The Best Vibration Machine Platforms

by Claire Huffman
Last Updated: 12/01/2021
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Looking for a way to stay fit, most people turn to exercise of some sort. Exercise as we know it usually involves some form of prompting your muscles to contract and relax in reaction to tension. This is how you burn calories and tone your muscles. Everybody knows that much, right? 

Well, imagine you could skip exercising (no more push-ups or pull-ups) and still get in good shape. You don’t believe me? Then try using a vibration machine!

A whole-body vibration exercise machine helps you lose weight and improve your general health by simply standing still! And no, this is not a gimmicky marketing hoax (though it kind of is, right?).

The pulsating machine makes your muscles contract and relax, having your body go through a low-impact workout without actually exercising.

Read on to find out more about this fantastic and time-efficient way of getting in shape.

If you’re already in the market for your first vibration machine, check out this comprehensive list of vibration platform reviews made to help you choose the machine that best suits your needs.

The 10 Best Vibration Machines

1. Bluefin 3D Dual Motor Vibration Plate


Here is an all-round performer when it comes to the best vibration machines on the market. The cutting-edge technology helps you burn fat in a fraction of the time that you would normally spend in the gym.

The main advantage of this product lies in its triple vibration system (it goes up-down, from one side to the other or combined). The resulting 3D motion effect thoroughly stimulates the muscles in your body.

You can easily operate it thanks to the remote control panel. Switch between the pre-set programs in order to choose between the fat burning or muscle toning mode.

The anti-slip surface keeps you secure and in place during your workouts (but they are not actual workouts, and that’s the whole beauty of this device).

Considering all the pros, the Bluefin 3D Dual Motor Vibration Plate easily ranks as the best vibration machine on the market. Not convinced? Well, the manufacturers are! This machine comes with a lifetime warranty for the motor, plus a one-year warranty for the frame.

2. NORFLEX Vibration Platform


The latest vibration platform by Norflex also features 3D vibrations for a rewarding workout experience.

Main pros include quality build and well-designed resistance bands that come with the purchase of the Norflex platform. The machine can take a maximum of 180 kilos and offers 99 speed levels.

Special mention: It’s available in four colours, so, it will fit in perfectly with the style of any apartment or house.

3. VibroSlim Radial 3D Vibration Plate

Vibra machine

Here’s another whole-body vibration platform I would like to recommend.

This awesome body shaper packs some serious quality in its funky, pink frame. Don’t let the colour fool you cause it relies on a sturdy dual motor.

The manufacturer must really trust its quality, because the machine comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a three-year warranty!

Main pros: whopping 180-speed levels! It’s marketed as suitable for any age and fitness level. Comes with resistance bands.

4. Yescom Slim Vibration Machine

A very compact fitness vibration machine suitable for home gyms. It only weighs 10 kilos, but still, it has a decent weight limit of 120 kilos.

Main pros: built-in Bluetooth speaker, an excellent LED display and a touch screen, which make this bad boy extremely easy to use. Great value-for-money.

Switch between the 180 different intensity levels or use the resistance bands for an upper-body workout.

5. Everfit Vibration Platform Body Shaper


If you’re a fitness enthusiast, the name EverFit might ring a bell. The company offers a wide range of top-notch home gym and commercial fitness equipment. This one is the superior whole-body model when compared to the other one that this company makes.

Main pros: Its best feature must be the near-perfect stepper surface. Both its non-slip material and the additional anti-slip 3D feet are there to ensure a stable and comfortable workout (but again, it’s not an actual workout).

The machine also runs on a dual-belt motor with added protection feature for maximum user safety.

You can use its remote control and 99 different speed settings, making this one of the best vibration machines on the market.

6. RV Vibration Machine

RV Vibration

One of the best small-sized yet powerful machines on the market. With a weight of just over nine kilos, its peak power is 3500W (with 180 speeds).

It has wheels, making it easier to move around the house. It also features quality removable bands. You can choose between 5 pre-defined workout programs, including a special fat burning support program.

7. VidaXL Fitness Vibration Plate

The VidaXL small fitness vibration platform features a sturdy build and a large surface. This is one of the best vibration platforms for those planning to perform exercises on their machine (the whole point is that you don’t have to, but you can if you want to!).

Use the remote control to switch between 99 speed controls. With built-in fitness bands, the VidaXL mini offers a range of exercise options. It doesn’t have the non-slip feet system, but the stepper surface boasts a decent anti-slip design.

8. Gymform Vibromax Plus


The Gymform Vibromax Plus keeps gathering raving reviews from satisfied customers. The high-quality frame will make sure you enjoy this product for many years to come.

With nine preset training programs and 99 vibration levels, it offers high versatility to fitness enthusiasts. While it misses the anti-slip feet, the large surface is still good for various exercises and stretches (for those who already have good balance).

Bonus: You get a nice workout and dieting guide.

9. LifePro Turbo 3D Vibration Plate


The Turbo 3D vibration plate by Lifepro offers an unmatched exercise experience thanks to the three types of multidirectional vibrations.

It features eight programme settings, 99 speed levels and an amazing 150 kilos maximum weight capacity. Unsure if all of this perfectly fits your needs? Make use of the 30-day money back guarantee.

Main pros: The product comes with a 100% lifetime warranty! What’s more, LifePro gives you free lifetime support and premium access to its library of training materials and videos!

10. Hurtle Vibration Platform


Less powerful than some other models on this list, the Hurtle fitness vibration platform is an excellent choice for those not looking to have high-intensity training sessions.

The relatively small surface area will work well if you use it for mainly passive exercises.

Reasonably priced and highly portable, this machine packs a lot of value. One of the best rated on Amazon, the manufacturers of this machine offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

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What Is a Vibration Machine

A whole-body vibration machine uses vibration signals to cause muscle contraction and thus increase muscle tone and reduce fat. Manufacturers commonly claim that a ten-minute passive use of the vibration machine equals about an hour of regular exercise.

Also called a vibration plate, this easy-to-use piece of fitness equipment shakes up the body from top to bottom. If you get tired of not doing anything on a vibration machine, you can perform easy exercises on it (like squats and such).

High-quality vibration plates provide a great way for senior citizens to keep fit and improve their circulation. Those coming out of rehabilitation (after an injury) can also use these machines to help them with muscle loss.

Key Features

Here’s what matters in a vibration platform machine:

Vibration types: Vibration plates deliver different types of vibration. The two main types are oscillating versus linear. Roughly speaking, the type of vibration determines the vibration intensity. Most newer designs incorporate all types and allow you to switch between them.

Speed levels: Most products are versatile enough with a high number of speed settings.

Resistance bands: Most models already come with a built-in pair. You can use them to focus the vibration on different areas of your body (and muscles), including the upper-body parts.

Machine weight: Do you want to be able to drag your vibration machine around? You do? Well, that’s why they come in different shapes and sizes. You should always check the product weight to have a clear idea of what you’re getting.

Weight capacity: Most can bear well over the average adult weight, but it’s worth checking this out when purchasing smaller models.


Does a Vibration Machine Really Work?

Full-body vibration machines came relatively recently into the spotlight of the fitness world. But in all actuality, they’ve been around for decades.

Commonly used by professional athletes and astronauts, vibration machines have spun plenty of research over the years that confirms their effectiveness and health benefits [1].

With regular and correct use, the best vibration machines can speed up muscle toning and improve muscle strength. Other studies found that bones also react to the vibration signals and that those vibrations can lead to an increase in bone density.

Do Vibration Machines Work for Weight Loss?

While a decent amount of regular exercise in the gym is indispensable for health and fitness, vibrating platforms make for a perfect supplemental workout to help you speed up weight loss.

Some studies have found that full-body vibration plates have a significant effect on burning fat tissues. However, more comprehensive and specific evidence is necessary before we know how they compare to sports or regular body workouts [2].

Many people report a significant loss of fat and improvement in cellulite loss, but anecdotal evidence is difficult to assess systematically. A positive vibration platform review is not scientific evidence.

The truth is, results vary from person to person. What is certain, is that the whole body vibration platforms are safe to use and can help you improve your overall fitness levels.

The Bottom Line

Whole-body vibration machines make for a nice addition to regular home gym equipment. This passive exercise equipment is safe and effective for most individuals, and most importantly senior citizens.

Spending some time on a vibration platform machine (next to your regular workout sessions) will aid you in achieving your fitness goals, faster and better.



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