The Best Touch Screen Gloves Australia

by Claire Huffman
Last Updated: 31/01/2021
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Are you ready to do some winter shopping? How about two, or even three-in-one touchscreen gloves that will keep your hands warm? 

These gloves are suitable for outdoor sports and you won’t have to take them off and freeze every time you want to send a text (and who likes that?).

Great, right? 

The market offers so many products, that it’s hard to pick a good one. To prepare you for the next winter and not leave you bare-handed, I’ve decided to help you by writing the best touchscreen gloves review. This is the best article in the world (I’m a modest person).

Based on my (and other users’ opinions) I’ve picked the 10 best touchscreen gloves for men and women alike that will protect you from cold weather and provide comfort. 

These gloves have touchscreen-compatible fingertips and are suitable for sports as well.

Top Touch Screen Gloves

1. Kathmandu Waterproof Ski Touchscreen Gloves

The thing I hate the most when skiing is taking off my glove to take a picture with my cell phone (before going downhill). Why has no one yet come up with skiing touchscreen gloves?! Oh, wait…

Kathmandu waterproof skiing gloves will keep your hands warm as they’re insulated with Primaloft Silver Eco material. Easily adjustable cyberian cord locks will help your hands maintain the warmth while keeping the gloves in an ideal position. 

They’re a good fit for men and women alike. This pair of gloves is so carefully designed, they even have thumb panels so you can wipe your goggles (in case they get foggy). 

Although they’re not exactly made of leather, they do have leather knuckle overlays and double leather reinforcement on the index fingers, thumbs, and palms, for an improved grip.

The fingertips are touchscreen compatible, so rest assured you won’t have to take your gloves off every time you want to take a picture of an inspiring landscape (or a funny looking dog, I don’t really know what you like.).


  • Excellent quality
  • Highly durable skiing touch gloves
  • Highly adjustable
  • Couple-friendly


  • Pricey

On the back of each palm, there’s a pair of discreet zip pockets for secure storing of important tiny items like your room key, lift pass or cocaine (what?).

Kathmandu skiing gloves will protect you even from extremely cold weather and won’t betray you when it comes to the touchscreen feature. 

2. Achiou Knit Touchscreen Gloves


If you’re more into knit touchscreen gloves with a soft and lining design here’s an elegant black pair that goes well with any piece of clothing.

Achiou knit gloves have three touch-sensitive fingers: thumb, forefinger, and middle finger, with specially designed anti-slip palm. You can use these for any touchscreen device: phone, tablet, iPad, or an ATM.

These high-quality gloves are an excellent fit for men and women alike. They also make a great gift for couples (if you’re bored with buying toasters or following generic recommendations) [1]. 

They can keep you warm for hours, in very low temperatures and won’t make your hands sweaty thanks to the breathable material they’re made of.


  • Casual or elegant wear
  • Couple-friendly
  • Low price


  • Not for sports

A great thing about this brand is its money-back guarantee. In case you have any problems with the quality of the product, you can ask for a full refund or product replacement.

I love this particular pair of gloves because they’re an excellent fit for all occasions: sports, classy or cultural events alike. They’re very cosy and will keep you warm through the winter.

3. Ozwear Ugg Women’s Touchscreen Gloves

Here’s a pair of leather gloves just for the ladies. Highly elegant and luxurious looking with 100% fox fur around the wrist, this pair of touchscreen gloves is an ideal companion for any occasion.

These Ugg gloves for women are crafted using buttery soft lambskin, wool lining, and fox fur. 

The materials will surely keep you warm no matter how cold the winter is and you’ll never have to take your fashionable gloves off your hands again only to use the cellphone, as they have touchscreen fit fingers.


  • Very elegant
  • Super warm


  • Only women sizes
  • Not for sports

Thanks to diamond stitch detailing and matte black colour, these gloves will look great with both jeans and your prettiest dress. Also, if you’re looking for a perfect gift, this pair comes in a beautiful elegant package, so you can use them for that purpose too.

4. BOODUN Ski Gloves Waterproof Breathable Winter Gloves

Another pair of sports touchscreen gloves, great for skiing, snowboarding, sledging, shovelling, or any other outdoor winter activity. 

However, they will keep you warm even at -10°F thanks to soft inner cotton filling and their index fingers, thumbs, and middle fingers are made of excellent quality fabric, making them touchscreen suitable. They also feature water and windproof design.


  • Sports and casual wear
  • Unisex


  • Not the best quality you can find

Boduun gloves are equipped with textured rubber with solid durability to prevent the objects slipping from your hands, which is why they’re good for sports.

They come only in army green colour combination: green and black, and they’re suitable for men and women alike.

5. Moshi Digits Touchscreen Gloves

If you prefer knitted over leather gloves and don’t want to invest too much money into your new touch screen gloves, Moshi Digits is a solid choice.

They come only in grey colour and can fit a hand length between 17 and 19 cm. Before deciding to buy them, measure your hand size!

Moshi Digits gloves are unisex, suitable for men and women alike. The material is quite thick and you can expect them to keep you warm during very cold weather.


  • Good quality
  • Sports and casual wearing


  • Only hand wash
  • Only for people with longer hands (17-19 cm)

Another plus is that all fingers on Moshi Digits gloves have special touchscreen fibres.

Inside each glove, there’s also a unique Grip Trak pattern designed to give you an anti-slip grip on both hands.

One major minus: these gloves should only be hand washed.

6. Alepo Sheepskin Touchscreen Leather Gloves for Men


Are you finally ready for some “big boy” gloves? These sheepskin leather touchscreen gloves for men are made of premium top soft but also strong and long-lasting leather. Lined with Italian cashmere, these gloves are the perfect choice for both casual and elegant wear.

You can use the whole glove surface to work on the touchscreen device. This also comes with a downside: I find it more difficult to be precise this way.


  • Excellent sheepskin leather material
  • Elegant and casual wearing


  • Not for all outdoor sports
  • Compromised touch screen precision

Thanks to their anti-slip protection, these gloves are a good choice for driving, cycling, and other outdoor activities (not recommended for skiing).

In case you’re not satisfied, the company has a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

7. Cool Change Unisex Bicycling Gloves

Unisex Gloves

These are by far the best touchscreen gloves for bike riding. 

Made of moisture-wicking, stretchy, breathable mesh, Cool Change gloves are very comfortable to wear and I guarantee they’ll maintain your hands’ warmth even in the coldest winter days. 

The palms have special anti-slip, water-resistant microfiber and their SBR padding is shock-absorbing and breathable (in case of fall or excessive sweat).


  • Good for sports
  • Designed for both men and women
  • Fair price


  • Sportswear only

Take your phone out any time and make beautiful pictures without wasting time on taking the gloves off (and enjoy taking pictures of snow, it’s fun to look at your phone later and see 50 photos of plain white surfaces).

8. Ultrafun Unisex Military Cycling Touchscreen Gloves

Another pair of riding gloves, but this time, a bit more extreme (not communist extreme). These military gloves are made of high-quality microfiber material and leather lycra, making them durable, yet lightweight, flexible, and comfortable.

They also feature touchscreen-friendly fibres on index fingers and thumbs, that you can use on all touchscreen devices.


  • Great for all kinds of cycling
  • Unisex


  • Sports-only

Ultrafun military cycle gloves have great knuckle protection and each glove has a protective palm pad to prevent cuts and injuries. Finger air vents allow your hands to breathe well while maintaining warmth.

9. Men’s Touchscreen Leather Gloves

Here’s a pair of simple and elegant touch gloves for men, with faux fur coating on the inside for maintaining warmth and comfort.

Walk down the city and text or take pictures without having to take your gloves off (there’s nothing like texting with your gloves on, its like sex but the opposite.).

Elegant enough for the theatre, casual enough for drinks with friends: you can come and go anywhere with these gloves.


  • Very cheap
  • Elegant and casual wear


  • Low-quality product

The best part: they’re super cheap.

10. Galaxyman Motorcycle Touchscreen Rubber Gloves

Lightweight, breathable, with palm protection, you can also use them for sports like paintball or airsoft without taking them off to text or take pictures.


  • Comfortable and durable when cold
  • Cheap


  • Rubber gloves: not all people like that
  • Bulky

Well-coated on the inside, you can wear them at any level of cold.

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What Are Touch Screen Gloves?

Any gloves with conductive materials in their fingertips that allow you to use your phone or other touchscreen devices without taking off your glove.

Do Touch Screen Gloves Work?

If they have touchscreen-friendly fibres in their fingertips, such as silver or copper, then yes, they work with great precision and can protect you from injuries [2].

Why Don’t Gloves Work on Touch Screens?

Because most of them are not made of conductive materials necessary to relay signals to your phone display.

The Material of Touch Screen Gloves

There are no rules on which materials should your touchscreen gloves be made of. You should pick the material based on the look you want to achieve or the activities you need them for.

They can be leather, knit, spandex, faux fur, and even rubber touchscreen gloves.

The important aspect is that they have touchscreen-friendly fibres in fingertips like silver and copper threads so you can freely use your phone or any other touchscreen device.

The Bottom Line

We hope you found this review helpful for finding the best touchscreen gloves to buy. Enjoy your summer, but beware: Winter is coming (GOT fans out there?)!


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