The Best Thermal Socks Australia

by Claire Huffman
Last Updated: 22/12/2020
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When it gets cold outside, we all start looking for ways to stay warm. Keeping your feet cosy and snug is crucial to maintaining a comfortable body temperature.

Thermal socks will warm your feet, whether you wear them during your outdoor activities or around the house. 

Made from different materials, thermal socks aim to maximise comfort and protect your feet from the cold. Some of them are designed with specific sports and activities in mind.

Many factors play a role in choosing the right socks for your precious feet (such as thickness, knit quality or colour). 

To help you make your choice (and it is a very important choice indeed), we’ve compiled a list of the best thermal socks available for purchase in Australia. 

We’ll also shed some light on the best features and what to look for in a pair of socks.

Let’s check them out!

Top Thermal Socks

1. DG Hill Thermal 80% Merino Wool Socks

Merino Wool Socks

If you’re looking to purchase a versatile pair of thermal socks, this just may be the best bundle you can spend your money on. If you are a fan of hiking, then this is the right product for you.

A quality blend of 80% merino wool and 20% nylon, spandex and elastic, is guaranteed to keep you cosy and safe from the cold. 

Suitable for all kinds of activities such as camping, hiking, skiing and outdoor sports. 

Thanks to the stay-up top you don’t need to worry about this sock slipping down to your ankles.

The design also features some great arch support (and a cushion reinforcement for your heels), making these socks the only thing you’ll need to wear during the winter months (and pants, and a jacket, underwear is optional).

2. Vihir Men’s 80% Merino Wool Hiking Calf Tube Socks

Wool Hiking Socks

Here’s another pair made of 80% Merino wool, and the combination of nylon and spandex (for elasticity). 

Breathable and itch-free, this pair will not cause skin irritations even if you choose to keep them on for longer periods of time (don’t keep them on for more than a week, please!).

The combination of quality odour-free materials allows your skin to breathe. It also keeps your feet dry, while at the same time helping to preserve heat and maintain warmth.

The seams on the toes are flat, in order to reduce the damage caused by the friction between the socks and your shoes (you have to be wearing both of them at once, otherwise the friction won’t happen).

With these socks on, you certainly won’t have to deal with painful blisters (after long hours of walking or hiking).

3. TSLA Low-Cut Active Socks

Active Socks

If you’re on the lookout for high-performance socks to keep you warm, these ones are an excellent choice.

Ideal for running and other sports (I don’t know any other sports, sorry :D). 

Made for men, women and children, this sock features extra cushioning (for the toe and heel) to minimise friction during movement. 

The no-show, the low-cut design is there to make sure these socks compliment any fashion style you’d want to express to the world (unless that style is bare-foot, then these socks are a no go). 

The moisture-absorbent knit is extremely breathable, allowing for better ventilation and a less chance of overheating.

The product features arch compression bands and a special anti-slip tab for added stability. That tab is there to protect your feet from injury. The heel cushion adds extra comfort.

4. Falari Thermal Socks for Extreme Winter

Thermal Socks

The Falari socks are a good choice for both men and women looking for a comfortable sock to wear. 

Thanks to their dense and durable build, these socks can keep you warm in extreme winter conditions. 

The combination of quality materials will help your feet retain warmth, but, at the same time won’t store moisture. For socks used during the winter, breathability is really important ( that prevents fungus and bad odour).

Your foot soles will stay safe and snug, thanks to the extra cushioning and two layers of insulation (two layers, you don’t say?). The efficient thermoregulation ensures enough warmth during those long, winter days. 

Available in many sizes, to accommodate both men and women, these socks are a perfect gift for your loved ones (because we all want socks for Christmas, right? Wrong. I want money).

5. Skyone Neoprene Scuba Diving Socks 

Scuba Diving Socks

This is the best thermal sock for water activities (on this list). 

Not only will the Skyone sock keep your feet warm in cold water, but it will also protect you from potential injuries (cutting yourself on rocks and other sharp objects).

This high-performance sock features premium neoprene, glued and then blind-stitched together. Because of their high-durability, these socks are ideal for underwater usage (although they are not actually waterproof?!).

Developed for water sports, this versatile Skyone product is a great addition to any wetsuit equipment. 

The sole features an anti-slip surface, making these socks a great asset for scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing, sailing and any other kind of water activity.

6. Heat Holders for Men Thick Colourful Winter Socks

Winter Socks

These socks seem to do justice to the brand name “Heat holders’, as they’re supposedly 7 times warmer than the standard cotton sock.

A special knitting technique aids the materials in retaining more warmth inside the socks, making them the perfect thermal sock to have by your side, when the cold weather rolls in.

Adding to the heat-preserving factor, this sock features innovative, nylon-free yarn, specially developed to increase breathability.

They are comfortable, chunky and guaranteed to keep your feet safe in cold weather. 

Tired of the standard black or sock? The Heat Holders are available in different styles and in a range of some 40 different colours and pattern combinations. 

7. COPOZZ Neoprene Diving Socks

Neoprene Diving Socks

Here’s a pair of quality water sports socks that stay in place (won’t slip) and adapt to the shape of your foot, thanks to the adjustable elastic strap wrapping the ankles. 

These socks offer an amazing comfort that will last all day long (or two, but not more than that, you should change your socks at least every third day). 

They come with anti-slip soles, covered in little rubber grips, which provide a sense of stability while wearing them in water. The thick build protects your feet from jellyfish stings and sharp objects (such as shells and sharp rocks).

You don’t need to fear, because these socks will keep you safe during a variety of different water activities (Unless a shark comes along, then, you’re in God’s hands). 

This thermal sock features 3-millimetre neoprene to provide enough warmth during the cold winter days. 

They fit snug and online reviews suggest you should pick your size by measuring the soles of your feet, as the general sizing of this product might run smaller than usual.

The sock is available in a variety of colours (such as black, pink, blue and green).

Do Thermal Socks Really Work?

They are an important component of your equipment if you’re planning on exposing your body to the cold weather conditions. 

Much like our palms, our feet release a significant amount of heat. We all know how important gloves are in the chilly winter weather, right? Then why skip protecting your feet as well?

The best thermal socks aim to reduce the amount of heat released from the feet, adding to the overall proper thermoregulation of the body. So, wearing them in winter conditions is essential.

Like any socks, thermal ones vary by type and the purpose they serve.

Each brand offers a variety of options and features. Some are good for indoor use. Others work well outdoors. Some are best for sports, while others offer added comfort and keep your feet warm and snug.

To ensure maximum warmth and comfort you must get the sizing right. Before buying them, ensure that the sizes on offer are right for you. 

You don’t want to end up with socks that are too long.

Thermal Socks Material

Manufacturers generally use wool or a wool blend to create a comfortable thermal sock that provides the proper ventilation and warmth. 

Such materials provide far more warmth than cotton and eliminate moisture retention. 

Only proper wool socks significantly minimise the risk of frostbite in extreme weather conditions.

Regular wool has an itchy feeling to it, that bothers most people (men and women). 

Manufacturers now use Merino wool in production of thermal socks as it has a soft feel and offers all of the qualities regular wool has.

Merino wool (because it’s superior when compared to regular wool), maintains a high price.

If you are looking for more budget-friendly options, you can now find different products made of quality synthetic materials (such as nylon).

Price range and brand name don’t always determine quality when it comes to this type of product. You may find a product with a higher price that offers little to none in terms of actual quality. 

Thermal Sock Sizes and Fit

Thermal socks come in different sizes and fits, starting from low-cut, to ankle-length and all the way up to the calf-length models.

Once you choose the socks you’d like to get, you should first measure the length of your feet soles, so you can pick the right size. Do pay attention to the sizes, because different brands use different sizing moulds. 

Womens thermal socks tend to come in smaller sizes, but lately, there’s a trend towards unisex sizing.


What Are the Warmest Socks on the Market?

One of the best types of thermal socks available on the market are the so-called “heat holders”. 

Woven from a special thermal yarn and knitted in a way that helps contain heat, using these socks lets your skin breathe and allows for an added feeling of comfort.

Thermal socks come in different designs but their main purpose is to preserve heat and create a feeling of warmth. Whichever kind you opt for, there is little to no room for error.

While cotton socks offer comfort and warmth on a sunny day, they don’t offer the best protection in the winter. Wool’s the first choice and far superior to cotton when it comes to insulation value. 

What Kind of Socks Are Best for Cold Weather?

This one would depend on the situation you need them for.

Many people buy thermal socks to use around the house for added comfort and warmth during the winter. In this case, you may opt for socks made of thicker yarn as it makes them particularly good when it comes to comfort.

If you are interested in buying a good thermal sock for outdoor activities, besides material, focus on the design as well. The best products should provide foot and arch support, which can help prevent injuries.

The Bottom Line

One of the best ways to keep warm in winter is to keep your feet warm. The type of sock you have on you makes a lot of difference and choosing the right one can be tricky.

Material and design both matter equally! Remember that cotton socks aren’t thermal! 

Choosing the right size is important too. Sizing charts vary for men and women, so make sure to check that before making a purchase.

One of the most important things to consider is comfort. 

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