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by Claire Huffman
Last Updated: 05/04/2020
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Your mental state plays a significant role in starting and maintaining a consistent fitness regimen. One of the ways you can build up ambition and discipline is by reading fitness books.

The best fitness book will help you look at things differently for a more sustainable plan. These fitness book reviews can be a great starting point to get your mind right and start your fitness journey on the right note.

Top 10 Fitness Books

1.      The Fitness Mindset by Brian Keane

Fitness Mindset

If you are frustrated about not getting quality results from exercise and healthy eating, this book is for you. It guides you in picking and preparing the right foods to support your exercise regimen. It outlines the right diets for weight loss and building muscle.

The book can help you remain motivated to build better, sustainable habits. It guides you on how to develop strategies to help you minimize stress and anxiety. More to this, the book teaches you how to combine workouts to reach your fitness goals.

The Fitness Mindset book guides you to work on the mind, food choices, and workout selections. It has a simple outline and actionable steps to help you take charge of your choices.

2.      Fast Exercise by Michael Mosley

Fast Exercise

Fast Exercise is a detailed guide on a simple secret of high-intensity training. It blasts the myth that for you to see the results, then you must work out for long periods. In just 3 minutes, you can feel great and live longer with the teachings in this workout book.

Michael shares the bare truth about exercise following research from the leading sports science team at Loughborough University. It explains how short bouts of high-intensity workouts are more effective than long sessions of low-impact exercise. 

It also talks about how changing the way you work out can deliver quick results. Michael teams up with a health journalist to offer practical and user-friendly tips and a range of short workouts. It is super easy to follow, and the advice is simple to implement in your life.

3.      Bigger Leaner Stronger by Michael Matthews

Bigger Leaner Stronger

Bigger Leaner Stronger explains the science of building muscle in men. It highlights the 10 biggest fat loss and muscle-building myths and mistakes that make men fat and weak. It also shows the three scientific laws of muscle growth and fat loss that make the body bigger, leaner, and stronger.

One of the most helpful sections is diet plans. It is one of the most popular gym books. It enables you to make changes to your nutrition without feeling starved or deprived.

The training system teaches you how to build a bigger, fuller chest and a wider, tapered back. It also helps you build thick, powerful legs and strong bulging arms. With the supplements guides, you can easily choose the right supplements for strength training

4.      Run Fast Eat Slow by Shalane Flanagan

Run fast Eat Slow

A marathon Champion, Shalane, and renowned chef Elyse created this guide to restructure the dynamics of the fitness and nutrition world. This cookbook focuses on the nutrition aspect of fitness, which plays a significant role in remaining active and in shape [1].

The cookbook is ideal for runners and explains how fat is suitable for flavour and performance. It also explains why restricting diets create more hard that good in the long run. It has more than 100 recipes ranging from breakfast and lunch to dinner and healthy snacks.

It also features inspiring stories from two fitness-crazed women for motivation. With this fitness book, you will always find something delicious to cook with readily available ingredients.

5.      Maximus Body by Michael Easter

Maximus Body

The Maximus body gym book is a comprehensive guide to fitness and health. Michael, a renowned personal trainer, compiled up to 100 workouts, a training plan, and strategies to get leaner, stronger and healthier. He explains why 4-minutes workouts and FAD diets aren’t sustainable.

One of the things he talks about is commitment. It helps you change your mindset towards workouts and enjoy the entire process. It has circuit-style exercises to push your body to limits you think you can never get.

With the guide, you can create an exercise routine that fits your needs. This is one of the books that only strong-willed people can follow. It is, therefore, suitable for people willing to push their bodies off-limits.

6.      Roar by Stacy T. Sims


With all the training plans and nutrition products designed for men, women can quickly get frustrated and find it hard to get to their full potential. This book is specifically for women and follows physiology-based nutrition and a training guide.

It teaches you everything you should know to change your food habits, hydration, and training to suit your physiology. It shows you how to craft plans and meals for optimum athletic performance.

It highlights personalized nutrition advice essential for all stages of your training and recovery. You can easily customize means and create strengthening exercises to build a solid fitness foundation. The best thing is that it talks about how to stay healthy during life stages like pregnancy and menopause.

7.      The World’s Fittest Book by Ross Edgley

The World’s Fittest

This fitness book is a go-to guide for everything you need to know about losing fat, building fat and unlocking your physical potential. It features tried workouts that you can adopt to change your fitness plan. It is one of the best fitness books for everyone looking to scale up their activity levels.

It combines teaching, tips, and tricks of world champions in one single resource. The World’s Fittest Book is a collection of researches over a decade by great minds and athletic bodies.

Along with the workouts, the guide features inspirational stories behind them for motivation. If you are starting on fitness and do not understand any of the fitness terms, it is the best choice.

8.      Not a Diet Book by James Smith

Not a Diet Book

If you want to make a change in your nutrition and fitness, this is one of the top choices. It features actionable plans from dieting, strength training, and staying in shape. It guides you through identifying fads, cons, and myths that prevent lasting results.

The guide has several chapters teaching you every aspect of building a consistent plan for fitness. It features fat loss versus muscle gain, metabolism, and how it affects different body types.

With this, you can learn the difference between training and exercising and the results of each. Also, you can learn why sleep is an integral part of achieving your goals.

9.      The Little Black Book of Workout Motivation by Michael Matthews

The Little Black Book

Michael shows you how to keep the motivation up not just in the gym but also outside. The book has simple strategies that anyone can use to overcome mental and emotional blocks.

It is 100% practical and has actionable tips to impart knowledge and skills for long-lasting motivation. Michael shares things he has learned from hundreds of scientific studies and scores not just from fitness enthusiasts but other people as well.

With this book, you can develop a new paradigm for interacting with yourself and your surroundings. Also, it can help you push to higher limits and achieve more than you think you can.

10.  The 12-Minute Athlete Krista Stryker

The 12-Minute Athlete

This is one of the workout books that will change your mind, body, and your entire life. It features high-intensity interval training workouts that you can do in a few minutes a day.

It teaches you how to use your bodyweight and basic portable equipment for short and effective workouts. It helps you reset your mindset to get through mental blocks and create health goals you will accomplish. With the book, you will learn that you do not have to eat boring food to see the results.

The best thing about this book is the 8-week workout plans to guide you through your journey to your goals. It is suitable for both men and women and can work well for new athletes as well as ex-athletes.

The Bottom Line

The best fitness books can help you create a consistent routine with regards to nutrition and exercise. The above books have proven to inspire and motivate most people seeking to improve their health. You can select one depending on your needs and scale your way up to your fitness goals.

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