Why Fitness Is Important

by Matt Wilson
Last Updated: 26/11/2020
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Most of us have already figured out that physical exercise and fitness is important. 

I don’t think that there are many of those among us who think that physical activity is bull, and that we should all just sit on our couches forever and ever and ever.

But did you ever ask yourself the question why is physical activity good for your body? Why is fitness important?

Well I have asked that question, and this is what I have found.

In the article that follows we will explore various health benefits of exercise and how an active lifestyle can impact you both in physical and mental capacity. 

Why Is Exercise Important?

You like lists, right? Let’s be honest, who doesn’t? I’ve got one for you that will completely change your way of life or at least the way you feel about lists! 

1. Regulate Blood Pressure

People with high blood pressure are at risk from a lot of different diseases. 

Stroke, heart attack, and a lot of other heart problems can be caused by high blood pressure [1]. 

Regular exercise may help you lower those odds and increase your chances of living a long and healthy life.

Participating in all kinds of physical activities can help you regulate it. The best ones to try would be aerobic exercises like swimming, walking, jogging, cycling [2].

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2. Prevent or Minimize Complications From Chronic Diseases

Risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and much more chronic diseases(like cancer, yeah I couldn’t believe it myself!) can be lowered by having regular physical activity and managing your weight [3]. 

Staying fit, and doing daily exercises will put you in a position that you are less likely to experience heart disease.

3. Physical Activity Can Improve Your Mental Health

Physical activity and physical fitness will not only make you feel better but they can improve your quality of life in general.

Staying active and doing exercise may have a serious positive effect on your mental health [4]. 

It improves your overall mood (endorphins baby!), and is sometimes recommended as a drug free way of combating depression.

If you are active chances are your overall health is also on the right track.

4. Increased Muscle Strength

This one is kind of no-brainer. The more you exercise and the more you stay active throughout your day the more muscle you’ll build.  

Setting health benefits aside, physical fitness will get your body looking great, which will in turn increase your chances of procreating (if that’s your thing).

5. Stronger Bones

Yep, that’s right! There are many benefits of regular physical activity and one of them is stronger bones! Having strong bones, I mean who doesn’t want that?

Exercises that are best suited for your bones are called weight-bearing and resistance exercises. 

Weight-bearing exercises are supposed to make your body work against gravity (work against gravity, are you insane?). Weight-bearing exercises include physical activity such as running, jogging, playing tennis, walking and hiking [5].

The best resistance exercise is weight lifting.

6. Healthy Weight

Importance of physical fitness comes into play when we are talking about general health as well as weight management. 

Obesity is one of the main reasons people develop type 2 diabetes [6]. 

Not only does exercise lower the risk of a number of different health problems but it can also improve and make your overall health and life better. 

What Are the Benefits of Exercising?

Time after time, people with an active and a healthy lifestyle keep telling me about how exercise may lead you to having a better and a more fulfilling life. Now, I’ve decided to share those stories with you. 

Every day exercise and regular physical activity can lead you to experiencing many health improvements. 

Being fit and leading a good and a healthy life lowers the risk of a number of different diseases. Physical activity and regular exercise can improve your physical health and may have a big impact on your mood and overall mental health (positive impact, of course).

Staying physically active will improve your muscle mass, and it also helps with weight management, and is a great way to prevent or lower the risk of a disease like diabetes.            

Why Is Fitness Important for Students?

Stay active, exercise during your day, work on your fitness levels as well as your studies because it’s extremely worthwhile and is a cornerstone for becoming a well functioned and a successful person. 

Good grades may be all you are thinking about right now. Don’t worry, there will come a time when you won’t think about that at all. 

Try to get good grades, study, but don’t forget about your health. You don’t have to do daily exercises but just try to do them a couple times a week. 

There are a number of activities (staying active is the key) that you can do while you are trying to get yourself a degree. Go jogging, running, walking or sign up for a dancing class. It’s better to think about your health and fitness sooner than later. 

The Bottom Line

Well, I’ve talked about physical activity, fitness and why it’s beneficial to lead an active and a healthy life.

So, let’s just summarize all of it into an easily digestible couple of sentences (for those who’ve decided to scroll down and skip the greatest article ever written).

Physical activity and fitness are key to having a better life. 

Instead of just sitting on a couch, spend a couple of times a week doing exercises or participating in a number of different physical activities (hiking, jogging, swimming). It can be fun, and it does not take up a lot of your time. 

From one person to another (this article wasn’t written by a bot, or maybe it was?) I can honestly tell you that physical activity will have a great and a positive impact on your health and on your life in general.

And if you don’t want to believe me, just check the physical activity guidelines proposed by the government [7]. You can trust the government, right?


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