The 10 Best Wrist Straps

by Claire Huffman
Last Updated: 02/11/2020
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Pain, discomfort and injury in your wrists probably sound familiar if you are a heavy-duty weight training enthusiast. The great news is that you can avoid all of it.

Wrist wraps make for an amazing sports accessory as they will help prevent injury from lifting, minimize discomfort or alleviate pain in the wrists. These wraps come in different forms and styles and they provide superior wrist support and comfort in pressing movements and overhead lifts.

You can use wrist wraps for all sorts of workout routines, ranging anywhere from yoga to Olympic weightlifting. One of the reasons they appeal to weightlifters, in particular, is that wrist wraps reduce the chance of unsuccessful lifts. 

If you’re on the hunt for a new pair of wrist wraps, you’re in luck. Finding the best wrist wraps without much prior experience may prove challenging. The market seems saturated with products ranging wildly in quality and effectiveness. This is why we took the task of doing some in-depth market research.

Below you will find our buyer’s guide to the best wrist wraps available to buy in Australia along with on-point information you can use to make the right choice for you.

Let’s check them out!

Top 10 Best Wrist Wraps in Australia

1. DMoose Fitness Wrist Wraps

wrist straps gym

A unisex, stylish pair of wrist wraps to support and protect your wrists in all levels of weightlifting challenges. With a comfortable fit and a smart design, these are one of the best wrist straps for weightlifting out there!

These DMoose Fitness wraps are made from a resistant material with velcro fastening created to withstand super heavy duty workouts. The wide fastening straps with double stitching will prevent these wrist wraps from ripping and damaging from repetitive use.

And what’s the best part? They come with a lifetime guarantee with free replacements in case anything happens to your pair of wraps.

They’re the perfect pair to have in handy for powerlifting, bodybuilding, MMA or CrossFit training.

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2. Harbinger Pro Wristwrap Weightlifting Gloves


With a palm made of genuine leather and cushioned with resilient open-cell foam, this pair of weightlifting gloves will keep your skin ventilated and sweat-free.

The integrated wraps are there to make your hand grip steadier, while the material covering the fingers will help you protect them from rubbing when working out with the bar. They will stabilize and support your wrists in activities that involve pushing hard movements.

The wrist wraps will let you adjust the gloves to the tightness that will feel comfortable to your joint. Another comfort bonus point is that the material covers the thumb in a way that it protects it from the irritation that occurs when gripping the bar.

They come with a 90 days manufacturer guarantee, and, although you won’t sweat too much in them, if you decide to wash them you should only do so on hand and then have them air dried.

3. Rip Toned Wrist Wraps

Wrist Wraps

Here’s another great pair of wrist wraps for high intensity performance, with a stiff build that will keep your joint in place and protect it from injury. The loops for the thumbs will stop the wrap from moving around and help you wear it comfortably snug on your wrist. 

Although the model is firm, it still feels comfortable to wear, while the stiffness will secure your wrist in its natural position, eliminating the chance for discomfort and wrist pain. 

Made with premium stitching and extra wide velcro, this pair of wrist wraps are adjustable, making them suitable for both men and women. Unlike the Harbinger Pro wraps we looked at before, these are easy-maintenance as you can machine wash them.

4. Cobra Grips PRO Weight Lifting Gloves

Cobra Grips

This pair of grips will keep your wrists in the right place and help you control your movements better, so you can freely focus on workout performance. 

They come with adjustable straps and a thumb loop for added support and comfort. Ergonomically created with safety as the main focus, they will fit pleasantly and protect you from injury. 

A patented product, said to replace lifting grips, lifting straps and power hooks by bringing all of these together in just one item! Make sure to check the sizing options as the best fit depends on the model and your wrist structure.

5. Skott Evo 2 Weight Lifting Gloves

Skott Evo

A special design intended to fit both men and women comfortably, and versatile enough to match well with newbies and weightlifting pros alike! 

Created following the latest weightlifting technology, these wraps feature a next-generation, industrial-grade velcro material for the best durability. Referred to as the preferred brand of professional athletes worldwide, the Skott Evo 2 is a weight lifting glove to serve you a long time!

The gel-enhanced palms help against slipping, while the high density foam on the back keeps you supported and protected during heavy lifts.

6. Rip Toned Wrist Wraps

Rip Toned

This is the second model of wrist wraps from this manufacturer, this time in black and featuring some improvements. Again, great stabilizers with an excellent thumb loop for extra support.

Use these wrist wraps if you are trying to eliminate pain during lifting and prevent injuries and joint discomfort in the future. They deliver best results in a wide range of intensity performances, varying from Cross fit, MMA, Bodybuilding and WOD to burpees, planks, push ups and strength training.

The wraps are especially easy to put on or take off before or during training. The thumb loops are there to ensure smooth putting on, while the sturdy mold keeps your joint in place and prevents any unnecessary movement.

7. Iron Bull Strength Wrist Wraps

Iron Bull

This wrist support bundle is a combo of heavy duty wrist wraps with equally heavy duty lifting straps. 

The wrist wraps are nearly 51 cm long (20’’) and nearly 8 cm wide (3’’), so you can control the tension by wrapping multiple times around your wrists, loosely or tightly, depending on the difficulty of the lifting.

They are made of a thick cotton material with enhanced elasticity and double stitching to give it firmness. They come with a thumb loop, while the high quality velcro is there to make sure the wrap won’t come off under heavy pressure.

The lifting straps can be easily installed on any kind of dumbbells, barbells and machines. Designed with a thick, neoprene padded wrist, they will feel comfortable and will help you boost your performance. 

8. Ayuda Lift Wrist Wraps

Ayuda Lift

Here’s an Australian wrist wrap design, “created by lifters, for lifters”. This is an obvious hint  that the designers themselves went through the challenges of lifting and focused on providing a real solution with this product. 

A continuous issue they experienced with wrist wraps was the velcro strap falling apart in just a few months of use. For this reason, they fortified the velcro strap on this model with 3 times more surface area to boost material endurance and provide for greater support.

The medium level of rigidness gets you both a sturdy and optimal tightness that never reaches a point where it feels uncomfortable. Excellent value-for-money too!

9. Bear KompleX Wrist Wraps

Bear KompleX

Here’s a great wrist wrap for gym and fitness enthusiasts! This versatile pair of unisex wrist wraps is the best choice if you’re looking for a universally suitable one!

Beginners and professionals alike can use these wraps that come with handy thumb loops and velcro closure. Soft to the touch, these wrist straps will feel great even to people with sensitive skin.

The stabilizing effect of these wrist wraps provides solid protection from injury and increases strength in your forearm. Sticking to the universal theme, these wrist wraps are convenient for a wide range of activities, starting from yoga, bowling, tennis and boxing, all the way to Cross fit, powerlifting and even Olympic training!

The material is a blend of cotton and polyester, put together so it absorbs sweat from the forearm during workouts.

10. Ventilated Fitness Gym Weight Lifting Gloves

gym gloves

With its open palm top design, this pair of weight lifting gloves puts an emphasis on ventilation. Not only will your hand feel breezy and sweat less, but it will also feel protected, thanks to the material covering all of your palm bottom and halfway through your fingers.

The extra tight grip provides superior wrist support and lets you push your performance harder. The velcro closure lets you adjust the tightness of the wrap, making this design suitable for both men and women. 

This one size fits all model is made from a super resistant material, which can withstand water, strong chemicals, oils, heat and the wear and tear over time.

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How to Wear Wrist Wraps

You need to use wrist wraps properly if you want to reap the full benefits of this piece of gear. Make sure to carefully put the wraps on and focus on adjusting the tightness up to a point where they brace your wrist firmly in its place. Make sure not to fasten your wraps too tight as you can cut off blood circulation.

The easiest way to put the wraps on is by first placing your thumb through the thumb loop. From there on, you simply wrap it around your wrist and tighten it. There’s only one rule on how tight you should have the wrist wrap on – it has to feel comfortable for the activities you are about to perform. 

Some of the best wrist wraps come as unisex and one size fits all with thumb loops to make putting on easier. While wraps are made of different materials, many swear by the velcro closure as the most efficient.

Popular wisdom has it that you shouldn’t wear your wrist wraps all the time. Instead, wear them only during lifting, which is when the wrists need extra support.

How Wrist Wraps Help You

When doing heavy lifting of any kind, your wrists are the ones on the front line. Taking the huge pressure punch with every lift, your wrists could use some extra support.

Wrist straps make sure the wrists can endure and handle all that weight. They stabilize and snugly keep your wrist in a natural position which is how they reduce excess movement and protect you from injury

By covering your palm, and partially the fingers too, wrist straps lower the chances of slipping, which in turn gives you a steadier grip and more control over your movements [1].  

The Bottom Line

Given that wrist wraps are most suitable for intense lifting routines, you should first decide if you really need them for your workouts.

Wraps are an excellent asset to have for added support and protection, but they are not necessary for all your lifting activities. If you are casually working out on the iron bar you might not need wraps to keep you going. If you are plunging into repetitive heavy lifting training, on the other hand, you might want to invest in the right pair of wraps or gloves and give your wrists a break.

If you are already convinced that wrist wraps are the right piece of gear for you, the only thing left to do is to get your hands on the pair that will boost you up to your maximum lifting potential. 

When choosing wrist straps, the best model is the one that matches your specific needs. If you will be using them continuously make sure they come with a durable velcro design. If you opt for gloves check the sizing carefully.

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