The Best Spin Bike for Home Use

by Claire Huffman
Last Updated: 26/10/2020
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Cycling is a great cardio exercise and can help you reach your fitness goals. Today, indoor spinning is popular, and it gives you the chance to exercise in the comfort of your home. With the variety of indoor cycling bikes available on the market, you can easily find one and enjoy high-intensity gym workouts at home.

In this article, you will find reviews of 7 spin bikes that you can buy. Also, you will learn the critical features of a spin bike and the factors to consider when purchasing one.

What is a Spin Bike?

A spin bike is an exercise machine designed to work indoors. Unlike a regular bike, this bike functions in a stationary position hence the suitability to use it at home. However, it is quite similar to the regular cycling bike. When riding, you must maintain an upright position. The seat is narrow and adjustable, allowing you to ride on or off [1].

The Top 7 Spin Bikes

1. Norflex Spinning Bike

This simple and functional indoor bike is an ideal choice if you are looking for home gym equipment. 

Key Features

  • Adjustable resistance
  • Steel construction
  • Max weight limit: 150 kg
  • 13 k flywheel
  • Cushioned seat
  • Pulse sensor
  • LCD display
  • Phone holder
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Drink holder
  • Foot straps

It is one of the most practical spinning cycles on the market. For comfort, you can adjust the seat, handlebars and resistance. The seat has padding to keep you comfortable for long sessions and the foot straps secure your feet for smooth rides. You can easily keep track of your exercise with the multifunctional LCD display.

2. Lifespan Fitness Spin Bike

If you are looking for the best Australian spin bike model, this one from Lifespan Fitness is a great choice. 

Key Features

  • LCD
  • Racing-style seat
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Adjustable flywheel
  • Max weight limit: 125 kg

This indoor cycling model comes with fantastic features to help you get the most out of your workout. The seat adjusts in four ways for comfort and easy use. More to this, the handlebar has two settings that you can choose for easy cycling. With the display, you can track speed, distance, time and the calories you burn. 

It works well, but it might not be the best option for short people. The handlebars are quite far to reach for people with short hands.

3. Everfit Spin Exercise Bike

You can use this indoor cycle model to burn fat and reach your health fitness goals.

Key Features

  • LCD display
  • 3-position handlebar
  • Hand pulse sensor
  • Heavy-duty flywheel
  • Silent belt drive system
  • Adjustable 
  • Built-in wheels
  • Soft-padded seat

The design makes it a great spin bike model. It allows you to customize your exercise with the range of adjustable features. More to this, it operates silently allowing you to use it in any room of your house. The good thing is that it has built-in wheels for easy transportation after use.

4. Lifespan Fitness Home Gym Bicycle

Lifespan bicycle

The right bike for home use should be easy to use and customize. This one from Lifespan Fitness is one of the most convenient for home workouts. 

Key Features

  • 13g flywheel
  • Unlimited resistance
  • Chain drivetrain
  • LCD display 
  • Stable and solid

For easy use, the exercise bike comes with a dial where you can increase resistance for more challenging exercises. The reliable chain drivetrain ensures a smooth ride, just like a road bike. With the multifunctional display, you can monitor time, distance, speed and calories.

It is a high-quality option and has proven to work well for most people. Additionally, it has essential features for customization and adjustability.

5. LSG Fitness Spin Exercise Bike SPG210

The convenient design of this bike is unmatchable and allows you to enjoy exercising with the features available.

Key Features

  • Quiet Belt Drivetrain
  • 4-way seat adjustment
  • Comes with a phone holder
  • Tubular steel frame
  • Precision flywheel
  • Unlimited resistance
  • Comfortable saddle
  • LCD display
  • 3-piece crank and strap pedals

If you are looking for a functional spin bike for sale, this is a viable option. With the unlimited resistance, you can easily customize your workouts and get more out of that. More to this, it is super stable on the ground and gives you optimal balance for comfort. One unique feature is the phone holder to mount your phone and use it as you work out.

6. Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Exercise Bike

indoor bike

One of the essential features you should look for in exercise bikes is adjustability. This model from Sunny Health has a variety of adjusting features to suit your needs. 

Key Features

  • Ergonomic seat
  • LCD monitor
  • Rubber foam paddle handlebars
  • Caged pedals
  • 22lbs flywheel

The exercise bike is super comfortable to use, thanks to the adjustable seat, padded handlebar and caged pedals. It is stable on the ground and gives you the balance you need for smooth rides. With the 22lbs flywheel, you can have control over your riding session and get the most out of the workout.

7. Proflex Spin Bike

Work out from home and enjoy the convenience with this spin bike model from Proflex

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty flywheel
  • LCD display
  • Padded seat
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Phone holder
  • Belt-drive system
  • Gripped pedals
  • Roller wheels

With this indoor cycling bike, you can easily set your exercises and adjust the resistance. It is super convenient and allows you to customize its functions to suit your needs. The good thing is that you can track distance, speed, time, calories and pulse rate on display. More to this, you can follow workouts on your phone by mounting it on the holder.

The bike is highly functional but might not suit super tall people. It is a compact option if you are looking for a space-saving model. 

Key Features of a Spin Bike

Flywheel weight

The flywheel is the elevated wheel found in the front of the bike. It is the wheel that moves when you pedal. Flywheel weight in indoor exercise bikes range from 14 kg to 20 kg but can go over in some designs. The weight of the flywheel dictates the bike’s motion so the greater the weight, the smoother the ride. 

Frame and Legs

The frame of the bike is an essential feature and contributes to the functionality. When looking for a suitable model, ensure it has a robust stabilizing frame. The legs, on the other hand, should be wide to provide optimal balance.

Drive System

There are two common types of a drive system; chain-based and belt-based. A belt-based drive system is superior and operates quietly. Additionally, it is easy to maintain and simple to adjust. 

Braking System

The braking system can have fabric brake pads, leather brake pads or magnetic braking. The magnetic braking system is the best for spinning bikes; thanks to its silent operation. Additionally, it offers a range of resistance and requires no replacement or maintenance. 

Types of Resistance

Spinning bikes come with four types of resistance mechanism. These are cable resistance, electronic, magnetic resistance and manual screw resistance. Cable resistance is common with low-end bikes and not the best. The manual screw resistance involves a knob and works as an analog system.

The electronic magnet brakes use a small hydraulic system to apply resistance to the flywheel. These are the recent addition to spinning bikes and the best so far. 


Most designs come with a screen. The display shows the speed of the bike, the distance and calories estimates. Some bikes provide more information, such as heart rate and time.


Spinning bikes come with pedals that you use to ride, like a regular bike. Some designs have toe straps for extra stability, and others have unique straps to secure your feet when cycling.


The handlebar in spin bikes determines how well you use it. Most designs have adjustable handlebars to suit different users. For example, if you have longer arms, you can easily extend the position of the handlebar for comfortable use. Designs with horizontal and vertical adjusting positions are the best for multiple users.

Bottle Holder

Most exercise bike models come with a bottle holder to keep your water bottle. The location of the bottle holder varies from one design to another hence the need to confirm if it suits your preference. 


Indoor bikes can be hefty to carry around. Luckily, most designs have transportation wheels to help you move it comfortably.

What to Look for When Buying a Spin Bike


You need to consider how heavy the bike is if you do not have a designated area to use it. Although most designs have wheels for easy transportation, a heavy spinning bike can be tedious to move around. 

Comfort Features

You want to find a bike that is comfortable for you to use. When buying one, check the weight limit, the design of the pedals, the handles, the legs, the seat, etc. All these contribute to the comfort of the bike and ultimately affect how easy it is to use. 


The ideal bike should be adjustable to suit your needs. This is with regards to the drive system, the height of the seat and the handlebar. If you are really tall, consider finding a higher bike for comfortable use. 


How big is the bike? Does it fit in your space? How easy is it to transport? Answers to these questions will help you determine if a particular model is suitable for you. If you have a home gym, you want to ascertain it fits appropriately.

How to Use a Spin Bike

A spin bike is easy to set up and allows you to customize and adjust it to suit your needs. First, ensure the saddle angle is level enough to support your body weight. Also, ensure it allows you to move around as you exercise. Adjust the seat height by placing your feet on the pedal and start pedalling backward. It will help you determine whether it is high enough or too low for comfort. 

You should make sure the handlebars are in a suitable position for easy reach during exercise. For starters, it is essential to raise the handlebar higher to reduce stress on the neck and lower back. In this position, you work out in an upright position.

Secure your feet in the pedal clip-ins or straps for comfortable cycling. It will help you pull up and push down in a more circular way to ensure a smooth exercise session. Control the workout intensity, pedal speed, and resistance to customize your exercise according to your needs. 


Is It Worth Buying a Spin Bike?

Investing in a spinner bike is worth it, especially if you are looking to enhance your home workouts. It comes in handy to exercise from home and reap the benefits of cycling a regular bike. With the different features, you can easily customize your workouts and scale up as you go. 

Is Spinning a Good Way to Lose Weight?

Spinning is a low impact, high-intensity type of exercise. It is easy and friendly to your body but gives you an exceptional cardio experience. It is a great way to help you cut off weight, but you have to maintain a consistent routine. 

Are Sunny Spin Bikes Any Good?

Sunny Health Fitness has some of the best spinning bike models on the market. They have a good repetition and most people that have used them love the designs as well as the experience. 

The Bottom Line

The best spin bike can help you customize home workouts and scale up to your fitness goals. The above options are viable and have proven to work well. With this guide, you can learn how spinning bikes work, what you need to consider and the best options available.

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