The Top Peloton Bike Alternatives in Australia

by Claire Huffman
Last Updated: 31/01/2021
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Peloton has recently become one of the most popular stationary bikes. Spinning the wheels at home has been with us for decades since it’s one of the most effective home workouts.

Besides the home gym, Peloton exercise bike is often used for group fitness classes and cycling classes.

Is Peloton Bike Available on the Australian Market?

Unfortunately, the exercise bike Peloton isn’t available in Australia. On the other hand, there are some pretty solid alternatives [1].

Can You Do Peloton Without the Bike?

The word “peloton” usually refers to bike riding with others in a group, like in cycling fitness classes. It can also mean running a marathon in a group. 

In this specific case, Peloton is the name of the brand, so in order to participate in a Peloton cycling class, you need to have a bike.

The Best Peloton Bike Alternatives

1. Proform Smart Power 10.0 Cycle

Proform Smart Power 10.0 is my favourite alternative to Peloton bikes. It comes with the iFIT personal coach and one-year free membership that allows you to ride it around the globe from New York to Sydney! 

The personal trainer controls your bike’s resistance during workout sessions. He is your guide and gives you the needed motivation (we all need to be motivated sometimes). 

Thanks to iFIT’s live resistance control, the coach will realistically match the terrain of your ride. If you’re headed uphill, expect your thighs to burn.


  • Excellent iFIT fitness coach providing you with the best cycling classes
  • Adjustable 180º screen
  • Adjustable for people of all sizes
  • 1.5-kilo dumbbells for upper body workouts


  • Slightly bulky

If you’re worried that this bike will only train your legs, that’s where you’re wrong. There are two 1.5-kilo dumbbells included with the Studio Pro for cross-training sessions. There is nothing like a couple of dumbbells for pumping your upper body.

Proform Smart Power bike allows you to track your progress, as every cycling session is automatically recorded and used as useful information for your future exercises and nutrition.

Since we all come in different shapes and sizes, this bike is highly adjustable and can fit users of almost any height. 

You can move the seat up, down, forward, or backward (there are 10 different positions) 

You can also customize the handlebar positions for your precise needs (5 different positions).

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Pedals come with optional toe cages, as some people don’t like them on their feet. However, I highly recommend them for a safer ride.

The machine itself is very silent, smooth, and frictionless thanks to this company’s patent: Silent Magnetic Resistance. When using this machine, you won’t have to worry about disrupting anyone’s work (with your workout classes/sessions).

Furthermore, the machine is engineered and produced using commercial-grade welded corrosion-resistant steel, so you can enhance the intensity of your training without worrying about stability.

Is that it? No, there are several additional features. You get a lifetime warranty on the frame and, this machine is very easy to move around in the house.

It has a 180º screen for an exciting view both on and off the machine, making your exercise more than just a cycling experience. It allows you to turn and tilt your screen so you can follow your trainer from all angles.

2. Nordictrack Commercial S10 Studio Bike

Nordictrack commercial S10 bike offers live, on-demand studio workouts with world-class trainers who control your declines, inclines and resistance in real-time. 

The stunning Google Maps technology lets you ride all around the world. With your exercise routine controlled by an elite trainer, you can expect nothing less than excellent results.

There are so many studio sessions, global workouts, and cross-training options (yoga, full-body sculpting, cardio, fat-burning, strength sessions) you’ll never have to do the same routine twice. 

The real-time performance stat tracking option allows you to record your sessions and maintain motivation.

You can make four separate profiles on one membership and have a workout with friends or your entire family, using different exercise bikes (I like to bench press with my grandfather).


  • Great for the whole family
  • Separate exercise bikes
  • 360° rotating display for the best home workout experience
  • An elite coach who controls your machine’s declines, inclines, and resistance with thousands of different workout options


  • A little pricey Peloton alternative

During a live trainer-led fitness class, the instructor adjusts your incline by 10-20% combined with 22 resistance levels. This bike also has a 360° rotating display so you can adjust your cross-trainings according to your space and needs.

By putting some extra dollars in, you can get two 1.5 kg dumbbells to enhance your upper body workout.

The downside to this Peloton alternative, with tons of features, is the price: it’s really expensive. 

3. Nordictrack Commercial S22 Studio Bike

This model is quite similar to the previous one, with its possibility to stream high-impact studio sessions with top-notch trainers. The trainers control your bike’s decline and incline by 10-20% and resistance (22 levels) in real-time, providing you with the best possible results.

Thanks to Google Maps workout technology, you can cycle around the world.

You can participate in thousands of different cycling and total-body workouts and will never get bored again while exercising!

Thanks to its stat tracking option, you can track your progress. This can help you stay committed and motivated in the long run (or slip into depression if you’re constantly failing).


  • An elite coach controlling your exercise and providing you with the best workout results possible
  • Four separate accounts
  • 360° rotating display


  • None

Just like the previous model, this one also allows you to create four separate profiles and work out with friends or family members on separate exercise bikes. 

As members, you can enjoy various perks, like nutrition, sleep, and exercise tips.

Adjust the 360° rotating display for the best workout experience and never miss out on any important moves during fitness classes.

Key Features of a Smart Exercise Bike

Every good indoor exercise bike should have most of the following features:

  • A variety of exercise programs, including cross-training options;
  • Responsive heart rate measurers;
  • A comfortable and highly adjustable seat;
  • Adjustable soft-fabric handles;
  • Incline, decline, and resistance control;
  • A rotating display;
  • A strong and durable bike frame.

Things to Consider

Here are some of the things I find very important to consider when purchasing exercise bikes:

  • Weight capacity: the higher the better;
  • Ergonomic resistance bar: should be friendly for beginners and experts alike;
  • Adjustability: for all shapes and sizes;
  • Mobility through space.

The Bottom Line

Did you find your ideal Peloton alternative? Among these three products, Proform Smart Power is my personal favourite, but if you’re ready to put in extra money, the other two come with some amazing and fun features!

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