The Best Massage Gun to Buy in Australia

by Claire Huffman
Last Updated: 21/06/2021
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Can you name one post-workout activity that feels better than treating yourself and your sore muscles to a skilled, recharging massage? The only downside to getting one is usually the price of paying a professional physical therapist.

Portable massage guns offer a fantastic way to recover from an intense workout or to warm up for one. The deep-tissue massage this device treats you with can improve blood circulation, alleviate pain and stimulate tissue regeneration.

So powerful and effective, yet so easy to use on your own. That’s surely one of the reasons why massage guns have become so popular and are now a cherished item in gyms across Australia. 

If a massage gun still sounds to you like a premium perk reserved for elite athletes, it’s time to catch up with the times. Now you can purchase this workout recovery tool and have it readily available at the convenience of your home.

We’ve put together for you this list of the best massage guns on the market, to help you weigh the pros and cons of the top items in Australia. 

Let’s take a look!

Top Massage Guns to Buy

1. Booster Elite Massage Gun

Booster Elite massage gun is the best full feature massage gun on the market.

It has impressive 24 hour battery life, 8 attachment heads, and the latest vibration technology.

You can read our Booster Elite massage gun review for a detailed breakdown of features, benefits. and our experience of using it.

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2. Healsage Massage Gun Pro

Healsage is an Australian massage gun brand.

It delivers reliable percussion therapy for sore muscles and is great for muscle recovery.

Healsage Massage Gun Pro is lightweight (weighing only around 1kg), quiet, and has a whopping 6 hour battery life.

We liked it so much that we have done an in depth review of the Healsage Pro massage gun.

3. Hydragun

Hydragun is by far the best massage gun on the market.

It is made of strong, quality material that is durable and provides enjoyable massage experience.

This massage gun is especially good for pain relief and muscle relaxation.

We have done a thorough Hydragun review that you should check out for detailed feature and experience breakdown.

4. Chuirr Massage Gun


This is a lightweight, quiet and seriously powerful massage gun.

Its robust effect comes from pressure pulses which penetrate deep into the muscle tissue, helping to reduce muscle aches, prevent from future injuries and boost a quick tissue recovery.

It comes with four massage heads along with six adapters, that way you can target different muscle groups for a pulsating treatment. The 30 speed levels provide not only for revitalizing massages but also offer slower, relaxing ones. 

Convenient to bring it along on your travels or to the office, as it is cordless and operates in a soft quiet mode, while it weighs in at less than 2kg.

5. XMIAO Massage Gun


A great option to consider if you are looking for a head-to-toe massage gun. This one is suitable for all body areas, from the neck, back and shoulders to the waist and legs, you can apply different pressure levels to target any of these muscle groups.

Its functionality is said to compare to the kind of massage you can get at a salon, and it’s cordless and portable so you can enjoy it wherever you prefer!  A good thing to note is that the battery lasts for 5 hours after 3 hours of charging.

6. Theragun PRO


The Theragun is a staple when it comes to massage guns. It ranks first on the list of items preferred by physical therapists and professional athletes, making it one of the best guns on the market.

This model packs a mighty burst of massaging vibrations ranging between 1750-2400 percussions per minute.  You can get a vigorous, professional percussive therapy and it won’t disturb your peace and quiet, thanks to its brushless motor and the QuietForce technology.

Very handy for lengthy therapy sessions, as it can work continuously for up to 5 hours. It comes with a set of two batteries, so you can always have one charging and have your device available at all times.

7. Theragun Prime

Theragun Prime

A fourth-generation gem from Theragun, simplified and emphasized on the right features to bring the ultimate massage gun experience. 

It boasts a quiet work mode than the average percussion gun. You also want to have enough time to go through different muscle groups in one go and this model comes with up to 2 hours of battery life.

It comes with a range of 5 different speeds which you can monitor on the LED screen, or adjust the speed by connecting to the Therabody app via Bluetooth. Once in the app, you can get fitness tips and training programs based on your preferences.

8. The Evieun Massage Gun


Using a percussion gun you might like to have the option to work all the muscles of the body by and large, as well as target specific sore or tight spots. That’s exactly what the Evieun gun can do, thanks to its all-body-part adapter, as well as five other attachments for specific zones.

Treat your body to the deep invigorating feel, suitable both to large muscle groups or specific areas such as the joints or the spine. All its adapters are smooth and easy to clean. You can have them smeared in massage oil and easily clean them after that.

It comes with elaborate speed settings to choose from and they all provide a deep kneading percussion, yet the device operates at a noise level under 40dB, so you can relax and enjoy the quiet action.

9. RENPHO Massage Gun


This is the second most durable item in this selection of best massage guns to buy. It boasts a battery life of up to 8 hours and it takes only 2 to 3 hours to fully charge, coming right behind the Feiyutech Mini Massage Fascia gun ( battery life 7 – 11 hours). 

Use it at one of its 20 adjustable speeds, which go as high as 3200 percussions per minute and adjust the speed settings to meet all your needs.

When used at the maximum speed the noise level is less than 63.5Db, so you can use it around other people without the noise bothering them or you.

10. MECO Muscle Massage Gun


Boost your blood flow, vitalize the muscles and experience muscle relief with a low-noise, high-frequency power massager.

6 different attachments help you focus the vibrating streams of pressure on specific sore spots or general muscle tissue. The soft one can help with bone recovery, the standard head can work on large groups of muscles, while the cone-shaped head targets joints, tense spots and deep tissue.

Alternate between 20 adjustable speeds to find your massaging zone of comfort. The design is lightweight and compact, which makes it easy to carry around.

11. Evieun Professional Massager

Evieun Professional Massager

Another powerful option, offering up to 3200 percussions per minute. This model will last you a long time, as its body is built from one piece of industrial grade 304 stainless steel that gives it grit and sturdiness.

Giving you an array of massage options, you can use the 4 levels of intensity of this model together with the 4 massage heads it comes with to find the perfect mode that suits you best.

Low noise performance technique, thanks to its brush-less, powerful motor, which operates under 48dB.

12. Chuirr Massage Gun (Silver)

Chuirr Massage Gun

A silver-colored version of the Chuirr massage gun reviewed earlier, this model also comes with 4 different head attachments plus 6 massage adapters which you can combine with 30 different speed levels.

Easy to carry in one hand and move around, provided by its airy and compact built. Operates in the lower decibels range, allowing you to indulge and enjoy your massage in peace.

It comes with an LCD touch screen where you can monitor different operation mode data.

13. Darkiron Massage Gun


With this model you can revel in a vibrating procedure varying from 400 to 3300 percussions per minute.

It carries a powerful motor incorporated together with a design that prevents overheating, so the massage can go on for a long time without the device crashing. You can use it for up to six hours and it won’t make much noise, as it operates at 50 Db.

14. Feiyutech Mini Massage Fascia Gun


Made from aviation-grade aluminium, with a surface that is blasted and oxidized to add quality but not weight, this massage gun is lightweight, ergonomic and it gives a sophisticated feel.

Extremely easy to work with! Equipped with only a single button at the bottom of the handle to prevent accidental contact and control all operations.

It comes with a smart protection system, where if suddenly strongly pressed or hit, the motor will cease operation to prevent injury. Its high-energy-density battery enables for a work mode that can last between 7 and 11 hours depending on the mode.

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What to Look for in a Massage Gun

Using a massage gun can prove much easier than choosing to buy the right gun. Here’s what to keep in mind when deciding between your options.

Percussions per minute (PPM)

The whole point of owning a massage gun is to be able to perform deep tissue treatments to support your muscles post-workout. The percussions per minute determine the power range of the massage gun. Setting the number of percussions per minute lower means you get to do gentle massages with it, while a greater PPM number indicates a stronger stream of vibrating pulses. 

Speed and versatility

If a massage gun comes with multiple speeds to choose from and different massage heads to switch between, it gives a greater variety of massage modes available. 

Weight and endurance

A lightweight device will let you perform treatments without exhausting your arms. Meanwhile, for more thorough, whole-body massages you will want your massage gun to have longer battery life.

Are Massage Guns Effective?

Research is yet to prove whether massage guns are effective or not. That being said, it’s certain that the principle massage guns work by has benefits both pre and post workout.

The vibrating treatment stimulates the blood circulation in the body area you use it on, which in turn helps you promotes a healthy warm up pre-workout or minimizes the chances of inflammation after one [1].

The Bottom Line

While science is yet to give its last word on the efficacy of massage guns, the relaxation and relief they provide to muscles are undeniable.

A vast number of professional athletes and gym goers swear by these massagers. Building on their experience, we can safely say that massage guns are the quickest and most convenient solution to muscle stiffness and soreness nowadays.

With these guys quickly becoming a popular massage therapy tool, lots of models on the market are already competing for your trust, This article could hopefully shed some light on what to expect and look for in a good gun of this type.

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