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by Claire Huffman
Last Updated: 20/09/2020
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Ever thought of exercising in a way where you’re constantly pushed out of your comfort zone? Your exercise routine certainly won’t plateau if you start using an assault air bike!

Let us paint this picture for a moment. Imagine you’re feeling energetic and you want to release it all through an intense cardio session, but you get on a workout machine which never lets you win. The more energy you put into the workout, the harder it gets to move!

At first, it might seem to you as something that will kill your workout motivation. However, this attitude of the machine always staying ahead of you is its main asset to help you lose weight fast and get you in shape in no time. It has a reputation of providing a beast of an exercising challenge, so it’s not for the faint-hearted, or the ones looking for a casual way to sweat some weight off or tone and vitalize muscles.

If you’re looking for an explosive calorie-burning experience which will work on your whole body and sculpting all of your muscles, an assault air bike might be the perfect choice for you! It will test your determination and take the effect of your workouts to the next level.

Let’s take a look at the best assault air bikes on the market to buy in Australia and what to expect from them based on online reviews!

The Best Assault Air Bikes to buy in Australia

1. PROFLEX AF1 Air Fan Fitness Bike


Although this air bike can put your endurance to the test, you can also use it in a regime which will be kind to your joints and soft spots. It comes with an adjustable resistance system, so you can fluctuate your workout mode from a low impact one all the way to core strengthening cardio sessions.

With its scientifically projected steel frame this exercising machine can bring great physical results, especially when used for HIIT exercise. The low vibration feet, a wide padded cushion and adjustable seat temperature are there to make you feel comfortable and safe during your training session.

The fan of the bike will keep you pleasantly cool during exercise, while the LCD display will let you track distance, speed, time and calorie burn. Another great feature is that it has built in pulse sensors, so you can monitor the pace at which you’re working out. 

Online reviews by people who already purchased this item point out that it might not be suitable for people with tall body frames, so check the dimensions carefully to make sure this is the right fit for you.  One more thing to note is that you will need to assemble it, but online reviews mention that it’s easy to do so.

2. AIYLY 2020 Indoor Exercise Air Bike


Monitor your heart rate at all times during exercise with this model of an assault air bike! A great feature to have handy when pushing yourself hard, the handles of this machine have a heart impulse sensor, displaying your heart rate with a ±2% room for error. 

A sturdy and steady build, made out of stainless steel. The pedals on this machine are solidly fixed to make sure you feel safe and comfortable during the in-motion exercises, while the sweat-proof seat can be adjusted vertically to fit your body frame and provide comfort.

The vertical alignment of the handlebars makes it easy to exercise in an upright position. You can set the resistance to 40 different challenging levels and you can choose between 10 preset workout programs, which you select simply with the touch of a button.

3. Powertrain Exercise Air Bike


Here’s an assault air bike great for a whole body workout, strengthening your legs through the resistance in the pepeddaling and working out your upper body with the stable vertical handles.

It works with an air resistance system, meaning the faster you pedal, the higher the resistance gets. The pedals are created with an anti-slip technology, so you can keep going at an intense speed and feel safe and properly balanced.

The work mode of the machine is smooth and peaceful, thanks to the silent, belt driven flywheel. Your workouts can turn into a pleasurable experience, as they will be accompanied by the cool breeze generated by the machine.

The L.E.D. screen will let you keep an eye on the calories burnt, the speed you’re going at and the distance reached. The maximum user weight the frame can allow for is 110kg.

What Is an Assault Air Bike

An assault air bike is much like a stationary bike, only that it comes with a fan attached to its front, which creates a resistance you practically can’t beat – the harder you try to do it the tougher the exercise gets!

Your whole body goes through a vigorous exercise, which means the targeted zones are arms, back, chest, abs, obliques and legs. It gives you the opportunity to work on your upper and lower body at the same time, through the rowing movements for the arms and the strong pedaling resistance for the legs. You can use it to train your endurance, but it’s most effective when used for short bursts of calorie burning and muscle sculpting.

The assault air bike can turn out to be a great option for exercising safely, when you don’t want to put too much impact on your body,  or a potential therapy method for injuries, as you can exercise and stimulate the blood flow to the injured area without stressing it out.

It can be used for muscle and body warm up prior to exercise. At the same time the programs on it are versatile, so you can also use a light program when you want to help your muscles recover after intense workouts. It could be a great sports alternative to people who are unable to practice a certain sport due to injury, as it can still provide for the same level of exercise but without all the crunching.

For a full leg exercising experience don’t forget to put on the bike pedal straps. And don’t worry, with this kind of exercise it’s normal to often feel on the brink of exhaustion, but that often just means you are using it as intended.

Key Features of an Air Bike


An assault air bike with an adjustable resistance will let you perform low impact exercise, which won’t shock your joints and sore spots, but will also give you the option to gradually switch towards an intense and challenging full body workout. 

If the resistance of the bike is air based, you can easily increase the strength of the workout just by pedaling more vigorously.


As this type of exercising machines are intended to support high-intensity workouts, you will want an assault air bike with a strong and durable built. 

A stainless steel model will keep you safely grounded while pedaling. If the air bike comes with low vibration features it will help you feel stable and in balance during your robust training sessions. 

Screen functionality

Working out on a machine like this will get your heart pumping fast and you might want to be able to keep track of just how fast you are going, which is why a heart rate indicator might be a good feature to look for. 

You should also be able to see the speed level you are exercising at and the calories burnt in the process, so look for air bikes which display this kind of data on the screen.

Is an Air Bike Good for Weight Loss?

The assault air bike is the type of exercising equipment which, when combined with HIIT training, is said to provide astounding results on your overall body appearance. 

Online feedback from people who have used it in their routine praise it for its efficiency to bring results quickly, but also stress on the point that you will need to work hard to get there. 

The exercise done on an assault air bike can really push your body to give the most out of its strength and power, which in turn will stimulate fat burning and help build muscle mass. Having this in mind, when used continuously and in accordance with your body’s capacity to handle strong challenges, the assault air bike can certainly help you reach your optimal shape. 

The Bottom Line

Opt for this kind of exercise equipment if you are prepared to work your body out to its maximum potential!

If you are looking to switch around your repetitive training routine or you would like to go gentle in your exercise and revitalize injured parts of your body without putting them through needless stress, an assault air bike can help you do both of those things, as well as challenge you further if you decide to do so.

Look for a stable model that can keep you balanced through all the movement and use it at the pace which you find convenient. When used properly and in the right moderation, the assault air bike workouts can help your muscles and body frame strengthen swiftly and stay in great shape.

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