The 7 Best Cardio Machines for Home Gym

by Matt Wilson
Last Updated: 29/11/2020
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Your home is your temple (as the eastern saying goes), so why not become a Shaolin monk? What do you need to feel like a champion and get your heart ticking like a ticking bomb?

Machines! Powerful cardio apparatus that can burn calories like Toyota Hilux burns fuel.

So, what did you do – you went to the store and the sales clerk offered some vague descriptions of the displayed cardio machines. This left you with a feeling of emptiness in your soul that is continuing to torment you to this very day.

Having no piece of mind, and without a clue about which are the best cardio machines that an honest man can buy so he can become the übermensch (german for Arnold Schwarzenegger). 

Instead of that, you are left in a horrible mood searching the web in a desperate hope for answers.

Search no more because, you’ve been waiting for this article for your whole life, you just didn’t know it (I am the fitness alter-ego of Anton from “No country for old man”)

This article will give you the list of best cardio machines for home cardio workouts, machines that can fulfill all your fitness goals!

Top Cardio Machines

The best equipment is usually the one that you hear about, from people that are using it. That’s why it is my responsibility to tell you that I have used the equipment that you will be reading about in the next lines.

It’s not easy to pick the product that you will be using for years to come. You should be careful and get as much information as you can, before you make your final decision.

Here is the list of our top exercise machines you can buy on the market.

1. MaxiClimber(r) – The Original Patented Vertical Climber

Maxi Climber, as the name suggests, is similar to some models of rowing machines, but is definitely not a rowing machine (it is a climbing machine, what else on earth could it be?)

It comes in one piece so you don’t have to bother with assembling it. This machine is great for cardio and will increase your heart rate after a couple of climbs.

There are many levels of training that can be set on this machine. But you should be aware that this is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout machine, which means that is best suited for a serious workout.


  • Complete workout equipment
  • Very versatile
  • For all generations and types
  • Compact.


  • None.

Buying a MaxiClimber is a great option if you want toned legs and more thigh muscles, powerful glutes, etc. Most importantly, this machine will burn your calories at the same rate as church burned witches in the middle ages.

Great asset is its relatively small dimensions (you will have more space left over) which make it suitable for a large number of home gyms. You don’t need a huge house to own this exercise machine.

2. Everfit Magnetic Rowing Exercise Machine

There are many rowing machines out there but Everfit Magnetic Rowing Exercise Machine is amongst the best, due to its variety of options for effective cardio training.

Remember, a rowing machine is so powerful that it raises your heart rate while providing you with high intensity interval training. The number of muscles that are activated in the process is huge [1].

With this bad boy, you can start with low impact exercises, concentrate on the upper body or have a full body workout. 

This machine provides you with an easy stepping motion, making the exercise smooth without the usual post-workout fatigue that all of us feel in the legs.


  • Easy to use
  • Can target specific muscle group
  • Suitable for a total workout.


  • Too heavy
  • Could be bad for your knees.

In the features of this rowing machine different systems are included (such as magnetic brake system and quiet operation). The one that really struck the chord is the fact that it has an astonishing 10 levels of manual resistance.

This means that you can choose “the problem” that best suits your goals. It is suitable for strength training and a total body workout.

3. Everfit Aerobic Step Exercise Stepper

Tired of walking or climbing regular stairs? Why not trying multilayered stepper (well, it’s just 3 levels, this cardio equipment is not a prop from “Inception”)

Everfit Aerobic Stepper is great if you want to target your lower body and work on your glutes, hamstrings or get yourself to burn more calories.


  • Great for a beginner
  • Strong material.


  • Not diverse enough
  • Limited muscle impact.

If you are afraid of falling because the surface is slippery (think of prison showers), well don’t be! This steeper has an anti-slip surface, which means that your legs will be locked during the fat burning process.

It has a 300 kg capacity (please don’t test this with your whole family) and its height can be adjusted in a range from 10 to 20 cm.

4. LSG CTG300 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Some personal trainers will argue that riding the actual bicycle is better than working out on an exercise bike at home. Nonsense, this elliptical machine will help you lose calories in no time.

This exercise bike, even though space saving, has large foot plates (36cm x 12cm) and a 33cm stride length. It has 8 levels of manual tension, its frame is built from tubular steel and comes partially assembled in a box.


  • Comfortable
  • Space saving
  • Many information you can follow.


  • Limited number of programs
  • Too heavy.

You can monitor the calorie burn, your heart rate, speed, distance crossed and other things on an amazing LCD display. 

It doesn’t create a lot of noise and has a nice holder for your tablet so you can watch your favorite show on netflix while doing a 30 minutes workout.

5. Sportneer Bicycle Exercise Trainer Stand With Noise Reduction Wheel


Sportneer Bike is just that – a real bike, but one that you can ride at home without going anywhere (as much as this sentence sounds meaningless there is an underlying sense in which it is perfectly suitable for a product like this)

This home cardio equipment is great for weight loss (if you are not into riding your bicycle outside). It’s made out of steel and it comes in black color.


  • StableCan be an outdoor bike.


  • Could be quieter.

It has an inbuilt noise reduction (so don’t forget to ring a bell if someone crosses your way.. Oh, wait, that’s right, you are not leaving your living room.. Well, ring anyway, no one will know).

6. Everfit Electric Treadmill

Now, let’s get serious. This is an all round, the boss of best home cardio machines and you bet it will help you (as many trainers will agree) on your way to develop a perfect body and lose weight.

Everfit Electric Treadmill has astonishing 12 training programs, 15 levels of auto inclination, USB and MPR connection, a pulse sensor and an amazing LCD display.

So, there are countless options for great heart pumping exercises. You can watch a movie, listen to music, while having a workout.

Unlike other treadmills, this one has 18 speed levels and more options for a total body workout.


  • Huge program range
  • Many speed levels
  • USB and MPR connection.


  • Too big.

Speaking about home gyms and burning fat, there is no doubt that, among other treadmills on the market, this one, can give you much better results after just 30 minutes of cardio workout. 

7. Norflex Spin Bike With Exercise Ball for Home Gym


Here is yet another air bike that made its way onto the list. 

This one has similar feature as the previous one (its frame and pedals are built from steel, it has adjustable handlebar and like every air bike it is great for a cardio workout)

The feature that stands out is the leather seat that promises a heavenly ride (if you’ve ever been on a bicycle for more than 5 minutes you should know how great this information sounds).


  • Comfortable seat
  • Affordable.


  • A bit heavy.

Of course, if you are bored with your indoor surroundings, this piece of equipment offers a place for holding your tablet (I recommend you to watch Tour de France).

There is more. With a bike, you get more weight loss props like an exercise ball and a water bottle (this is a nice touch, I have to admit).

How to Choose the Best Cardio Machine

To choose the best cardio machine, you need to decide on the type of cardio training you want to do. If you want to have powerful impact cardio workouts that target core muscles or upper body, then you should .

If you want to stay in shape and develop optimal stamina, you can buy one of the mentioned bicycles. Many trainers will tell you that it is perfect for many cardio routines.

Training Goals, Style, and Intensity


Elliptical exercise is a type of stationary workout performed on an elliptical machine like a climber or a rowing machine. Many people count treadmills as elliptical machines but they are not [2].


First thing that some of us think when someone mentions cardio workout is a great scenery, preferable in the spring or summer, and us riding a bicycle.

The main advantage of riding an indoor bicycle is its simplicity and the fact that riding a bicycle is easy as… well, riding a bicycle.

The whole body is engaged, but you should only choose this option if you want to burn calories without doing variations of workouts.


Everfit Electric Treadmill is great if you want to have more control over your workout and to develop a powerful body with the focus on legs [3]. 

Trainers all around the world will suggest you have a treadmill workout if you want to concentrate on specific muscle group (flexors and glutes)

Here is where the problems arise. Treadmill is not that great when it comes to an all around body workout. Many air resistance workouts can help you with that, if you want to develop the upper body and put more impact on your joints.

Muscle Groups That You Want to Improve

For glutes and flexors, quadriceps and hamstrings you can work on a treadmill or some air resistance machines. 

Many workouts can build your leg muscles, (like a MaxiClimber) but also activate them. WIth a machine like the MaxiClimber, you can have a full body workout and while also working on your core, upper and lower body muscles. 

If you are working on a rowing machine, you can have a low impact workout and still activate a large group of muscles.

Equipment Adjustability and Comfort

If you feel discomfort while riding a regular bicycle you can try a recumbent bike. While riding, you are placed in a laid back position which can be very pleasing because of the weight distribution.

Everfit Magnetic Rowing Exercise Machine is designed to provide enough space for your feet and is good if you want to have smooth ranges of motion. Your legs will thank you after your workout.

MaxiClimber is very much adjustable and easy to set up once you have bought it. When you open the box it is already 90% ready, you only need to assemble a few parts and you are ready to go.

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Best Cardio Machine for Over 50

I can recommend that you’d try riding a Norflex Spin Bike or do a low impact exercise on an Everfit Electric Treadmill (because that is what science recommends [4]). The latter will give you more control which can prevent you from experiencing injuries.

Best Cardio Machine for Legs

Everfit Aerobic Step Exercise Stepper is the one that can help you develop toned legs and activate glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps.

Of course, Norflex Bike and LSG CTG300 are also great for building strong legs but riding bicycles puts more emphasis on cardio exercise.

Best Cardio Machine for Beginners

As a beginner, you’d want to start with any of the low impact cardio workouts that are available out there. Since Everfit Electric Treadmill has many programs and is a great cardio machine, you can start with that.

Another great way to start with the workout game is to buy Everfit Aerobic Step Exercise Stepper. Working on a 3 level bench is easy and it’s not that demanding, even for a beginner.

Best Cardio Machine for Bad Knees

If you want to do an exercise that is not focused on your knees, you should probably stay away from bicycles or climbers. That being said, you should definitely try Everfit Electric Treadmill.

With Everfit Electric Treadmill, you can start slowly, by running at your own pace. It has an adjustable system and friendly surface that will protect your knees from additional pressure.

MaxiClimber is also knees friendly and is protective when it comes to your ankles. When doing a low impact training, you can have a powerful exercise routine and keep your knees safe.

Best Cardio Machine for Abs

is, again, at the top of the industry if you want to target your abs. This cardio apparatus is very powerful and puts so much pressure that you will start questioning the very location of your workout (you will start thinking like a sherpa, trying to ascend on Meru).

If you want a less demanding workout routine, then you can try Sportneer Steel Bike and try a low impact cardio exercise. After a few weeks, you will feel the effect on your abs.

Best Compact Cardio Machine

It should be clear by now who (or what) is the winner of this machine contest. , as a full body workout that activates your core, upper body and lower body is definitely my pick.

It is versatile and has an app with a workout program that you can follow from day one. With this device, you are getting the best from both worlds.

You are able to develop a large group of muscles (Triceps, glutes, lats, arsmtrings, calves, deltoids, pecs, abs, obliques, quadriceps, etc).

Many groups can use it, from beginners up to those ambitions guys who want to develop powerful muscles or stay fit and healthy.

MaxiClimber combines several machines, and with that, it saves you money. It is really the best compact cardio machine out there.

The Bottom Line

To finish this article, I am going to go over some of the best features of machines I talked about. 

Everfit Electric Treadmill and both Norflex Bike and LSG CTG300 are great equipment for doing powerful cardio exercises at home.

With these machines, you can work on a large group of muscles and burn calories. The machine that burns the most calories is the .

MaxiClimber is the best cardio machine in my opinion and the one that is best for all ages and levels of agility.

If you think that I overlook something or you have a product that you want to suggest let me know in the comment section.


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