Goodness Me Box Review

by Matt Wilson
Last Updated: 21/03/2021
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If you are interested in nutritionist-approved, healthy whole food snacks, then GoodnessMe box is made for you (and only because it’s literally made for you). Each box contains products that are tested and will cater to all of your nutritional needs.

Do you prefer gluten-free, dairy-free or vegan food products [1]? If that’s the case, then every monthly subscription box will only be filled with those types of products (gluten-free, dairy-free or vegan products).

If you want to get the best value for your money, this is the subscription for you.

All of these healthy snacks will be delivered right to your doorstep (anywhere in Australia). If you choose to purchase a GoodnessMe Box subscription, every month you will be receiving a new box filled with lots of healthy, natural organic snacks (like a chocolate bar). 

This review will give you some information about the best things the GoodnessMe subscription box comes with. 

So, just sit back, relax and enjoy this review!  (maybe eat an organic protein bar?)!

Goodness Me Box Review

Subscription box

Each GoodnessMe box is crafted by extremely picky eaters (and that’s a GoodnessMe promise) that spend their days figuring out what kind of nutrition your body needs to function to its full potential (every day will feel like Christmas!). 

Boxes are delivered monthly, to your address (anywhere in Australia) and will be filled with high-quality and healthy products. 

But, before I continue rambling about really healthy food, let’s first take a look at how the GoodnessMe box subscription model works.

GoodnessMe Subscription Box

There are two types of subscription boxes that you can choose from GoodnessMe. No matter which box you choose you will be receiving it monthly (obviously together with products inside the box, you won’t be getting an empty box!).

GoodnessMe Health Box

One is called a health box and can be ordered from anywhere in Australia. You can choose between 3 different subscriptions (depending on how much money you are willing to spend, and how long you want to receive these boxes filled with the most amazing food products).

You can choose from 3 monthly, 6 monthly or 12 monthly subscriptions. Each month you will be getting a box filled with goodies and snacks (usually between 7-10), perfect for any healthy nuts out there (and there will also be some actual nuts inside the box).

All products that you will be receiving are amazing, natural and are perfect for this crazy year we call 2021 (2020 was also crazy).

Shipping is free, Australia-wide (I just thought that you should know this). Any of the items that you receive can be found at the GoodnessMe shop. 

If you find a favourite among the many products that you will be receiving every month, you can order that product from the GoodnessMe shop. This subscription box is amazing and will certainly bring a smile to your face every time you receive one at your doorstep.

GoodnessMe Beauty Box

As I’ve stated previously, GoodnessMe subscription box is not just about healthy food. 

The value that this subscription model brings to the table (and if you live in Australia it will be brought to your table free of shipping charges), does not only lie in amazing snacks that are also good for your health.

The second subscription box that you can receive each month (if you subscribe to the service, of course) is called a beauty box. 

This GoodnessMe box is filled with the most amazing natural beauty products that you can find on the market in Australia (also, if you live in Australia the shopping is free!). 

Each box usually contains between 7-10 really good, all-natural beauty products.

Natural and GMO-free products are the first thing that you should think about when someone mentions the GoodnessMe subscription box. 

The difference between the beauty and health box is that the first one is not received every month (but rather quarterly). You can choose to pay for the full 12 months, or you can try the subscription model out by first getting the 3-month subscription.

No matter what you decide you should know that you will be getting really good value for money. 

Now, if for some reason you are not satisfied with your product and you want to return it and get your money back, guess what? You can do just that! In the first 10 days from your purchase, there is a money-back guarantee (they guarantee a full refund). 

You can also cancel your subscription any time you’d like (though I don’t see a reason why you should?).

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GoodnessMe Gift Box

If you have friends (or family members) that are health nuts, and you are looking to purchase a perfect gift for them, don’t worry GoodnessMe has got you covered.

Filled with lots of new goodies (from tea, chocolate, and many other great plant-based products) GoodnessMe subscription box (health or beauty) will put a smile on your loved ones face.

They will get an amazing mix of products that are all great for overall body health. Are they fans of organic protein powder? Well, you can get it for them as a gift if you choose to use the GoodnessMe box. 

The mix of great products (and lot’s of samples) is a perfect way to say you care about someone. And, the best part is that if they find a favourite product (among the items from the box you have sent them) they can easily purchase it themselves (through the GoodnessMe store).

Truly a great Christmas present (better late than never, or just wait until the end of 2021). The great part about this subscription box is that the shipping in Australia is completely free.

GoodnessMe Club


GoodnessMe is not just about amazing subscription boxes (filled with natural beauty products or gluten-free food) made for health-food enthusiasts. It’s also a way of life. 

If you join the GoodnessMe club you’ll receive a bunch of different rewards (like discounts, and gift cards). It’s extremely easy to create a new account and join yourself. 

And even if you don’t decide to participate in this new and exciting club (and get the full benefits of the GoodnessMe subscription model) it will all be fine (it’s 2021, not 2020).

GoodnessMe Blog

If you think that subscription boxes are the only thing that GoodnessMe offers, you are sadly mistaken. On their blog, you can find and try lots of different (and new) ways of preparing food as well as some interesting and helpful health advice.

Don’t get me wrong, the subscription box is the best part of the GoodnessMe brand, but it’s nice to know that even if you are not subscribed to a GoodnessMe box you can still get the feel for the community. And, it’s a great community!

The pickiest eaters and health experts in all of Australia (and the world) all gathered in one place to try and give you the best health advice! You will find many recipes that will put a smile on your face.

Apart from recipes for making some of the most delicious plant (and otherwise) based foods, you will be able to read posts about how to lead a healthy life (extremely important in 2021!). 

GoodnessMe Shop

You can think of the GoodnessMe subscription box as a sample service, where you will receive a monthly box filled with some of the most amazing snacks that you can find in Australia (and in 2021). 

You will be receiving between 7-10 “samples” each month. I call them samples because they can be almost exclusively bought at the GoodnessMe shop. 

You got the most amazing natural protein powder in your monthly box and you want some more? 

Don’t worry, each of the products from the GoodnessMe box can be individually bought through their site (and if you live in Australia, shipping will be completely free). 

You are looking to buy some tea or an organic chocolate bar? You can do all that through the shop! If you can’t wait a month, well, you don’t have to! Every product that you can receive in your monthly box is available on their website!

The Bottom Line

Leave the things to professionals, (when it comes to healthy snacks and naturals products)! Don’t spend unnecessary time looking for the healthiest goodies for your family and yourself (I know it’s 2021, and it is difficult not to think about health). 

Purchase a subscription box and be sure you will be putting a smile on your face for the months to come! Instead of spending your day searching for the healthiest products, spend it enjoying your family (each day with your family should be special, especially in 2021)!

Use 2021 as an excuse to switch to GMO-free foods [2]! Leave the old ways of sugar-filled foods behind and join the GoodnessMe family (things that are happening in 2021 should only make this transition easier!)!


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