The Best Scuba Diving Flippers for Australians

by Claire Huffman
Last Updated: 14/01/2021
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Welcome to our best scuba diving flippers for Australians review.

If you’re planning on visiting some of Australia’s many diving destinations, and you want to really dive into the sea world, you’re going to need appropriate scuba flippers.

As you probably know already, rental fins are not the most comfortable nor economic option, which is why we suggest you shop for your own. It’s not a huge expense, as the prices range between $35 and $400, and a good purchase can save you from future blisters or leg cramps.

Do you want to dive, snorkel, or just swim faster? Do you prefer open heel fins, or full foot fins, with a longer or shorter blade?

If you want to find out about the best fins for all types of divers, bear with us. We’ve prepared this detailed review to help you shop for your perfect under-water footgear.

It’s not about having the most popular or beautiful model, it’s about finding scuba dive fins that can satisfy the needs of different divers.

Top Diving Fins

1. NinjaShark Fins for Adults

Are you ready to take this under-water sport onto the next level? Do you feel like you’re ready for a much more serious pair of professional scuba diving fins?

If the answer is “yes”, then Ninja Shark’s high power fins are a perfect choice.

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NinjaShark snorkelling and scuba diving fins for adults are made of highly durable, yet lightweight material, that should serve you for many years, as they won’t rip easily even when in contact with sharp sea elements.

You can say goodbye forever to unpleasant cramps and fatigue, as these full foot fins have an elastomeric anti-slip foot pocket with an adjustable strap, and their dual-channel anatomical blade can stand any kick-style, enhancing their water resistance and improving your performance.

Plus, thanks to large thumb loops connected to elastic heel straps, you can put them on and off in a matter of seconds.


  • Highly durable
  • Excellent price-quality ratio
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Speed-focused.


  • Slightly more expensive than the competitors.

If you’re looking for speed-focused, lightweight, long-lasting, ergonomic flippers that are easy to wear, plus cost less money, then look no further: with channel thrust and optimum angels, NinjaShark is the perfect fit.

You can pair the fins with quality swimming goggles for a complete package. And they are also available as part of a snorkelling set.

2. BPS Short-Blade Adjustable Swim Fins

Swim Fin

If you prefer open-toe and open-heel fins, then BPS’s model with short blades should do the trick for you.

These fins are made of resistant, yet lightweight materials, a combination of polypropylene and thermoplastic rubber, that feel completely natural on human feet.

The open-heel design makes them easily adjustable to four consecutive sizes. This means several great things:

  • They’re super-simple to put on and take off
  • You can wear them barefoot, with fins socks, or dive boots if you need additional warmth
  • You can share them with your friends and family!


  • Made of excellent durable material
  • Highly adjustable
  • Speed-focused
  • Kick-responsive.


  • Open-heel fins may not be the first choice for every diver.

Due to the fact that the longest side of the blade is around 6” to 7.5” long, the fins are extremely responsive to movement, even at minimal effort. This helps prevent cramps and fatigue, so when underwater, you can solely focus on your kick and the surroundings.

3. Cressi Pluma

Split fins

This Italian brand produces extremely lightweight, high-tech, high-quality fins. They came up with their own construction system that includes moulding three different types of materials to achieve the best possible performance, comfort, and endurance, at the lowest possible price.

These fins’ foot housing extends all the way along with the blade button, making them quicker and safer, meaning that they’re highly reliable even in shallow water or near sharp rocks.

Thanks to their polypropylene blade that originates from the foot pocket’s upper part, they have maximised the useful surface area. This brand-new construction technology with rotating, dual-injection moulds helps keep the product price cheap and affordable.


  • New construction technology
  • Maximum comfort, safety, and speed with whole foot pockets.


  • Slightly more expensive
  • Non-adjustable. 

The fins can be used as freediving fins, scuba fins, and for snorkelling: all in a single pair!

4. Oumers’ Dive, Snorkel, and Swimming Fins

Scuba diving fins

This is another example of open-heel and open-toe fins, easy to pack, and adjustable to different foot sizes.

Their strong side is flexibility and an anti-slip sole which helps minimize fatigue and potential leg cramps regardless of your kick power.

Oumers’ fins are extremely lightweight, meaning you can transgress large distances in water in them, with minimal kick effort.

Thanks to highly adjustable straps, you can easily slip your foot in and out the fins. If you lose your straps in water, don’t worry, each flipper comes with a spare one.


  • Spare flipper straps
  • Highly responsive and flexible.


  • Poorer quality material.

Feel free to combine Oumers’ fins with swimming socks or booties for extra warmth, as well as use them for all sorts of diver-activities: as scuba fins, flippers, or for snorkelling, don’t worry about them being a proper fit.

5. Cressi Gara – Freediving Long Blade Fins

Blade Fins

As a pro diver, you’re probably already familiar with how freediving sports equipment can sometimes differ from the equipment used for snorkelling or scuba diving.

In case of these fins, Cressi brand maintains its standard philosophy of making one-piece, full-foot fins, using their own material fusion receptor.

Cressi Gara long blade fins are particularly designed for cold water usage and longer swims.

These fins have the “spina di pesce” type of blade with decreasing thickness for more progressive curving. Thermoplastic rubber with enhanced rigidness is applied over the entire foot pocket’s sole and the headband, while the foot pocket itself is thicker and more flexible.

Every fin size has a proportional blade, in order to maintain rigidity across sizes and surface levels.


  • Excellent for freedivers
  • New-technology blades appropriate for long swims and cold water use.


  • Single-purpose fins.

In case of loss or damage, the brand will provide a possibility to purchase a single foot fin.

6. Deep Blue Gear Aquanaut Fins – Multi-Use

Deep Blue Gear

Here’s another example of the full foot fins design for professional and amateur divers alike.

Deep Blue Gear produces medium-size rubber fins, perfect for travelling, as they can easily fit a bag.

Their strong side is that in case they somehow slip off your feet, they will float, instead of sink, so you’ll be able to easily retrieve them. They’re a good fit for all kinds of under-water dive-activities.

They also have their own malleable rubber boot that keeps your knuckles safe and minimizes friction.


  • Floating fins, hard to lose in water
  • Compact multi-use design.


  • Material quality could be better.

These fins can support any swimming or kicking styles, as they’re highly flexible with a soft blade. On the other hand, they’re made of highly durable material able to resist puncture or harsh elements.

7. CAPAS Fins Multiuse

Capas fin

Cheaper than other models in this review, CAPAS open-heel adjustable fins are ideal for family trips to the coast and some intermediate diver-skills.

Comfy to wear with soft foot pockets, these fins are barefoot friendly, however, if you prefer, they can handle boots and socks as well. They have soft heel straps with large loops for thumbs making them easy to adjust to the perfect size.


  • Compact, great for travelling
  • Easy to put on.


  • Some users have reported size issues.

Due to their flexibility and compactness, they’re very simple to pack and carry anywhere. Snorkelers, divers, and all kinds of swimmers are welcome to try these fins on.

8. Cressi Palau

Cressi Palau

Another excellent fins from this producer, however, in this case, we’re talking full foot, multisize, multi-use fins ideal for long swims in both cold and warmer water.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Multi-Purpose.


  • Not the best price-quality ratio.

The fins have highly responsive blades that stretch all the way from the top of the foot pockets to maximize usable surface area, which are made of elastomer, making the fins extra-comfy to wear.

9. CAPAS Multi-Purpose Fins

Multi-Purpose Fins

Another open-heel fin by CAPAS, adjustable to a range of sizes making it simple for sharing among friends and family.


  • Good for all diving styles
  • Highly adjustable.


  • Material not as good as that of top fins.

These fins are made of good quality materials with a soft foot pocket which makes it cosy to wear both barefoot, with booties or socks, in case you need to protect from cold. Large thumb loops and soft heel straps are making it simple to just slide in and out of the fins.

10. CAPAS Multi-Purpose Adjustable Fins

Adjustable Fins

Similar to the previous two CAPAS models, these too are open heel fins with adjustable size. They are slightly more expensive, but they also have a soft foot pocket and a high level of flexibility that helps prevent blisters.


  • Designed for all water-activities
  • Adjustable size.


  • More expensive.

Swimmers, divers, and everyone else who’d like to have some under and above water fun are welcome to try using these open heel fins, they’re a good choice for any of these activities.

With an appropriate set of fins, you’re ready to enjoy all types of water activities a diver can think of. Get your perfect split fins, open-heel fins, or full-foot fins now, and enjoy your much-deserved holiday.

What to Look for When Buying Diving Fins

Here are the most important things to look for in a fin:

  • Size – if you plan on using boots or socks, make sure to purchase a larger number.
  • Material – look for fins made of materials that represent no danger to water life, like polypropylene.
  • Design – search for a comfortable and flexible design that supports various kick-styles.
  • Type – if you’re planning a deep-water or cold-water dive, adjustable straps are very important. Open-heel fins are a good choice in this case, as you can slip into booties to warm up and provide additional foot protection.
  • If you suffer from muscle spasms, split fins are a good option as they have an empty space in the centre of the blade causing water propulsion. Besides split fins, full foot fins with high flexibility are a good option for all types of divers.

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How to Pick the Right Size Diving Fins

Sizing your fins can be a bit tricky at times, so here are a few tips:

  • Stick to a single manufacturer, as each has a customized sizing chart.
  • Review manufacturer’s sizing charts to make sure that the fins fit your feet perfectly.
  • If you’re using a dry suit to dive, purchase larger number fins.
  • If you plan on using booties or socks, go with a larger number as well, especially if you plan on using full-foot fins. If you’re going with open-heel fins, still make sure they can fit boots and socks.
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