How to Get Rid of Double Chin & Chin Fat

by Matt Wilson
Last Updated: 15/03/2021
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Double chin (or fat excess under your chin) is often associated with weight gain (it’s probably one of the most common causes of it). 

You’ve worked hard and did a lot of exercises to lose that extra weight around your waist area. You love the results but, one thing still remains, your double chin. 

What are the most common causes of this “fenomena”? 

Well, the causes are many from aging to poor genetics, bad posture, etc.

Whatever the cause is it should be clear that there are solutions (every cause has an effect and every effect can be treated).

Is it possible to lose your double chin and lose chin fat through exercise?

Are there ways to get rid of it with diet and exercise or is the only solution some sort of medical procedure? 

All of this and much more will be answered in the article that follows. So don’t look at the ceiling (leave it for the training) and continue reading this article.  

Don’t worry, just sit back and relax, I’ve got you covered! Everything that you need to know about getting rid of double chin and chin fat is right here! 

You are only a mouse scroll away from changing your life, and the way you feel about your body. If you suffer from excess fat under your chin this article is, like, made for you.

Exercises To Get Rid Of Double Chin Fat

Now, before I start telling you about medical procedures that you can get in order to lose your double chin or fat around the area of your chin (maybe it’s a triple chin, I don’t judge), I feel that it’s important to first tell you about chin exercises that you can do. 

Have in mind that there is evidence that chin exercises can decrease the aging effect and enhance facial aesthetic [1].

Diet and exercise is usually the best way and the most safest way to achieve overall weight loss.

Double chin may develop due to weight gain, or if your weight fluctuates. Even if you experience weight loss, your double chin may not want to go away, on its own. 

There are numerous ways to get rid of double chin, and our advice is to start with chin exercises. 

Having a medical procedure done may come with some health risks [2]. For that reason, before you put your body through all of that I recommend that you try out some of the following workouts.

These are a great way to get rid of a double chin, neck fat, without taking unnecessary risks.

1. Smile

Probably the easiest way to reduce the excess of fat under your chin. But don’t combine it with a diet. I haven’t seen many people smile while they are on a diet

And how do you do that (smile you mean?)? It’s easy, first clench your teeth while keeping your mouth closed. Try to stretch the corners of your lips as wide as you can.

While doing that press your tongue against your palate as hard as you can. Your tongue should be flexible but firm (every tongue has these properties, right?).

Hold for about 10 seconds, and then relax for about 5. Hold and relax for about 10 sets to increase your chances of losing double chin fat.

2. Straight Jaw Jut

To start with this training routine you should tilt your head back and look towards the ceiling. Push your lower jaw forward until you feel the stretch under your chin. Keep this position between 8-10 seconds.

Afterwards, relax and put your head back to its original place. Make sure to repeat this exercise 5 to 10 times.

3. Pucker Up

To do this exercise you should tilt your head back, and look at the ceiling. Now, pucker up your lips (like you are trying to kiss an imaginary friend that’s right above your head).

The idea behind this “puckering” is to stretch the area beneath your chin, and with that, to help you lose your double chin and chin fat.

4. Bottom Jaw Jut

Straight and bottom jaw jut! I know they sound like names of sexual positions, but trust me, these are legitimate chin exercises. And no, I am not a doctor.

To do the bottom jaw you should first tilt your head back. Now that you’ve done exactly that, turn your head to the right. 

Next, you should slide your bottom jaw forward and hold for 10 seconds. You’ve now successfully done a bottom jaw jut! Congratulations, now turn your head to the left and do it again.

Switch sides, and do this exercise between 5-10 times a day in order to get your jaw muscles to work and to burn fat in that area!

5. Ball Exercise

Again, it’s not a sexual thing, just a normal name for a chin exercise! Come on people! We are all adults here, stop it! Anyway, this one is also used to reduce your double chin.

To correctly do the ball exercise you are going to get and then place a 9 to 10 inch ball under your chin. 

Then, after you’ve done that, you should press your chin against the above mentioned ball. Keep this position until you feel the burn baby! To get rid of double chin you should repeat this exercise around 20 to 30 times a day. 

Medical Procedures To Get Rid Of Double Chin

Medical Procedures To Get Rid Of Double Chin /

Double chin may occur with only a small increase in weight or even a small decrease in skin‘ s elasticity. Skin is very sensitive so be careful. 

To get rid of a double chin and under chin fat, there are many medical procedures that you can put yourself through. What you want to keep in mind is the possible health risks and side effects these procedures can have on your body, your skin and your health. 

Now that we are talking about procedures, we should try to use terms that are more prone to be used in medicine. 

Double chin or submental fat (yeah, people, now we are serious!) may be the result of weight gain and may still continue to bother you after you’ve put yourself through a diet and exercise routine in order to experience weight loss.

If you feel like there is nothing else to be done, and treatments are your only option, here are some of the most popular ones to be aware of. 


Mesotherapy is a treatment (or rather series of treatments) that uses fat dissolving compounds together with vitamins, minerals to help you lose your double chin. It’s also used for wrinkles, by doctors and beauticians alike [3].

Mesotherapy was invented by a doctor called Michale Pistor in the year of 1952, in France. The basis for this treatment is lipolysis. 

Lipolysis is a process in which fat is broken down in our body. The cause of this process can be some type of hormones.

During mesotherapy you are usually injected with deoxycholic acid.

Injections of deoxycholic acid are used to break down submental fat (double chin) in your chin. 

The way deoxycholic acid works is that it breaks down cells in fat tissue in your neck and face. Deoxycholic acid treatments include more than 20 injections, injected subcutaneously (it means just under your skin ) [4]. 

These injections are done by a doctor, so don’t mess about and try to do it yourself! 

Side effects of deoxycholic acid may include nausea, bleeding, headache, pain or tightness in your face or neck, or even nerve damage (a couple of serious health problems are included so be extremely careful with this treatment!)… 

If you experience any of the side effects you should immediately call a doctor!

Laser Lipolysis

This treatment for double chin reduction involves lasers (hence the name) and those same lasers burning the fat under your chin [5]. This procedure is considered to be minimally invasive, which means it will leave a scar on your skin.

In spite of that it was shown to have great results in getting rid of excess body or chin fat. 


Most of the people are familiar with this treatment. In this procedure a suction vacuum is used to completely remove the fat in your neck and face (and from any other part of your body) [6]. 

The biggest problem that people face with this procedure is that it may lead to your skin being soggy and stretched out. 

If you want to protect the elasticity of your skin you might want to think about coupling liposuction with laser lipolysis, but keep in mind both of these procedures leave scars on your skin.

The Bottom Line

We’ve talked about many different ways to reduce that stubborn excess fat under your chin. For most people the safest way would be a proper diet and a good workout regime. 

Even chewing gum can activate your jaw muscles which can help you lose your double chin.


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