The Best Walking Sandals for Men and Women

by Claire Huffman
Last Updated: 16/04/2020
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An evening stroll or a quick run to the grocery store requires you to have comfortable walking sandals. There are many designs and sizes on the market that you can choose. But, it can still be challenging to find the right pair. In this article, you will find reviews of walking sandals that you can buy.

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Top Walking Sandals

For Women

1.      Teva Women’s Tirra Sandal

Tirra Sandal

The design of these women’s walking sandals makes them the most comfortable pairs. They not only provide arch support but also match the contour of your sole.

Key Features

  • Nylon stability shank
  • Multiple straps
  • Compression-moulded EVA midsole
  • Shock pad heel
  • Hook and loop closures

One of the features that stands out with this sandal is support. The multiple adjustable straps hug your foot all around to ensure stability for long hours of walking. The contoured footbed has cushioning to absorb any shock from underneath. It is, therefore, ideal for trail walking. 

You will love the adjustability the shoe provides. If you have slim feet, you can pull the straps and adjust to fit Like any other pair, it is crucial to confirm the size for optimal comfort.

2.      Teva Women’s Verra Outdoor Shoe

Teva Women

If you are outdoors regularly, you need the most comfortable sandals for walking. With this design, you do not have to worry about tight spots or blisters.

Key Features

  • Webbing upper
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Contoured ECA foam midsole
  • Nylon shank
  • Anti-microbial treatment

Teva is known for the best women’s hiking sandals. This style is ideal for long-distance walks, thanks to the support it provides. When it comes to fit, these are some of the best. The design leaves room for you to customize the fit for better stability.

If you live in hot climates, this is undoubtedly the pair for you. The webbing upper style adds on to the breathability of the design. Also, you do not have to worry when walking in wet climates as they are waterproof.

These are some of the highest-rated sandals; but, you should note they suit people with narrow feet. If yours are wider, a size up could work.

3.      KEEN Australia Women’s Whisper Trekking Sandal

Whisper Trekking Sandal

One of the features you should consider when looking for hiking sandals is how well they adjust. The more adjustable features a shoe has, the better it fits. This type hits the mark on this, hence, a top choice.

Key Features

  • Polyester webbing
  • Removable EVA middle sole
  • Hydrophobic lining
  • Heel-capture system
  • Keen protect nose protection system

These sandals feature polyester webbing and a flexible top surface to provide excellent performance. The removable EVA middle sole absorbs shocks from outside for all-day use. Also, the lining made from hydrophobic mesh contributes to the breathability.

The heel-capture system is an outstanding feature. The system, made by injected TPU, together with the ESS shank ensures superior traction and stability. On this note, you can walk for hours without feeling any pressure on the footbed.

The adjustability of this pair is unmatchable to suit different shapes of feet. However, it can be a little tight while new but loosens up after a few wears.

4.      Karrimor Women’s Salina Walking Sandals


Finding sandals with excellent arch support is challenging since a little error in the size affects how supportive they are. Luckily, this shoe considers this factor with the ankle strap design.

Key Features

  • Cross strap design
  • Moulded outsole
  • Ergonomic footbed
  • Touch and close fastening

The form of this shoe makes it perfect for outdoor adventures. It provides adequate support and stability even for long hours of walking. The moulded outsole offers excellent traction, and with the ergonomic footbed, you do not have to worry about pressure points pain.

The sandals are stylish and come in a variety of colours to choose from. Additionally, the crossed strap design stands out and contributes to the comfort. You only need to touch and close to wear, which is quick and convenient.

These work well for regular use; however, they are ideal for people with wide feet.

For Men

1.      Keen Arroyo II Athletic and Outdoor Sandals

Keen Arroyo II

The best sandals should feature a long-lasting material that can withstand regular use and cleaning. These leather sandals from Keen meet the quality standards for outdoor use.

Key Features

  • Durable leather material
  • Water-resistant
  • Hydroponic mesh lining
  • Open vents
  • ESS shank
  • Multi-directional lug outsole

The high-quality leather construction of this shoe makes it super easy to maintain. You can wipe them down with a damp close or toss them in the machine, thanks to the water-resistant feature. The open vent design and the lining add on to the breathability to keep you comfortable for long walks.

If you are looking for walking shoes with room for comfort, these will work. However, they might not be the best hiking sandals on rocky trails. Small rocks and sand can quickly get into the shoes through the open vents.

2.      Keen Australia Men’s Newport H2 Trekking Sandal

H2 Trekking Sandal

If you love being in the outdoors for adventure, this is one of the best sandals for walking. It has fantastic features that contribute to comfort, stability, and support.

Key Features

  • Hydroponic mesh lining
  • Lace-capture system
  • Moulded EVA footbed
  • Multi-directional lug pattern
  • Eco odour control
  • Quick-dry lining
  • Water repellent

These feature durable synthetic webbing that is water-resistant. The material is super soft on the skin, easy to keep clean, and maintains quality for a long time. The open vents, together with the hydroponic mesh lining, ensure ventilation and breathability for long hours of use.

Proper cushioning is a vital feature to keep in mind, especially for long walks. This shoe has a moulded EVA footbed that provides adequate cushioning to absorb any shock under the sandal. With the lace capture system, these stay secure and comfortable all day.

Like other open-vent designs, these are not advisable to wear when walking in places with small pebbles. They get into the shoes easily, and you have to remove the sandals to get rid of the stones.

3.      Sperry Baitfish Men’s Thong Sandals

Sperry Baitfish

Everyone needs some pairs of flip flops. Not only are they comfortable but also super easy to maintain. This pair from Sperry is a top choice for men.

Key Features

  • Boat shoe-inspired design
  • Rawhide lacing
  • Textured footbed

Whether you need sandals for daily walks or indoors, this shoe is ideal. The simple thong design makes it super comfortable for most people, regardless of how wide or narrow your feet are.

The textured footbed gives you an excellent grip for comfortable walking. Also, the sole is thick enough to absorb shock and ensure stability when walking for long hours. Although they can be squeaky when wet, they are the best choice for both indoor and outdoor use. 

4.      Everhealth Orthotic Thong Sandals for Men

Everhealth Orthotic Thong

These sandals promote proper foot alignment with the built-in orthotics.

Key Features

  • Excellent arch support
  • Lightweight
  • Soft and durable
  • EVA foam midsole
  • Rubber sole

The ergonomic and biomechanical design enhances the support these sandals provide. It also helps to correct the poor posture of feet over a long period.

The best thing is that these work for all arch types, thanks to the soft cushioning. Additionally, they are lightweight, so you do not feel the weight during long periods of use.


What Sandals Do Podiatrists Recommend?

Podiatrists recommend sandals that provide ankle support without compromising on the fit around the toes. Some outstanding brands are Birkenstock, Teva, and Therafit.

Are Teva Sandals Comfortable?

Teva has some of the best pairs on the market. The designs utilize stability and comfort features that suit different needs. Most of the designs have straps and this contributes to the comfort they provide.

Should Walking Sandals Be a Size Bigger?

If you are between sizes, consider buying a walking sandal a ½ size bigger. But, most work well in the same size as your regular pairs. You can check the width and overall design of the shoe for the right size.

The Bottom Line

Walking sandals are essential to keep your feet comfortable during evening walks or a quick run to the stores. With the right size, you can enjoy the comfort and support of the above-reviewed pairs. They are all quality choices and have proven to stand the test of time.

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