Booster Massage Gun Elite Review

by Claire Huffman
Last Updated: 21/06/2021
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Are you looking for relief from pain, knots or soreness? Booster Elite Massage Gun is an excellent choice for those looking to get fast relief from a long workday, extensive workout or general everyday wear and tear.

I have tested the Booster massage gun after an intense workout and during an evening chill session. 

So, what exactly are the things that make this product stand out amongst all the rest? Why is this massage gun better, what features does this gun have that none of the other guns on the market do, and are there any issues or cons with this product?

Keep reading to get answers to these questions, learn about my experience using Booster and decide if this massage gun is right for you.

What Is a Booster Massage Gun?


Booster Elite massage gun is a whole-body muscle massager. It strives to reduce fatigue in your muscles and provide you with a relaxing “day in the spa-like” experience. It uses Vibro massage (or vibration therapy) principles to relax your muscles and reduce fatigue.

Vibration therapy (as the name suggests) uses vibration to provide mechanical signals to your muscles [1]. Research indicates that Vibration massage can help with osteoporosis.  

Currently, Booster massage guns come in 4 different versions. They are Booster Pro, Booster U, Booster Nano and Booster Elite. 

Booster Elite is the top of the range massage gun with a complete set of features (more about this below), long battery life and vibration technology. On the other hand, Booster Mini is compact, weighing only 500g and is suited more for those on the go that would like to take the massage gun with them.

But, as this review focuses on the Booster Elite massage gun, I will tell you a bit about what the Elite version does better (compared to other massage guns from this manufacturer).


  • 24-hour battery life
  • Stroke strength of 23 kilograms
  • Offers a great deep-tissue massage
  • Customizable speed range (1250-3200 PPMs)
  • Australian brand
  • 12-months warranty


  • Only one soft massage head attachment.

First of all, battery life. Although Pro, U and Nano have amazing and long-lasting battery life, Booster massage gun Elite, manages to outperform them all. 

Booster Elite has a 4800 mAh battery (made by Samsung). As a result, it offers unparalleled battery life of around 24 hours per charge (currently the best on the market). 

Booster Elite comes with a brushless and commercial-grade motor, designed using the SmoothDrive Technology. The gun can deliver up to 23kg of no-stall force (amount of force applied before the motor stalls).

Booster massage gun Elite comes with 8 different massage heads. 

Lower speeds will give an instant feeling of relaxation, while the higher speed levels are for those who want to experience a deep-tissue massage [2].

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Key Features of a Booster Massage Gun Elite


I’ve tried a few massage guns, and where Booster stood out is the battery life. There is nothing worse than wanting to get a massage and realising the battery is flat and having to recharge it frequently (like recharging the phone, the laptop is not enough!). 

With the excellent Samsung 4800 mAh battery, the massage gun can last up to 24 hours on just one charge.

Speed Levels

Another great thing about the Booster massage gun Elite is that it has 7 different speed levels. They range from a low-intensity massage to a complete deep-tissue vibration therapy. 

Attachment Heads

The stroke depth is 14mm, the strength is 23 kilograms, and the whole gun comes with 8 specially designed attachments. 

Each of those attachments aims to give you a specific type of massage for a particular part of your body (making it easy to get a full-body massage in the comfort of your own home). 

Noise Level

With the implementation of the SmoothDrive technology, the Booster massage gun became one of the quietest guns on the market, without compromising the effectiveness or the strength of its motor.

Pressure Monitor

The gun features an OLED screen that comes with a special pressure monitor (so you can monitor the amount of pressure you are exerting on your body at any time).

How to Use a Booster Massage Gun?

On the OLED display, you’ll see a power button. Once you’ve powered your Booster massage gun Elite, you can choose from 7 different levels of speed (located on the same OLED screen).

The screen will also show you the amount of pressure you are exerting on your body, as well as the current battery life. 

When you feel satisfied with the speed level, apply the massage gun to the part of your body you’d like to use it on. Booster massage gun Elite offers a 14mm beat depth, so you can move it around to see what pressure suits you best.

Booster massager

Booster Elite Compared to Other Massage Guns

There are many massage guns on the market, and Booster Elite is undoubtedly one of the best massage guns in Australia. 

Booster Elite has a stroke length of 14mm, while the Healsage massage gun offers a 12mm stroke. 

Booster Elite also comes with more massage head attachments than Healsage or Hydragun massage guns do (8 compared to six that you get with two other brands). 

Both Hydragun massage gun and Healsage offer a six-hour battery life. That sounds great, right? Well, yes, but when you compare that with the Booster Elite 24-hour battery life, it kind of sounds less great (and that’s because it is).

Booster Elite massage gun also excels at the number of speed levels (which allow you to choose your massage speed with better precision). 

Unlike Healsage and Hydragun, the Booster Elite massage gun offers 7 different speed levels (compared to 4 and 6 the other two products). That alone allows for more options when it comes to getting the best massage experience. 

The only place where Booster Elite comes short is in the price department. It does cost more, but with all the added features it comes with, I would say it’s worth every penny. And, if you get it on sale, the price difference will be minuscule. 

Booster review


Now, let’s discuss attachments that Booster massage gun Elite comes with.


Ball attachment head works best on large as well as small muscle groups. It’s simple to use and is a kind of starting point until you figure out which attachment works best for you.

It can be described as a “can’t get it wrong” type of attachment head.


Now, this attachment offers a little bit more of a specific type of massage. Specifically designed for dense muscle groups, this massage head works best on your quads, pecks or shoulders. 

The flat attachment is also great for massaging your back and your legs.


The forkhead attachment is best suited for your spine, neck or shoulders. It can also offer an excellent massage for your calves and forearms. 


Bullethead offers more of a deep-tissue massage when compared to other head attachments.

This attachment head is terrific for targeting joints, as well as deep tension trigger points. It will also offer a great massage to your hands and feet. 


This attachment head is perfect for increasing blood flow. It can also reduce tension and lactic acids in the muscles (also great for massaging shoulder blades and IT bands).


Arche head attachment is perfect for the back of your neck. Apart from that, it also works great on your calves and inner and outer thighs. 


The gyro head is best suited for massaging soft tissues (specifically around your hips and legs).


As the only soft massage attachment that comes with this Booster massage gun, it offers a great deal of relaxation to your joints and more sensitive muscle groups.

Ideally, you should use it on your ankles, bones and joints.

Should You Buy Booster Elite Massage Gun?

Buy massage gun Booster

The answer to this question would be, most definitely yes! It’s one of the best massage guns on the market. In addition, booster Elite has the longest battery life out of all massage guns out there. 

It will help relieve your body from muscle soreness and fatigue while also giving you a pleasant vibration massage (akin to a “day at the spa”). 

Booster Elite has a stroke length of 14mm, allowing for a “deeper” deep-tissue massage (compared to most other products in this category). 

If you are interested in getting the best massage vibration gun in Australia, be sure to visit the official Booster website. 


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