The Best Weight Loss Apps

by Claire Huffman
Last Updated: 21/04/2020
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How many hours did you sit and scroll down your smartphone today? Almost the whole day through, right? Well, that’s what we all have in common today. Our lives might be different, but most of us live sedentary lifestyles enhanced by new mobile technologies.

However, it is common knowledge that sitting increases the risk of weight gain, so no wonder if you’re browsing the web, searching through diets and the best weight loss programs.

If you are a diligent user of your smartphone and you want to lose weight but not succumb to any starving diet regimes, then continue reading this text as you’re about to find out the best weight loss apps that will help you shed does extra pounds.

The internet is full of smartphone apps that may help you lose and maintain your body weight. The popularity of these apps is growing intensely as they have proven to be quite convenient, even for the least tech-savvy users.

Either on iOs, Android or Web, the weight management apps will reveal the calorie value of the food you eat and may also help you decrease your calorie intake by pointing out the best ways to spend it.

Think about your fitness priorities and just pick the weight loss app that will work best for you.

Top 7 Weight Loss Apps

My Food Diary

Nutrition tracking made easy!

An app with simple features and powerful feedback. It contains g sections: nutrition analysis, weight loss motivation, 7 food entry tools, energy log, body log, and video tutorials.

The premium features are standard- there are no ads, the app tracks 15 nutrients, calculates nutrition info for recipes, offers members-only discussion forum as well as Fitbit import and export.

According to MyFoodDiary experts, dieters who keep a food journal lose twice the weight. Though results may vary, dieters using MyFoodDiary may achieve a weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week.

Available on Web, iOS, and Android.


At Fitbit, health and fitness come first.

The Fitbit app will put a world of health and fitness in your hands. It is made to inspire you on your journey to weight loss and healthy wellbeing.

Fitbit tracks your all-day activity, focusing on exercise, moving as well as sleep. It measures your workout and heart rate to see how fit you are. In addition, this app tracks your food intake and counts your calories based on the macronutrients.

Available on iOS and Android.

WW – Weight Watchers

WW or Weight Watchers helps you take care of you. It is one of the weight management programs 10 years in a row.

This weight loss app will make weight loss easier for you by supporting you to build and maintain healthy habits.

Weight Watchers is designed to suit your unique eating preferences and lifestyle.

It offers personal assessment, a customized weight-loss plan and an opportunity to explore restaurant foods and recipes according to your suggested calorie intake.

The tools available include food and activity tracking, workshops, a barcode scanner, and a supportive social community.

Available on Web, iOS, and Android.

Lose It!

Weight loss that fits!

Lose It is one of the best weight loss apps that will help you track the food you like and also make you lose weight easily.

This app allows you to set your goals and track your food intake. You will learn about the foods you’re eating and keep your calories within your daily budget. You will reach your goals and continue to set new ones for a happier, healthier you!

In order to keep you healthy, Lose It! also tracks your water intake and makes sure you’re getting the recommended amount daily. In addition, you may connect Apple Health and Google Fit for easy exercise tracking and get reports on your behaviours and progress straight to your inbox.

Use your camera to scan package barcodes for quick tracking or create new foods with the nutrition label auto-fill. Take a picture of your food and allow Lose It! technology to help you log it.

Available on iOS and Android.


Stop dieting. Get life-long results.

Noom is a weight loss app that supports psychology-based evaluation, allowing you to choose between getting fit for good or losing weight for good.

This app will help you create healthier habits, reduce your risk of chronic health problems, reverse disease and foster healthier relationships with yourself in the process.

Noom’s program received full recognition by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and was recognized by Google as the 3rd most searched diet in 2018.

Forget about quick-fix diets, as Noom will help you change your behaviour and revolutionize the way you think about your lifestyle by making your living achievable and enjoyable.

Available on Web, iOS, and Android.

My Fitness Pal

Fitness starts with what you eat!

MyFitnessPal is a counting calories app that will guide you through taking control of your goals, tracking calories, breakdown ingredients, and log activities.

This app has a database of over 11 million food that you can learn about and get a clear insight about calorie value, nutrition information and serving size that can prevent any extra calories you may earn unintentionally.

MyFitnessPal offers tools to reach your goals regardless of whether you’re trying to lose weight, tone up, lower your BMI or invest in your overall health.

You will understand your habits and increase your likelihood of hitting your goals by keeping a food diary.

The simple logging will provide you to scan barcodes, save meals and recipes, and use Quick Tools for fast and easy food tracking.

This app will also keep you motivated through the World’s Largest Fitness Community in which you can join for advice, tips, and support 24/7.

Available on Web, iOS, and Android.


Eat better. Lose weight. Get healthy.

Fooducate empowers you to achieve your diet, health and fitness goals.

This app’s core is the Health Tracker that will track what you eat and your activities to see your progress and achieve your goals. The extensive database will help you find the healthiest cereal, yogurt or snack for you.

Fooducate’s community offers discussions that will provide you with support and healthify your diet.

The Diet Tips and Trending recipes in short and easy reads are included in this app, made by Fooducate’s staff with an aim to empower you on your diet journey.

Available on Web and iOS.

How Weight Loss Apps Can Help You?

Research and studies have shown that weight loss apps can help people to lose weight but not necessarily.

According to diet experts, weight loss apps are an efficient method that supports weight loss, however, they don’t produce results directly or by themselves.

Weight loss apps track the food and the calorie intake, as well as the fitness level and thus, prompt weight loss in individuals who are ready to lose weight.

These apps are a helpful fitness tool although they don’t guarantee losing or maintaining weight.

However, dietary professionals have declared that 80% od the people who log in to these apps at least for a week, will lose weight. In fact, the more you use any of these apps, the more focused you are on your fitness goals so you lose more weight.

The Bottom Line

Weight loss apps are a convenient, modern and highly effective method for weight loss.

A number of users worldwide have already shared their positive experiences and fitness results after using a weight loss app.

Most of these apps are focused on counting food and calorie intake but they’re nonetheless educational since most of them contain rich databases full of information about food and food choices that are easily reachable.

The more extended services in the weight loss apps offer barcode scanning of food products while shopping as well as the selection of meals in restaurants that would suit individual diets.

In general, weight loss apps are focused on creating healthy lifestyles and positive eating habits as life-long solutions to the struggle with excessive pounds. Instead of offering quick, fad diets or weight loss products with limited capacity, these apps aim to keep you fit but healthy.

Another positive side of the weight loss apps is that most of them offer the first month of use for free so you can check if the app you have chosen practically fits your needs and your goals.

People who opt for a weight loss app choose an easy way to track their health on their smartphone. In that way, it is very likely that they will get a deeper insight into their health condition and control it.

The only task after acquiring the new healthy habits is to enforce them through regular exercises, healthy food and a calorie-controlled diet.

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