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by Claire Huffman
Last Updated: 02/11/2020
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All the crossfit enthusiasts out there certainly come to a point where the intense exercise starts to take its toll on the hands. It’s the time when you’ve got to start looking for protective gloves to rid you of future blisters and help you get back in the game. Or, if you are a beginner in the said game, you might want to look for gloves before the damage is done.

Either way, crossfit grips are a great way to protect your palms and wrists when performing heavy duty arms workouts. 

Often the reason to purchase crossfit gloves has nothing to do with pain and everything to do with strength. By wearing gloves your grip gets less slippery from the profound sweating and you can hold on to the iron bar more securely [1].

Whatever your reason for looking into crossfit gloves, choosing the best crossfit gloves can be a challenge without prior experience with this product. The buying guide below will help you decide easier on the fit that might be the one for you. We’ve given you the highlights of the best crossfit grips on the market currently.

Let’s have a look!

Top 10 CrossFit Gloves

1. Bear KompleX 3 Hole Hand Grips

gloves pull ups

Superior-performance crossfit gloves that offer good grip and excellent wrist support. The bear KompleX are made from genuine leather to minimize slipping, keep you secure and give you a better grip on the bar.

Designed to deliver an excellent fit that won’t bother your wrist, this pair of gloves comes with adjustable wrist straps.

The triple stitching on the fabric accounts for great durability, while at the same time providing a comfortable, supporting grip for your arms.  

Great to wear while doing gymnastics, powerlifting, pull ups and a range of other strengthening activities. Oh and did we mention that they come in three classy colour choices?

2. Bear KompleX 2 Hole Gymnastics Grips

Bear KompleX

Here comes another glove similar to the Bear KompleX 3 Hole Hand Grips, the difference being that these come with two finger holes. You wear them on the middle finger and the ring finger. The choice between the 2 vs 3 hole model essentially depends on where you’ve got calluses.

The genuine leather material is again top-notch, making them perfect for bar grip exercises. They aren’t slippery, while at the same time they’ll feel great on your skin and won’t leave you with sweaty hands.

Besides material performance and durability, the excellent buckle system is another strength of this glove. You get excellent wrist support and the buckles don’t dig into your skin. The customizable wrist strap makes sure these gym gloves never feel too tight or irritating on your wrist.

Everything taken into account, these are easily the best crossfit gloves you can buy.

3. ProFitness Cross Training Gloves

Training Gloves

A great choice of crossfit gloves, created to give you stability and support while weightlifting and working out. Enhanced with silicone padded palms, they will give your grip more strength and tenacity in your WOD. 

Suitable not only for crossfit, but also for rope climbing, home gyms and powerlifting workouts.  

They will help you protect your palms from calluses, as they are made from a breathable neoprene material which will keep your hands dry and sore-free. 

You can use them for more demanding workouts as well since they come with an adjustable wrist wrap put there to create comfortable wear and reduce the tension in your arms. 

4. RUNTOP Workout Grip Gloves

Grip Gloves

This pair of crossfit gloves comes with an advantage – a chance to adjust the tightness at the closure thanks to its velcro design!

Keep your hands dry from sweat with the help of the breathable lycra material and give them some loving treatment with the foam padding on the inside of the glove. 

The silicone padded palms are there to give you a solid, non-slip grip on the bar. You can use these gloves for rope climbing, dumbbells, kettlebell as well as pull ups. 

5. ProFitness Ventilated Cross Training Gloves

crossfit globes womens

Keep your hands protected and wrists injury-free with these ultimate weightlifting gloves! Suitable for both men and women, these gloves not only reduce the pressure of weights but they also stimulate the blood flow, which gives you more power and durability when heavyweight lifting.

At the same time, your palms will remain blister and callus free thanks to the leather split palm protector in the gloves. Meanwhile, the anti-slip silicone on the surface will give you the confidence to lift and do workouts with the bar.

Great for both beginners as well as professionals, these crossfit gloves come with adjustable levels of tightness thanks to the Velcro built into them. Your hands will stay cool and ventilated with the breathable neoprene material which keeps sweat away and grants you a stable grip and more moving versatility.   

6. SQUISHY DOT 3 Hole Leather Hand Grips

Another hand grip crossfit enthusiasts will find satisfying. These gloves are designed for the ultimate palm protection.

Made out of premium leather which you don’t need to “break in” by wearing, these gloves are soft and tender to the touch, giving them a natural feel.

You’ll find no trouble putting them on and taking them off. The fabric keeps your hands dry and free from sweat and the flexible fit allows for a stronger and steadier grip.

7. NH Weight-Lifting Crossfit Workout Fitness Gloves

Pamper and protect your hands at the same time!

Although the inner side of this pair has a cashmere lining for comfort, its design is focused on performance, as it’s said to provide a firmer grip than the regular leather gloves. Suitable for both men and women, they give you a reliable hold and a comfortable experience at the same time, provided by the ergonomic design and cushioned palms.

The cushioning also lets you put your palms through all the rubbing of the workout without the irritation and skin damage. A silicone rubber beading on the surface is what gives these gloves extra stability, so you will find them really useful for great bar work. 

Suitable for all activity levels, varying from WOD, cross training, heavy duty weight lifting and even Olympic weightlifting.

8. Nisrok Gymnastics Hand Grips

Hand Grips

Another pair of grips that will effectively protect your hands from injury and help you avoid skin tearing during workouts. 

A double layer of genuine suede leather is what makes this glove durable, soft and form-fitting. While the shape follows the form of your palms and wrists, the wrist strap comes with a special design intended to eliminate unwanted movement and skin reactions. 

The form of this pair of gloves combined with the type of material they are made of all contribute to a better fit, suitable for any hand. They especially enhance endurance, making them suitable for exercises like the kettlebell, gymnastics, pull-ups, toes to bars, functional movements and more.

9. RUNTOP Workout Gloves

Workout Gloves

This pair of neoprene gloves are great for weightlifting, gymnastics, crossfit and fitness training.

Made from a couple of strong materials, neoprene and high-quality synthetic leather in combination with the non-slip silicone protection, this crossfit glove will give your hands the padding and protection needed to push through heavy training sessions. 

The open, ventilated design rids you of any palm sweat. The Y shape of the wrist straps improves the fit and gives you a secure feeling. The padding, on the other hand, will protect your palms and prevent skin surface damage.

10. Fit Vikings Gymnastics Grips – Crossfit Gloves

best grips crossfit

These 5.08 cm wide and 40.64 cm long wrist wraps make for a great choice if you are on a hunt for wrist support and stability. There is Velcro at the end of the straps, so you won’t have to struggle with the annoyance from plastic buckles.

The 3-hole design in this glove also enhances the strength of the grip. The material doesn’t require “breaking into” to feel comfortable and fit naturally.

For additional sweat-proofing, there are also sweat pads put in place to keep your hands dry and allow your grip to function at maximum potential.

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Why Crossfitters Wear Gloves

With the passion for crossfit comes a passion to profess your grip and be able to endure longer workouts with the iron bar. Crossfit gloves are great mainly because they eliminate the sweat on your palms and help you hold on tighter with their non-slip surface.

Putting your wrists and palms through a lot of heavy lifting eventually leads to skin ripping and irritations. This can take a while to heal. Instead of being prevented from exercising for a while, you avoid all of that if you wear gloves. 

Not only do they make your workouts more comfortable, but also gloves offer wrist support and help reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries, Tennis Elbow, Tendonitis, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The Bottom Line

If you are just getting into crossfit or weightlifting your safest bet would be to start off wearing crossfit gloves. You’ll prevent skin damage and you won’t have to go into timeout every time your palms hurt too much to continue. If you’ve already been there, then you know the difference good workout gloves can make. 

The only thing left to do is to decide on which material you prefer and which fit and straps would suit your wrist. Find the best crossfit gloves for you and they’ll let you thrive in the crossfit game without any painful distractions. 

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