The Best Climbing Ropes to Buy in Australia

by Claire Huffman
Last Updated: 14/01/2021
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Every type of climbing is demanding, exhausting and adventurous. It doesn’t matter if you are doing rock or ice climbing, or mountaineering, you need a high quality, durable, climbing rope.

Climbing is by far one of the best body exercises. It’s super-healthy, but at times it can be dangerous, so proper climbing gear and rock climbing ropes are an absolute necessity.

But how does one make a clear judgement on which climbing rope to buy? It can get really complicated discussing the static and dynamic elongation, dry or non-dry, bi-pattern, or single ropes, etc.

To help you answer these questions, I’ve prepared this informative review of the best climbing ropes you can buy in Australia. 

Keep reading and I guarantee you’ll find what you were looking for. 

For additional information on ropes or how to choose the best climbing rope that perfectly suits your needs, scroll down to the end of this article.

Top Climbing Ropes

1. Wolf & I Co. Rope

If you have a dog and like to climb, this rope is a perfect choice. This is actually a dog leash with a carabinier (made of strong materials) that you can use for climbing adventures as well.

Wolf & I Co. is 1.8m long with a 12mm high strong rope. It’s highly secure and comes with a 25-51cm collar set called Mr Prickle and a chew protection wrap. 

The best way to spend some quality time with your furry friend is to take him on a climbing trip! Thanks to bitumen and white stripes, it’s also very fashionable looking.


  • Multi-use: for climbers and their dogs
  • Great quality for a fair price
  • Highly durable.


  • This rope’s short length limits its usability to some extent.

2. Goplus Gym Climbing Rope

Goplus Gym

Goplus Gym climbing rope is made of three strands of durable jute rope. With its 1.5 inch diameter, you can count on its grip and durability regardless of the potential workload and impact force. 

It’s one of the best climbing ropes on the market.

If you’re into heavy training and don’t mind the temperature or the weather outside, this might be the product for you! 

This rope is wear, water, and corrosion resistant, thanks to applied dry treatment. So, even if it’s raining outside, your climbing rope won’t let you down.


  • Flexible design
  • Great quality for the price
  • Available in several lengths: 3.5 to 9m.


  • Pricey. 

Goplus Gym rope is the perfect partner in all sorts of exercises: climbing, up-down waves, tug-of-war, crossfit, or home workouts.

It’s easy to install (anywhere), thanks to ring knots on the top rope that allow it to connect with any solid anchor point or a horizontal bar.

Once you’re done with the exercise, simply roll up this flexible rope and pack it in your gym bag.

3. Wolf & I Co. Climbing Rope Dog Leash 4.0

This is another dog leash/sports rope designed by Wolf & I Co. This time it’s slightly shorter, 1.2m, but very thick and durable thanks to the 12mm high strength rope.

It comes with both a collar and chew protection wrap. This skinny rope has a 12KN rated secure screw gate carabiner so you can relax during your rock or alpine adventures. 


  • Strong and resistant
  • Creative design
  • Multi-use: leash and sports rope.


  • It’s kind of short, so it has limited use.

4. Tendon Smart Dynamic Rope

Tendon Smart

Tendon Smart is a single rope great for medium-impact outdoor and indoor exercise. It’s resistant and thick enough to provide you with a pleasant grip. It also provides climbers with dynamic elongation suitable for free falling.

A downside is that it’s not one of those bi-pattern ropes that provide the climber with the information on where the middle of the rope is located.

Although it’s not as durable as three-strand Goplus Gym, it still provides great value for all climbers. You can fit it on any belay device, or simply tie it to a horizontal bar.


  • Comes in green and red colour
  • Very long, multi-use.


  • No middle mark
  • No bi-pattern.

With a 60m in length and 9.8mm in diameter, you can rely on this one for both rope and rock climbing exercises.

5. Static Rescue Rope

Highly resistant, with a 12mm diameter, this polyester rope with a high-strength inner core can be used as a rescue or climbing rope. 

Thanks to its static elongation (can withstand the weight of 1200kg), you can rest assured this rope will handle any level of impact force: from rock and alpine climbing to rescuing an injured climber.


  • Non-expensive
  • Multi-use.


  • Not the best quality.

You can order 5 levels of rope length from 10 to 30 meters which weigh between 1 and 5 kilograms.

6. Letsgood Climbing Rope


This multi-use rope is perfect for fitness, endurance, or fat burning training. It’s a highly durable piece thanks to the materials used in making it (soft manilla import hemp). This jute rope provides a comfortable grip with its 3.8cm in diameter. 


  • Long and durable
  • Multi-use hemp piece.


  • Expensive.

Thanks to its 18m length and a metal eye hook,  kids can safely use it to climb or as a battle or fitness gear.

7. VOXLOVA Climbing Rope


Here’s another climber’s survival kit: a static rope with a 10mm in diameter and a length of either 9.7m or 19.8m.

This rope is made of high-quality reinforced polyester fibres (that were sewn tightly), and thanks to 15 core ropes it’s one of the thickest and most durable ropes you’ll find. 

This core and sheath combination provides softness and resistance making this dry rope an excellent choice for serious sportsmen and sportswomen.

Both ends of this rope are connected with 2 aluminium locking carabiners, 2 galvanized rope thimble that are wear or tear-resistant.

Use it for hiking, camping, boating, caving, fishing, rescue work, or engineering protection.


  • Static multi-use rope
  • Highly durable
  • Great price.


  • Maybe you don’t need a rope this serious.

Its maximum impact force rating is 15KN, making it safe to use in any occasion. After all, this one is often used for parachute fire rescuing, so you might as well trust in its performance.

8. 10M Climbing Rope

Not great and not terrible. This is a static rope commonly used as an auxiliary rescue cord. It’s 10m long and has a UIAA fall rating of 2400kg. 

It seems good for mountaineering, climbing rocks, but could also serve you well enough at the gym. 


  • Inexpensive rescue cord
  • Durable and multi-use.


  • Users report issues with returns.

The product is made of polyester and polypropylene. The seller offers a 30-day money return guarantee.

9. Donaghys Cougar Static Rope

The seller of this rope offers free shipping all over Australia. Furthermore, it has some cool features like an UIAA fall rating of 2,800 kilograms and polyester covers which should provide you with a better grip.

The product comes in many different length sizes (from 25 to 100 metres). It has a multipurpose use, which makes it good for different kinds of climbing. 

With a diameter of 11.7 mm wear and tear is not likely to happen.


  • Good quality
  • Even better price.


  • No information on refund policies.

10. Aoneky Jute Rope


Saved this “big guy” for last. 

This chubby rope is available in three diameters: 2.5cm, 3cm, and 3.8cm, and two lengths: 15.2m and 30.4m.

It’s highly resistant, as it’s a 4-strand twisted jute rope with a dry cover, made to withstand any weather conditions (moisture, extreme cold or heat, as well as any exercise impact level).

It surpasses the standard 2400 kilograms UIAA falls, so you’re safe with this fine piece.


  • Highly durable
  • High quality and multi-use.


  • Expensive.

Types of Climbing Ropes

If you are new in this sport you’ve gotta learn the ropes first (Get it? It’s stupid I know…). The two basic types of ropes are static and dynamic.

The main difference between them is in their stretch level.

Dynamic ones are designed to absorb the impact of a falling climber, and because of that, they can stretch a lot. 

The static one doesn’t stretch as much, so it’s quite efficient when used as safety gear _for lifting or lowering injured climbers).

If you are lead climbing or top roping do not use static ropes.

Furthermore, another division can be made among dynamic ropes. They can be single, half and twin.

Single Ropes 

Good for:

  • Trad climbing, big wall climbing, top-roping, sport climbing 

Half ropes

Good for:

  • Multi-pitch climbing.

Twin Ropes

Good for:

  • Ice-climbing, mountaineering, multi-pitch route.
Purchase your favourite rope today and enjoy mountaineering, all types of climbing, and other rope-related sports and non-sports activities today!

What to Look for When Buying The Best Climbing Rope

We buy ropes for safety reasons, so logically, this should be the first thing to check (before price or the way it looks).

Make sure that they have certificates of safety

This is the most important box to thick! Everything else is meaningless compared to safety! 

Furthermore, make sure you know which type you need (single, half, or twin). Pro dry, double dry, or golden dry treated features are a huge plus. 

Dry treated ropes don’t absorb water, so you can use them in the rain, damp weather or when sweaty. 

Make sure your rope’s thick enough – the diameter should not be less than 10mm.

How Strong Is a Climbing Rope?

Very strong!

A decent rope has a breaking point, or the UIAA falls value of some 2,400 kilos. This is enough to hold a truck, so, pretty darn strong.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, this article has given you some basic knowledge about the best ropes on the market.

Once again, let’s go over the stuff you need to know:

  • Know the type of rope you want
  • Find something thick (don’t go there!) 
  • Seek for dry treatment 
  • Make sure it’s worth your money 
  • Maybe, make sure it looks nice! 

Off you go, get that rope! 

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