Hydragun: The Quietest Massage Gun on the Market

by Claire Huffman
Last Updated: 13/05/2021
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Hydragun is a premium product and a one of a kind massage gun, used for, well, massage. From time to time, you are going to experience muscle soreness. Hydragun can help with muscle recovery, and can help prepare your body for a workout.

In this article, you are going to find out about the great features of Hydragun, how it works, and also, what some professional athletes have to say about its effectiveness.

Before we begin with the review, I have to say that I love using Hydragun. It’s the best massage gun on the market, both in terms of quality and experience. 

What Is Hydragun?

Hydragun is a one of a kind percussive massage gun that is great for post-workout recovery and relaxation of muscles.

Usually, massage guns are not very practical (they can be loud). The great thing about Hydragun is that it’s quiet and easy to use. 

This is the best massage gun for pain relief and muscle relaxation.

There are many massage guns on the market, each of them advertised as the next “revolutionary product”, but none of them are as effective and useful as the Hydragun.

The Hydragun massage gun is the best massage gun on the market, because of its design and capability of relieving the tension in your muscles.

Hydragun massage gun also improves blood flow and helps reduce muscle inflammation.

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Who Is It For?

Massage gun with attachments

The Hydragun massage gun is perfect for sports recovery. A lot of professional athletes use Hydragun to relax their muscles (and also to have a relaxing massage).

Apart from professional athletes, a lot of recreational athletes use Hydragun to help them relieve muscle soreness (usually after a workout). The Hydragun massage gun could also be used before a run (it will help with your speed and endurance).

Hydragun is a great and cheaper alternative to massage therapy. If you feel stressed or have sore muscles, Hydragun is the perfect product for you! 

Sports recovery is something that every athlete knows about. 

Regardless of the muscle groups or the level of post-workout recovery that is needed, using a Hydragun massage gun will benefit your body and your overall performance.

Studies are showing that massage improves blood flow and reduces muscle fatigue [1]. 

That’s why many people are choosing to use Hydragun.

Pro and Cons

To found out quickly about the features of Hydragun and what is special about it, have a quick look at the pros and cons table:


  • Amazing design
  • Has a 1.5 year warranty
  • Easy to use
  • Aluminium casing
  • Long-lasting battery


  • None

Key Features of a Hydragun

There are many features that come with Hydragun, each useful and interesting in its own way. I am going to give you more information about some of its main features to show you how versatile this product is.

Six Massage Heads

Nothing is more pleasing than knowing that your product comes with various massage tools. Different massage heads mean different ways to stimulate muscles in your body. 

Hydragun massage gun comes with 6 massage heads, each made to target a specific muscle group (for a thorough and relaxing massage experience). 

There is a ball head attachment, suitable for larger muscles groups like trapezoids or glutes.

If you need to massage the wider areas of your body (your back for example) then you can use a flat head.

For a deeper penetration and relaxation of your feet, there is a bullet head. You can also use this swappable attachment for your inner joints.

The fork massage head is a more flexible attachment head great for calves and forearms.

For more powerful massages, there are two variations of a steel head attachment. 

A steel flat head, ideal for thick areas (flat heads are great for stress relief and harder massages) and steel round head, for deeper massages and larger muscle groups.

Hydragun Australia

Six Speed Settings

There are 6 gears for different types of massages (and for different muscle groups). 

You can start by switching the Hydragun to gear 1 which is 1300 RPM (i.e. revolutions the motor makes in one minute.). If you want to increase the speed you need to press the power button again.

The highest speed is 3200 RPM which is great for a high-intensity massage. 

Six Hours Battery Life

Every product with a short battery life turns into a nightmare at some point. So, it’s normal that you want your massage gun to last. 

The battery of a Hydragun massage gun can last up to six hours which means you can watch the entire Godfather trilogy while receiving massage therapy. 

There is nothing worse than buying a product that you need to charge every time Vito Corleone says “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse” (I am deliberately mentioning the movie Godfather because – massage gun, get it? I don’t either.).

Great Design

The Hydragun massage gun is designed to provide the best of both worlds – pleasing esthetics and amazing functionality. It looks like a gun from Blade Runner and makes you wanna say “all those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain” after the massage.

Holding the Hydragun feels great because of its revolutionary design. It has a 99° ergonomic handle to ensure a natural grip (for additional comfort). The Hydragun is designed specifically to keep your wrist aligned with your forearm.

Ergonomic Handle

Apart from its elegant design, the reason why an ergonomic handle makes the difference is because of the fact that hand postures have an influence on cortical activity [2]. 

Ergonomic handle of the Hydragun massage gun ensures the proper hand posture.

Non-Slip Premium Grip 

Another great feature of this recovery tool is that it comes with a non-slip premium grip and at the same time doesn’t make your hands sweaty and sticky. 

Also, because of its premium material and aluminium casing, the Hydragun is able to be almost soundless (which in turn makes it more therapeutic). 

Massage gun in use

One Button Solution

Another great design feature is its single-button solution. 

There is only one button (power button) which means this product will be easy and very intuitive to use (we all know that products with a lot of buttons tend to be complex and hard to use, remote controllers are an exception).


The packaging was also very important for the manufacturer, which is evident from the design of the hard carry case that comes with the product.

High Torque Brushless Motor

Hydragun comes with the quietest motor possible while being very powerful at the same time. It’s powered by a SmoothDrive™ Technology allowing it to be almost soundless. 

The design of the motor prevents wear and tear, while beating at 3200 pulses per minute. The usual number, when it comes to other massage guns is around 3000 pulses and less.

At the same time, this strong motor has a high torque-to-weight ratio which is why it’s so light (only 2.3lbs which is around 1 kg). Hydragun is therefore strong and lightweight (a perfect mixture of elegance and power).

It’s Very Quiet

The reason behind the noise of massage guns is their electric motors.

What kind of noises are we talking about? 

Well, it’s a big difference if your machine is producing 60 or 70 decibels [3]. 70 decibels is the level of noise an average vacuum cleaner makes.

Hydragun is as quiet as 50 dB which is less than most of the products out there. This is because of the quality of its high-torque motor and its smooth functioning.

With Hydragun, your percussive therapy will be less noisy, allowing you to watch all of your favourite shows and movies (while also getting a relaxing massage experience). 

Aerospace Grade Aluminium

Most massage guns are made out of plastic. Plastic products are easier and cheaper to manufacture. 

Unfortunately, this comes with a huge downside. Plastic massage guns are less durable, are more prone to disintegration and are not very efficient as noise concealers.  

On the other hand, the Hydragun massage gun is made out of aerospace-grade aluminium, a material that significantly improves its durability and insulation. 

Products out of aluminium tend to be lighter, which ensures their practicality and are more convenient for carrying. 

Others About Hydragun

Many famous athletes like Marc Jacobs or Chris Bradford are using Hydragun because of its effectiveness and obvious benefits. For many of them, Hydragun makes it easier to prepare for competitions (it helps them relax their muscles before and after sporting events).

Massage gun for legs

To be at your best for game day, you should use Hydragun (at least, that’s something that a lot of athletes are saying).

Famous Athletes

Let’s see what some of the famous athletes are saying about the Hydragun massage gun. 

For example, John Wayne Parr, 10x Muay Thai world champion says:

“Loving my new Hydragun as it helps get me through my fight camps when I can’t get to a masseuse.”

Marc Jacobs, 2x vice kiteboarding champion is thrilled with his Hydragun:

“I’m constantly spending hours in the water or at the gym every day. My body gets a beating. Hydragun helps repair my muscle cells by increasing blood flow to the needed area. It helps me recover faster to shred again.”

Many more are speaking about the benefits of Hydragun and their post-workout recovery. 

Some of them are Jack Crisp, professional AFL player, Taylor McKeown, Olympic & Commonwealth Games medalist and Abbie Taddeo, NSW state hurdles champion and a world champion Matt Mbevilacqua.

But it doesn’t mean you have to be a world champion to use Hydragun. 

To get proper muscle recovery, relax your muscles while receiving an amazing full-body massage, it’s enough to simply buy the Hydragun.

How to Use

To start the Hydragun, push and hold the power button until the product is ready to use. Then, you need to press the power button again to put it in gear one which is 1300 RPM (or revolutions the motor makes in one minute).

If you want to increase the speed just press the power button again which will switch the gear from 1 to 2. The maximum speed is 6 which is 3200 RPM.

If you want to turn off the Hydragun, press and hold the power button.

Should You Buy It?

Hydragun is the most efficient top quality product of its type and you should definitely buy it! You can purchase Hydragun on their official website.

If you want to experience great massages, relax your body and relieve yourself from muscle soreness you should definitely buy one for yourself.


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  3. https://www.animations.physics.unsw.edu.au/jw/dB.htm 
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