The Best Knee Brace for Fitness Enthusiasts

by Claire Huffman
Last Updated: 02/11/2020
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In moving around confidently we all have to rely on the strength of our knees. Just think about it. Your knees play a central role in walking as they are in charge of carrying your whole body weight.

Sports injuries, overenthusiastic exercise or even simply advanced age can lead to the stability of your knee joints decreasing. This is when knee braces enter the picture to lend the anatomic support you lack and help you move freely again. 

If you are looking to decide what kind of knee sleeve would be the right choice for you, we’ve curated the following list of the top 10 best knee braces. Let’s check them out!

Top 10 Knee Braces

1. Winzone Knee Brace Support Sleeve

brace on knee

Here’s perhaps the best supportive knee brace for post-surgery recovery or injury prevention in your training sessions. This is a universal model, meaning you can wear it on either one of your knees and it will still fit you snugly.

Made of high-quality breathable neoprene, this sleeve is slim and compact and you can discreetly wear it under your garments. Use its velcro knee straps to attach it to any exterior point, eliminating the chance of slipping.

It will provide compression around the kneecap, which is especially useful in the case of knee injuries. It can also help you relieve pain from chronic and acute conditions and it can reduce the stress on your knee joints during high intensity workouts.

2. Mava Sports Pair of Knee Compression Sleeves


If you would like to buy a pair of braces so you can wear one on each knee at the same time, here’s a pair that’s perfect for the job!

Offering peak support for your muscles, this design also helps protect your joints from the stress that intense physical activity might cause. A special asset that helps it on this mission is the sturdy material with its supportive thickness (7mm). 

Although they come with a strong, supportive build, these compression sleeves still provide you with a comfortable feel and alleviation in the knee area.

3. Medi Genumedi Knee Brace

brace knee

Here’s a model that’s unisex and made with an innovative knit! The special kind of circular weave of the fabric provides your knee with support during activity and pain relief in the meantime, while the absence of stitches on the model frees the kneecap from pressure during exercise.

Another highlight this model has is its capability to reduce swelling and articular effusion through the massaging effect of the bandage. Thanks to the special kind of compression knit and the silicone insert inside it, this hinged knee brace can aid the swelling in your knee and help alleviate pain. 

Your skin will also feel at ease with the sleeve on, as the material is breathable and balances the skin temperature, while the fabric is odourless, due to the antibacterial effect of the knitted texture.

4. Physix Gear Knee Support Brace

support knee

Made out of a new, 4-way stretch material composed of lycra and breathable nylon, this knee brace easily provides all-day support for your knee. 

It will keep your joint stable and warm, limiting their range of motion. Its lightweight design aims to give you a comfortable wearing experience. One of the biggest benefits is that it doesn’t cause stiffness, as the design is snug and follows your movements. 

The material is durable and it will serve you a long time, even if washed frequently. The slim texture will let you wear this hinged knee brace under your jeans with ease and pleasure.

5. CAMBIVO 2 Pack Knee Brace

braces knee

Choose this model if you are looking to relieve pain, swelling or inflammation in your knees. It’s material has a heating effect, which provides added benefits in the process of muscle rehabilitation after a suffered injury. 

This brace will reduce the stiffness in your muscles and provides an excellent level of support so they can regain their flexibility. Suitable not only for repairing knee problems but also for preventing them. Wearing the brace during fast-paced activities like running or playing sports will reduce the impact on your joints.

6. Sable Knee Brace Support Compression Sleeves

Here’s a pair of mixed elastic knee braces with an extra fitted design, which helps them stay in place without slipping, no matter how active you are. The model stretches above and below the knee, so the bigger surface provides extra support for your joints and muscles.

The spiral elastic weaving of the material makes this pair of knee braces flexible and breathable for the skin. The tight compression they provide helps reduce swelling and inflammation, while their support level allows you to comfortably take part in all sorts of sporting activities.

They come with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer, but they also remind you that in order for the product to last long, they have to be maintained properly, which means they should be hand washed in cold water and air-dried afterwards.

7. Mueller Self-Adjusting Knee Stabilizer


This knee brace is made out of perforated soft neoprene fabric, guaranteeing that your skin can breathe under it and not be irritated by the supporting grip. At the same time, it retains the body heat and focuses it on your knee, helping to increase the circulation in that area and stimulate rehabilitation.

Another feature that provides breathability is the open patella (kneecap), which also takes the pressure off this vital part of the knee. The buttress of the patella provides for added support and firmness, which can come in handy in the cases of minor knee sprains and knee strains.

8. aZengear Knee Support Brace

braces knee

Said to provide fast knee pain relief, this knee brace will speed up your recovery process post-surgery or with different sports-related traumas. Helps with relieving swelling, as well as soreness and symptoms of inflammation. 

It has a non-slip design, made out of thin, breathable material, perfect to wear over or under your pants. It will provide your knee with support but it won’t grip that tight so as to cause a restriction in your blood circulation.

The mesh fabric is made of is durable and machine-washable. The sleeve definitely won’t stretch and lose its elasticity after a few wears.

9. LIFEWAY Compression Knee Sleeve


This knee sleeve gives you a tight and form fitting compression with a breathable and sweat absorbing fabric. Its odour-free material makes it a great choice for prolonged use.

It stabilizes the knee by putting pressure and balancing the joint to keep in the right posture. It also provides relevant support to your muscles, which makes it a great accessory to have for any activity that puts stress on your joints and muscles. 

The premium quality of the design is intended to cross out the itchiness that usually comes with wearing neoprene support goods. The soft, smooth fit will stay in place thanks to the special knitted design with two silicone gel strips built-in, intended to eliminate the possibility of slipping and causing discomfort.

10. TECHVIDA 2 Pack Knee Brace Strap

You won’t feel any rubbing or irritation while wearing this knee brace. Give your skin a special nod with the interior suede feel of this product!

Designed to provide support to your knee by securing the knee cap, as well as to absorb shock and pressure. And still, your skin will breathe easily all along.

You can adjust it to fit your knee to your needs, be it knee pain relief, compression or just stability. The shape of the sleeve puts mild pressure on the tendon below the kneecap, which makes it best for people with tendon injuries in the process of recovery.

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Key Features


Some braces are designed to alleviate pain, while others are mainly used for support and yet some products combine both of those options. Depending on your specific needs, look for the type of products that will address the problem you are looking to solve.


Models made out of breathable materials will allow you to wear the brace for longer hours. An added bonus is if the material is sweat-absorbent, making the sleeve odour-free and ideal for longer wears.

How Do Knee Braces Work

The design of the knee brace absorbs the shock your joints experience with certain activities, making it a key item for preventing knee injury and trauma.

They provide compression which limits the range of motion. It helps your knee and joint warm-up and increases blood circulation in that area, which is precisely why they help with recovering after injury or surgery [1].

How to Properly Put on a Knee Brace

If the knee brace is prescribed by your doctor make sure to consult them on how to properly wear it to achieve optimal results.

If you are using one on your own, check the sizing chart of the manufacturer before you buy it so that you end up with a size which will fit you. 

Another important thing is to not wear it too tightly, as this will impede your blood circulation, or too loosely, as it won’t stay in its place. You can also check the information provided by the manufacturer for any specific instructions depending on the model of the brace.

The Bottom Line

Braces for knee support reduce pain and are often used in post knee surgery therapy. By limiting the range of motion of the knee, they provide the best knee support and allow you to slowly regain flexibility.

The best knee braces can reduce knee pain and speed up your recovery when your knee joints are weak.

are also very handy in preventing knee injuries during physically demanding sports or everyday high-impact movements.

They can help with a vast array of conditions and the versatility of models on the market offers lots of options to choose from. All in all, a knee brace offers a great starting point on your way to recover the mobility of your knee.

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