping rope), this one comes with certain upgrades. One of them is the smart counter, which can display the set weight, training duration, number of calories burnt, as well as the number of hops.

It’s beginner-friendly, but professional “fitness personnel” are more than welcome to adjust their exercise plans with this jumping rope.

You can use this one as a speed jump rope as well, thanks to its high-speed rotation.

Another plus about Aerb jump rope is its non-slip memory foam handles, which will ensure a firm grip, even if your palms are sweating during exercise. It won’t allow you to easily drop the jumping rope and thus will prevent any possible damage to the timer.


  • Adjustable skipping (speed) rope
  • Good for beginners and professional fitness personnel
  • Comes with a multi-purpose counter


  • A bit pricey.

This rope is slightly shorter than the first one: 280cm, but the length can be adjusted (in case it’s too long for you). The rope itself consists of a steel wire wrapped inside PVC, making it highly durable and impossible to knot.

In case you’re not satisfied, you can contact your seller and ask for replacement or refund.

3. Everlast Pink Jump Rope

This is another basic skipping rope by the same brand – Everlast, but this time in a pink colour (everything is better in pink).

Everlast is a well-known brand that specialises in producing excellent quality boxing and mixed martial arts support and protection equipment.


  • Good looking basic jump rope
  • Good quality PVC material


  • Non-adjustable length

This jump rope is a great choice for different skill levels thanks to its tangle-free PVC rope and firm, anti-slip grips. The rope is 3.2 meters long, but unfortunately, non-adjustable, which is why this skipping rope is better suited for taller users.

4. Everlast Weighted Jump Rope

Another product by Everlast, but this time with additional features, such as weight. This high-speed rope comes with Power Core handles made of memory foam for the best overall jumping experience. 

The rope itself is made of PVC material, while the handles are built of the best possible PP and steel, for a sturdy grip.

I prefer using weighted ropes for high impact exercises, as they combine cardio with a strength workout.


  • Great quality rope
  • Weighted jump rope is excellent for both cardio and strength fitness workout


  • The cable isn’t adjustable

The handles are equipped with ball bearings and you can set up three removable weights and thus control the rope’s resistance. Unfortunately, this weighted jump rope is not adjustable in length.

5. Sonic Boom M2 Jumping Rope

Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom M2 speed jump rope is designed for serious athletes. With its premium-grade, 360-degree ball bearings and silicone anti-slip handles.

They provide you with smooth spinning, fast rotation, and a stable and firm grip. 

This rope is special as there are no screws attached to the handles. This is the first patent-pending, screw-free, self-locking jump rope great for men and women alike.


  • Speed cable
  • Adjustable length
  • Excellent quality


  • Expensive

The steel cable helps you achieve the speed in your workout that you always wanted and the polymer coat makes it rust-free (there is nothing worse than rust!). 

The Sonic Boom M2 rope comes with 2 adjustable polymer-coated speed cables, allowing you to set any length you need (the infinite length is not an option, you know what I mean).

6. Fitness Speed Jump Rope

Fitness Speed Jump Rope

This product comes with a pair of ergonomic anti-slip handles and grooves suitable for resting your thumbs and index finger. 5 Billion Fitness jump rope is a solid choice for any type of workout: wod, double unders, MMA, boxing, or Crossfit workout.

The sweatband on the handles allows you to exercise as much as you like without worrying about them slipping down.


  • Multi-use speed jumping rope
  • Good quality rope
  • A spare cable


  • Pricey. Made for professional use, not beginner-friendly

The rope is 3m long and highly adjustable for people of all heights. 

Speedball bearings allow you to reach extreme speeds with your fitness jumping workouts, reaching up to 320 jumps in a single minute (if you do achieve this, please contact the boys from Guinness world records).

Another plus is that it comes with a spare cable in case something happens with the original one (like if your ex steals it and uses it to hang a voodoo doll that closely resembles you).

6. Everlast PVC Yellow Jump Rope

Another basic jump rope by Everlast, only this time in yellow. This skipping rope is a great choice for both experts and beginners and you can use it for a cardio workout.

Just like previous Everlast’s models, this is a good quality 3.2m long PVC rope with firm anti-slip grips. Unfortunately, this rope is non-adjustable.


  • Good quality for the price
  • Easy to spot yellow colour
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Non-adjustable
  • No additional features

It comes in a bright yellow colour so it’s easy to spot from a distance in case you decide to workout later in the evening, outside or in the middle of the street.

7. DEGOL Tangle Free Skipping Rope


This rope’s main feature is its progressive ball bearing system that prevents the rope from twisting, winding, or bending. DEGOL rope is a solid choice for all sorts of workouts, from simple cardio warm-up to boxing, mixed martial arts, and cross-training.

Wire rope is embedded in PVC, making it durable and smooth. PVC will ensure great skipping experience without cracking or breaking.


  • Cheap, yet solid quality jumping rope
  • Anti-tangle system
  • Speedball bearings for high impact workouts


  • Average quality rope

For a fair price, you get an adjustable, lightweight, 9-inch cable. Dual ball bearing system allows this skipping rope to cut the air quickly, thus further increasing your jumping speed.

8. ZELFVER Skipping Rope


ZELFVER skipping rope features a dual ball bearing system, designed to prevent the rope from twisting, winding, or bending and to ensure a relaxed rotation. It’s good for beginners as you can use it for both heavy and light workouts.

This PVC embedded wire rope is 2.8m long, but luckily, the cable is highly adjustable to fit your height.


  • Pay for one, get two ropes
  • Adjustable rope length 


  • Not the highest quality skipping rope, but okay for beginners

It also features lightweight ergonomic handles coated with memory foam for an extra comfortable and strong grip.

A great thing about this rope is that if you purchase it, you actually get two in a package, so you can share it with other members of your family, or training buddies.

9. Anna’s Rainbow Skipping Rope for Kids

Skipping Rope for Kids

Durable, featuring vibrant, bright and fun colours, Anna’s Rainbow skipping rope will make your child stand out on the playground (but not in the wrong way or else it would make him or her an easy target for the other kids).

Handles are made of unbreakable plastic with foam grips. This means that your kid can drop, throw, or smash this rope without the fear of breaking it (please don’t teach your kid to do that).


  • Vibrant, fun colours
  • Child-friendly skipping rope
  • Adjustable length


  • A bit pricey

The rope is made of an 8mm thick nylon with a long-lasting solid inner core.

A great thing about this rope is its adjustability, so you don’t have to buy a new one every time your child grows a couple of centimetres (the rope, not the child).

Skipping Rope Guide

Before I wrap it up, here’s a couple of things you should know before purchasing a skipping rope:


Most skipping ropes are made of plastic, usually combining wire and PVC. That’s because these materials are both affordable, durable, and lightweight, so anyone can use them: kids, professionals or beginners [2].

However, high-speed ropes should have a steel cable inside a PVC shell.


Skipping ropes can vary in length. I recommend you to buy a rope that can be adjusted according to your height. If you decide to go with a basic rope (like Everlast’s), keep this in mind:

Your HeightRope Length
Up to 147cm213cm
2 skippers in one rope457cm
More than 2 skippers in one rope762cm


Skipping rope can be used for various purposes:

  • Cardio warm-up;
  • Full cardio training;
  • Mixed martial arts;
  • Boxing;
  • Coordination improvements;
  • Crossfit training.


Can I Skip Rope Every Day?

Theoretically yes, there’s nothing wrong with skipping it every day, however, if you’re not in the best shape, you’d want to overdo it.

The Bottom Line

I hope you found this detailed skipping ropes review helpful enough to pick the one that is suitable for both your fitness needs and your pocket.

Visit this page for more fitness equipment reviews.


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