The Best Pull Up Bars for Home Use

by Claire Huffman
Last Updated: 26/05/2020
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If you are looking to enhance your fitness levels at home, a doorway pull up bar can be a great option. Pull up bars are not only affordable but more convenient than most other gym equipment. They are super simple to install and do not require a large space for use.

In this article, you will find reviews of some of the best pull-up bars on the market. You will also learn what you should look for when buying a pull-up bar and how to install one.

Top Door Pull Up Bars

1.      Sunny Health Doorway Chin Up Bar

Sunny Health pull up bar

This pull-up bar comes as a portable option that you can use for lower and upper body exercises such as sit-ups, pushups, etc.

Key Features

  • Standard size
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Multifunctional
  • Comfortable grip
  • Multiple grip positions

The bar comes with six non-slip grip positions for pull-ups and other exercises. It comes in high-quality steel and can hold up to 300 pounds. The design features a patented door frame guard and is adjustable in two ways.

It is the best pull up bar, and the fact that you can carry it around makes it a convenient option.

2.      Honeytecs Doorway Pull Up Bar

Pull up bar

This is the best doorway pull up bar and can hold up to 350 pounds when installed properly.

Key Features

  • Adjustable length
  • Tough steel bar
  • Padded grips
  • Anti-skid rubber ring
  • Easy installation

If you are looking for the best door frame pull up bar, this can work perfectly. You can adjust the length to match the width of your door for easy installation. It is strong and stable to support the weight and maintain safety.

3.      Heavy Duty Ceiling Pull Up Bar

This is one of the best pull-up bars to mount on the wall or ceiling.

Key Features

  • Solid construction
  • Comfortable sponge padded grips
  • Stainless steel material
  • Quick assembly

With the installation guide that comes with this bar, you can easily set it up in minutes. The design is simple yet strong to hold the weight repeatedly. The best thing is that it comes with foam grips to protect your palms and ease the pressure when pulling.

4.      Indoor Sports Pull Up Bar

Indoor pull up bar

This door pull ups bar uses leverage to stay in place. This design does not need screwing bolts and nuts into the wall or frame.

Key Features

  • Adjustable design
  • Easy to install
  • Sponge cover
  • Doorway design

The bar can adjust from 12 cm to 24 cm. This design allows you to customize yours to fit the width of your doorway for easy use. It comes with a sponge cover for a comfortable and anti-slip grip. You can use it for pushups, chin-ups, pull-ups, crunches, etc.

5.      Door Frame Pull Up Bar

If you are worried about the assembly process of pull up bars, this design does not need any tools for installation.

Key Features

  • Steel tube
  • 500 kg weight limit
  • Non-slip sponge sheath

You can use this bar for pull-ups to add strength to muscles around your shoulders, arms, back, and core. The design is simple, and you can attach it to a door frame for use immediately. With the non-slip sponge on the tube, you do not have to worry about friction or slipping as you pull.

6.      Exercise Door Pull Up Bar

You can add this door pull bar to your home gym and enhance your strength-training exercises.

Key Features

  • Steel and sponge construction
  • Easy assembly
  • Durable and strong
  • Wide grip

You can use this home pull up bar for pushups, pull-ups, and other exercises. It is easy to install in your doorway and comes in a high-quality material to withstand the weight. Additionally, the tube has a sponge padding for an excellent grip when pulling up.

7.      Doorway Exercise Pull Up Bar

If you are looking for a permanent pull up bar for home use, this can work well. It comes with the accessories you need for installation.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty steel bars
  • Multiple screw mounts
  • Non-slip foam grips
  • Adjustable length

The bar is easy to mount with the included screws. It comes in heavy-duty steel to last long and withstands the weight. It is strong enough for both lower and upper body workouts such as pushups, chin-ups, pull-ups, and other exercises. It is adjustable, allowing you to customize the length to match the width of your doorway.

8.      Gym Direct Pull Up/ Chin-Up Bars

If you are looking for a permanent pull up bars in Australia, Gym Direct has quality options to choose from. It stocks wall-mounted ones as well as ceiling-mounted designs. They are made from quality steel and come with different grip options. Additionally, each model comes with mounting accessories, so you do not have to worry about buying them separately.

What to Look for When Buying a Pull Up Bar

A pull-up bar provides a stable area where you can use your back, arm, and shoulder muscles to lift your whole body. On this note, the design you choose should work seamlessly without causing any risks to you in the process.

Here are a few features you should look for when buying a pull-up bar:


This is the most crucial factor to keep in mind. Remember: pull up bar holds your entire weight when in use. This is why you need to find a design that comes in durable material. The right material should be stable and last long despite the pressure it has to hold. Steel makes an excellent material for pull up bars as it can withstand repeated stress.


Pull up bars come in different assembly methods depending on the design. You want to find a pull-up bar that you can put together quickly and hassle-free. That way, you can save time and money by hiring an installation expert. Most designs are easy to install, but be sure to check the procedures indicated by the manufacturer.


Pull up bars come in different sizes to suit different areas. If you are looking for a design to fit your doorway, you want to select a size that matches the space perfectly. Also, you should get a design that is portable enough to fit between your doorways for installation. If you intend to carry your pull up bar with you as you travel, small, compact size is ideal.


Most pull up bars come with multiple functions that allow you to change grip positions. These help you select and customize the bar to match your workout needs. They also come with additional accessories that you can use to enhance your workout experience and structure more targeted exercises.

Weight Capacity

Like other gym equipment, a pull bar comes with the limit it can carry. Most can hold up to 300 pounds, but you can find options that can carry more than that. This factor is essential to consider, mainly if the pull-up bar is intended for use by multiple people. It should, therefore, hold the maximum weight of the heaviest user at home.


Pull up bars are available in different types. The most common one is the doorframe pull up bar. It is simply a bar that you mount inside of a standard doorway. The bar pushes against the door frame on both sides and can be adjusted to fit the width of the door. This design is one of the most affordable options; however, if you are a tall person, you would need to bend your knees for a pull-up.

The free-standing pull-up bar is another common type. It is simple to set up and does not require mounting on any surface. Unlike the doorway pull up bar, this type requires more floor space. Most models hold up to 700 pounds of weight and feature multiple grip options. As much as they are ideal for numerous exercises, they are difficult to move and manage.

A wall-mounted pull-up bar is one of the durable types. With this type, you need to screw the pull-up bar into the wall. For functionality, the bar should be at least 15 inches away from the wall. That way, you have adequate space to pull up. This type requires drilling into the wall and works well for advanced trainers.

The ceiling-mounted bar is just like the wall-mounted one in quality and design. This design works well for home gyms with limited spaces. However, the ceiling has to be low at a point that you can easily reach to hold the bar.

A leverage-mounted pull-up bar is a door mounted pull up bar that you mount it on the edge of the door frame. This one works well for temporary use where you use it and uninstall it after use. It is an affordable option; however, owing to the design, it is not the most durable of the types.

How to Install a Pull Up Bar

The first step is determining where you want to mount your pull-up bar. If you’re going to install one permanently, then it is essential to consider a less-traffic area or your home gym. The installation process is unique to the type of pull up bar you have. But, this simple guideline can help you through the process.

Map out the area you want to mount your pull up bar. It could be on the ceiling, wall, doorway, etc., again depending on the type. Mark the point where you will drill to attach the brackets. Go ahead and mount the brackets. Make sure you mount on a sturdy surface such as wood, metal, or concrete.

Some models come with two sets of brackets and a removable pull bar. Mount the second set on a different area say lower than the other one for shorter people. Insert the bolts and tighten using an adjustable wrench or a socket set. If your package comes with screws for the brackets, use a driver to fasten them.

Finally, fit the bar into the mounting brackets. You can tug at it to be sure it is secure and safe. Once you are sure it can hold your weight, you can go ahead and start exercising.


Do Pull Up Bars Damage Doors?

Following the right installation procedure, the best pull up bar should not damage the door. Your pull up bar should not directly be in contact with the actual door. You should install it on the frame or the wall on each side of the frame.

Do Chin-Up Bars Work?

The best chin up bar works if you use it properly. It can come in handy for lower and upper body training where you use your body as the weight. It is important to note that bars work with a consistent routine consisting of other exercises and a proper diet [1].

How Long Can the Average Person Hang on a Bar?

The average person can hang on a bar for a minute or two. However, the time on the bar depends on their strength and fitness levels, as well as how long they have been practising. Increasing a few seconds every other time can increase how long you last on the bar.

The Bottom Line

Pull up bars can be a great addition to any well-equipped gym at home. They are not only easy to use but also convenient for limited spaces. With the different types and options available on the market, you can find the most suitable design for your needs. The reviews above are resourceful; hopefully, you find the best pull up bar for your needs.

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