The Best Snorkel Gear You Need to Have

by Matt Wilson
Last Updated: 14/01/2021
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Snorkeling season is here, and you want to find out what is the best gear out there? You need a mask, a snorkel, good fins and maybe a bag and you are ready to go.

What is the best snorkel gear (you may wonder)? Well, stop thinking (not literally because you will need cognitive processes to finish this article) and search no more because by reading the following lines, you will have a clear idea about which snorkel gear to buy.

Top Snorkelling Gear

In this article, I am going to guide you through my favourite snorkel products and will help you make a decision which products on the market are the best for you.

Some think that a semi-dry snorkel is better than a dry one. Semi-dry snorkel has its advantages but it’s all a matter of style. Similarly, some think that a frameless mask is better than a framed one. 

Keep reading to find out more things about snorkel gear and its features.

1. Equaliser PRO Mask

EQUALISER PRO has great mask features which will help you to enjoy your snorkeling adventure. This frameless mask is high-quality (kind of thing you’d want from your snorkel gear) and probably the best one on the market.

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It’s an innovative snorkel mask with a longer tube that can be folded down for easier transportation. With one press of a button, you are ready to dive or put it in a bag and leave the area.

If you are (like myself) born with a bigger.. nose (what else could I mean) then a flexible design of Equaliser Pro that fits everyone will make enough room for your nose as well.


  • High-quality snorkel
  • Extended snorkel tube
  • More space
  • Automatic drainage system 


  • None.

For in depth ranking of full face snorkeling masks, take a look at these reviews.

Key Features

It has a flexible silicone nose pocket for a more comfortable experience and (what’s more important) it allows you to pinch your nose in order to properly equalise.

Even though the designers of this product put special care on the water leakage issue, there is always a chance of water penetration. To prevent the water from entering the snorkel they used a special draining system.  

Adjustable straps and one-way drain systems are the tools that this mask uses to fight water from coming inside and drains it back into the ocean, sea, river or your bathtub (are you really doing that?)

2. Dry Snorkel Set

Again with the Ninja Shark? What can I say, I want you to choose the best and they are among the best mask and snorkel sellers in the world (probably the best in Australia as well).

There are many diverse snorkel sets out there, but this set comes with a snorkel mask, foot fins, a bag and as a bonus you get swim goggles.  

The snorkel mask comes with a detachable action camera mount for your GoPro and has anti-fog coated tempered glass with amazing anti-scratch technology.

Ninja Shark designers made this bad boy adjustable, so it can fit as many heads as there are potential divers, allowing you to have a peaceful snorkeling experience.


  • Very adjustable
  • Great fins
  • Extra goggles 


  • The price is a bit high

To see other snorkel set options, visit this link.

Key Features

A waterproof seal will prevent water from penetrating in,and if that’s not enough, this top quality product has an ergonomic, food-grade silicone mouthpiece that minimises jaw fatigue and allows for smooth breathing.

Snorkel fins are made from high quality materials, have elastomeric foot pockets and are easy to adjust for any foot size. These fins are made to reduce cramps and will allow for a more wide kicking motion.

3. Scuba Diving Set With Tubeless

Scuba Diving Set

This is probably the best snorkel set product for those who want a practical and easy to use snorkeling mask. It’s a great option for beginners and intermediate divers.

iClique is another brand that is known for great snorkel products and this is their full-face snorkel mask that uses a softer silicone skirt for a perfect snorkeling session.

It has a new convex glass design that allows for a full 180 degree panoramic view, eliminating those blind spots which is everything you need when you are down there (fighting sharks, because you are a BADASS!).


  • Very practical
  • Many features


  • Lens are distorting a bit
  • Problems with air flow

Key Features

Designers promise that breathing through this snorkel mask feels the same as breathing on land (that’s a bit an overstatement but ok).

The Scuba Diving set has a removable clamp for every model of GoPro cameras and you can be sure there will be no fog thanks to an air outlet valve on the bottom of the snorkel mask.

As a bonus, this product comes with a waterproof smartphone case, ear plugs case and a mesh bag.

4. Cressi Palau Mask Fin Snorkel Set

Cressi Palau

What can I say about a snorkel gear that comes straight from the minds of the two italian designers – Egidio and Nanni Cressi from Genoa? A lot, but not too much so you don’t lose interest in reading this article. 

The Cressi snorkel set is almost synonymous with ”the best snorkel gear” and its products are well known in the industry.

In this set, you’ll get two short fins, a silicone two window mask, a snorkel and a mesh bag. As Larry David would say – Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Dry snorkel has a one way valve with a sealing mechanism that prevents water leakage. 

Also, a valve at the top has an anti-splash end that prevents water leakage and a snorkel which produces a smooth oxygen flow inside the breathing tube. 


  • Very adjustable
  • Watertight seal


  • Not for professionals
  • Fins could be better

Key Features

The adjustable strap is one of the best because of the strong action buckles which add a great value to this snorkeling equipment.

Fins are short with an open-heel (many fins these days are open-heel fins) and are created with great care that makes this set even more thrilling when used for snorkeling.

5. ROCONTRIP Snorkel Mask Full Face


ROCONTRIP full-face mask is among the best snorkel products on the market. It has a splash guard that allows you to enjoy snorkeling  without the fear of water penetration.

This snorkel equipment uses tempered glass, has a great anti-fog system and a dry-top snorkel that prevents the water from flooding the inside.

A dry top snorkel will prevent the water from penetrating the snorkel and if you like to capture every now and then, there is a portable with removable tube and a camera mount.


  • Great anti-fog system
  • Very secure 


  • Not for everyone
  • Too big

Key Features

This snorkel gear is a soft silicone mask that will fit perfectly, leaving all that water in the ocean where it belongs.

Don’t be afraid, you will be able to breathe freely because of the double air-flow channels that are designed for the purpose of separate inhaling and exhaling systems. 

This mask is made from the best materials for best snorkeling experience and has a highly adaptable mask strap system that creates a perfect seal.

6. Rapido Boutique Snorkeling Gear Collection


When you think which snorkel gear, this snorkel set should be on your mind for sure. Why am I thinking like that?

Lest go from bottom and work our way through the top. It has full foot fins that are simple, with adjustable strap system and a foot pocket for additional comfort.

Snorkel fins are built from a polypropylene material and have extended plates for additional thrust which will really speed up your game (just don’t go too fast or else the ocean police will write you a ticket.. yes, a lame joke but so is the covid global pandemic).


  • Very practical
  • Many features


  • Fins are not very adequate
  • Anti-fog system could be better

Key Features

The snorkeling features on this bad boy are almost infinite. Let’s talk about the bag for a second.

The bag has a fast drying nylon design you may want to show to everybody the minute after you’ve made the purchase. It also has a drawstring closure for added security and is great for keeping your mask, fins and whatever else you can fit in there.

What about the mask? Here it goes: Lenses are made from tempered glass with a panoramic field of vision for a maximum underwater experience.

Also, it has double feathered edge silicone that will keep the water from penetrating the snorkel and is there to make sure your plunge into the depths of the ocean goes comfortably.

Snorkel has a low profile dry top for additional protection and a purge valve that can be tricky to clean, so make sure to follow the instructions of the product before you commence with cleaning your gear.

The Bottom Line

In this article, you have learned about the best gear on the market and hopefully decided which gear you are going to buy.

Many brands are promising that their gear is the best by pointing out different features. 

I tried to talk about the features that I personally love and inform you about the most practical, effective and amazing gear you can find on the market.

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