The Best Testosterone Boosters

by Claire Huffman
Last Updated: 18/04/2020
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Each time you hear someone discussing hormones while talking about bodybuilding or any strength training, the very first thing that pops onto your mind is probably testosterone.

From experienced fitness professionals to absolute gym beginners, everyone knows that testosterone is the main and responsible hormone for stamina, muscle mass, toning and definition… and they are right! Testosterone is the primary male hormone though women produce a small amount of it as well.

In total, testosterone levels in healthy adult males should range 270- 1070 ng/dL with an average level of 679 ng/dL. A normal maletestosterone level peaks at about age 20, and then it slowly declines by 1% as each year of life passes.

The role of testosterone in the body is quite complex and goes further than building pumped biceps or handling monstrously heavy dumbells on the gym bench or while squatting. When testosterone levels are high so is the libido, so the person is more energized.

The brain also favours testosterone so high levels mean strengthened cognitive functions, such as memory and attention. The lower the testosterone, the higher the mental irritability and depression.

Apart from testicular disorders, risk factors related to low testosterone levels are stress, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, and poor diet.

You can increase the testosterone levels by adding pro-testosterone training to your workout routine or choose the adequate supplements that are marketed as test boosters.

The market is full of dietary supplements that increase testosterone so make sure you consult your health care practitioner and a professional fitness trainer before you opt for any test booster.

What’s a Test Booster?

Testosterone is the crucial male sex hormone which is also relevant for proper bodily functions in females.

Testosterone is essential for muscle growth, fat loss, and optimal health. However, men nowadays have lower testosterone than ever due to the unhealthy modern lifestyle. That is when test boosters come as a practical solution.

Test boosters are natural supplements that can increase your testosterone levels. These products increase testosterone and related hormones directly while others prevent testosterone from turning into estrogen.

Here is a list of ten best testosterone boosters:

Top 10 Testosterone Boosters

1. Evlution Nutrition 100% TRIBULUS

Evlution Nutrition 100 % Tribulus comes in a package of 60 capsules full of pure Tribulus Terrestris Extract.

This supplement is full of 650 mg of ultra [ure Tribulus Terrestris Extract.

It contains 90% Saponins and it is stimulant-free.

There is a maximum potency of 90% steroidal saponins and an estrogen blocker support.

2. PRIMASURGE Natural Testosterone Booster

The best natural test booster supplement for men that supports lean muscle.

PRIMASURGE provides growth of muscles, strength, energy, and fat loss.

It contains premium cutting-edge ingredients, packed in 60 veggie pills.

You will perform better and recover faster from your workouts.

PRIMASURGE is the world’s first complete test boosting muscle builder.

3. PRIME- T RSP Testosterone Booster

SP Nutrition Prime T Test Booster is the best test booster in Australia, containing 30 servings of natural test booster pills.

The scientifically proven ingredients, in this product increase free testosterone, lean muscle growth, strength, stamina & healthy sleep.

SP Nutrition Prime T Test Booster supports healthy hormone levels which are a critical aspect for men looking to build lean muscle, boost strength, burn fat, and improve body composition.


Modern Man V3 is a dietary supplement that provides intense 2 in 1 thermogenic and testosterone production and support.

This fat burner is specially designed for men. It will enhance focus, elevate energy levels and libido.

An anabolic weight-loss supplement and lean muscle builder that will help you lose belly fat.

5. Body Science Triandrobol Testosterone Booster

This innovative testosterone boosting supplement has been developed by the research and development team at Body Science under the Alpha Series label.

It is loaded with high-quality therapeutic ingredients and has been formulated to help to increase testosterone levels in the body.

TRIANDOBOL is one of the top test boosters that will also increase levels of bioavailable testosterone in the body, so more testosterone is available to be utilized by the body. It will enhance sexual desire, male sexual performance, and function.

It improves exercise performance and the work capacity of muscles and also improves strength and muscle gains while reducing a great percentage of body fat.

6. STAMIRON Testosterone Booster

Stamiron Testosterone Booster is a plus potent formula made for lean muscle, natural energy, endurance, and strength.

This testosterone booster with an estrogen blocker contains 60 premium caplets.

As one of the strongest test booster, it will increase your natural testosterone levels, meaning you will get more energy and better performance in all aspects of your life! 

Gain leaner and stronger muscles by adding a testosterone supplement to your daily regiment.

7. Kaged Muscle Ferodrox Testosterone Support

Kaged Muscle Ferodrox

Kaged Muscle Ferodox offers powerful testosterone support. According to test booster reviews, It is an ultra-premium testosterone booster engineered to help support testosterone levels within the normal healthy range.

It contains science-backed ingredients. It is formulated with scientifically researched ingredients – KSM66 Ashwagandha, LJ100 Tongkat Ali, PrimaVie shilajit, and OptiZinc.

This supplement contains innovative veggie capsules in 30 servings.

It has a transparent formula and a fully disclosed label, so you know exactly how much of each ingredient you’re getting.

8. Blue Ox Test Booster

Blue Ox

One of the best testosterone boosters for men that supports mood and strengthens stamina.

Blue Ox is a test boost that will enhance your sex drive, fight the lethargy and loss of muscle mass with important, premium ingredients like Tongkat Ali, Stinging Needle, and Tribulus Terrestris.

Enhanced Athlete’s Blue Ox can support improving your performance and reaching your fitness goals by taking it in conjunction with a calorie-controlled diet and exercise program.

Enhanced Athlete’s Blue Ox Test Booster can aid in improving your confidence and swagger with lowered stress levels. Our added ingredient Ashwagandha can help aid in lowering cortisol and stress hormone levels.

9. EVL TEST Evlution Nutrition Testosterone Booster

A real gem among testosterone boosters, Evl Test Amplifier will support your natural testosterone levels, enhance muscular strength and stamina and provide you optimal sleep.

Ideal for bodybuilders, athletes looking to hit new training goals, and anyone looking to boost low testosterone levels.

 EVL TEST includes vitamins to support optimal sleep levels to get you well rested and ready for the next training session. 

10. STOKEDI XT All Natural Testosterone Booster

STOKEDI XT is an ultimate body recomposition product.

It will boost testosterone and balance estrogen. It is a great post cycle support.

STOKED XT is not just powerful testosterone boosting supplement, it can also lower estrogen and help you maintain healthy estrogen levels.

High estrogen levels can lead to water retention which causes a bloated watery look, and reduction in estrogen can lead to less water retention.

We’ve combined clinically tested doses of Diindolylmethane (DIM) which has been shown to lower estrogen levels, with diuretic effects of Dandelion Root Powder to help you get that dry vascular look you always wanted.

This product will help you shed excess water and harden physique. It will increase strength, keep optimum bedroom performance, boost daily energy and effectively lock down the hard-earned fitness gains.


Test boosters can improve the entire vitality of your body. They may promote a healthy cardiovascular system, lean and toned muscles, and strong bones.

These supplements may increase your physical strength, endurance, and performance but also improve your mental state and libido.

Testosterone promotes the production of blood cells through the bone marrow and lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, testosterone is also beneficial for increasing lean muscle mass that may help you control weight and increase energy [1].

Test boosters combined with strength training and exercise will also improve bone mineral density which lowers the risk of weak bones and osteoporosis. Strong bones will support your muscles and enhance your athletic performance.

When it comes to memory and cognitive function, research shows that men with higher testosterone levels have a reduced incidence of Alzheimer’s disease and stronger verbal and spatial memory.

In general, low testosterone levels are associated with lower life quality. Low testosterone may also cause depression, fatigue, and anxiety. Test boosters may improve mood and level-up mental and physical performance.

Side Effects

Consuming excessive amounts of testosterone may cause certain side effects such as oily skin, aggressive behaviour, increased risk of prostate and cardiovascular disorders as well as enlargement of breasts.

Testosterone supplements are primarily recommended for men with low testosterone levels. Nevertheless, if you decide to take testosterone boosters you must remember to couple them with a healthy diet and regular exercise in order to get the maximum effect.

No matter how effective, testosterone boosters can only support your lifestyle but they cannot fix your poor eating habits and workout plan. In order to stay safe and healthy, you should always keep this in mind.

For keeping optimal testosterone levels, it is important to stay active but not push yourself to the level of burn out after training. Also, you ought to mind your intake of essential nutrients and dietary fats to maintain your health and figure. Calorie- restricted diets and fasting may also hinder testosterone and cause physical stress.

How to Use a Test Booster

Remember to always consult your physician or health care practitioner before purchasing or using a test booster. Also, as a user, you should consult the product packaging and follow the manual on when to use the booster to get efficient results.

Fitness experts recommend taking most of the test supplements in the morning before breakfast and right before bedtime.

If you start using testosterone boosters, you will probably receive advice to use them in cycles, meaning, to use the product for 3 weeks to a month and then “rest” for 2 weeks.

When you take a break from using supplements you are actually protecting your body of becoming dependent on them.

Most of the experts suggest that teenagers should not use testosterone products, and the same goes for individuals diagnosed with an enlarged prostate.


Do Test Boosters Work?

In order to follow the impact and results from testosterone boosters to your testosterone, we advise you to have a medicinal check-up and occasionally follow your testosterone levels.

If you feel baffled by the abundance of marketing products that promise a testosterone enhancement, you may consider several test boosters recommended by fitness experts as best for supplementing natural testosterone.

The product Testogen is marketed as the most powerful testosterone booster while Testofuel as the finest test booster overall. Next is Prime Male, a 100 % natural test booster and Testo- Max, a premier test booster and finally, TestRx as a clinically effective supplement.

The Bottom Line

With no intention to repeat our advice over and over again, we would like to remind you to consult a medical professional before you take the first step toward a regime with natural testosterone boosters.

In the beginning, it would be best to define your personal goal and what you would like to achieve in terms of health and figure.

Once you have set up your goals, choose products that contain natural ingredients and combine them with appropriate regular workouts such as strength or resistance training.

Finally, check your cortisol levels before taking up testosterone supplementation. Cortisol is a hormone that inhibits testosterone and provides a negative effect on the circulation of testosterone levels.

Regardless of your test booster choice, don’t forget to follow a mindful daily routine with enough sleep at night, nutrient balanced diet and enough physical activity that works best for you.

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